VEKTOR — Black Future (review)

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4.5/5 ·
In the wake of a sort of resurgence of progressive metal interest, it seems like every band has to outplay each other in terms of technicality. Every band is throwing in weird off-time Meshuggah riffs, a couple minutes of arpeggio sweeps, all within a Dream Threater style epic track.

Then you have Vektor. They put a fresh, progressive spin on old-school thrash metal, with no ostentatious material, no bs, even though there's plenty of technicality. When you hear something like that, you may think Voivod, and while Vektor takes some obvious cues from them, they manage to form a completely original new style of thrash. Not only are they putting plenty of creativity within Black Future, but the riffs are plenty catchy, and there's plenty of emotion within. Black Future may just be a new modern classic.

The most immediate element that sets Black Future apart is David Disanto's shriek, which is pretty unique within the realm of harsh vocals. It's a giant scream that sounds similar to Schuldiner on "The Sound of Perseverance". The songs are thrashy, but they take a bit of tech-prog influence when between the riffs are quick shred licks. The songs are structured in a progressive mold, and work to build the whole rather than the standard song structures.

All the tracks on the album are good, so it's hard to pick a highlight. Some of the most interesting instrumental interplay happens in "Oblivion", which has some neo-classical influence alongside standard uptempo thrash. "Deoxyribonucleic Acid" starts off with a killer tapping riff and continues on blasting. As a prog album, you have to give credit to the epics on the album, where "Forest of Legend" goes from haunting to exhilarating. The final epic on the album, "Accelarating Universe" is hands down one of the most emotional thrash tracks ever, and has some pretty intense tremolo picking and a very spacey bridge.

Overall, Black Future stands out as one of the best albums within the last decade, and may hopefully stand out in the future as a milestone. I certainly feel it is a milestone, and would recommend it to any metalhead. Definitely worth having in your collection.
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Vic wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Superb album indeed! Nice review! I'll agree about the "best albums within the last decade" comment as well.

I am listening to Outer Isolation right now for the first time and we're in a for a damn treat, this band is made of epic and definitely at the top of the modern thrash bands. Easily.

UMUR wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Great informative review and superb album. I like your Chuck Shuldiner vocal reference. I hadn´t thought of that one, but it´s a very valid reference.


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