FAITH NO MORE — Album Of The Year (review)

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3.5/5 ·
After their masterpiece 1995 flop "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime" Faith No More made this, which was pretty much their last shot at staying relevant in the mainstream. The album is very much a mixed bag, it has a few good songs (nothing amazing though), a few average ones, and a couple of ones that are just plain awful. This is the band's first and only album with Jon Hudson, who mainly plays simplistic, generic, downtuned riffs, really adding nothing to the creative mix.

1. Collision 8/10 A heavy opening with a soft-loud dynamic. Good but nothing great.

2. Stripsearch 7/10 An interesting electronic inspired track. Good atmosphere.

3. Last Cup of Sorrow 6/10 Probably the most poppy song on this album, no wonder it was released as a single. Pretty average stuff.

4. Naked in front of the Computer 4/10 A very bland, dull 2 minute metal track. Later covered by the mallcore group Papa Roach.

5. Helpless 9/10 Very nice ballad with some great vocals from Patton. One of the albums main saving graces.

6. Mouth to Mouth 3/10 Poor song with a carnival like atmosphere. Sounds like a Mr. Bungle B-side reject at best.

7. Ashes to Ashes 8/10 Great atmospheric hard rocker, once again with great singing from Patton

8. She Loves Me Not 4/10 Crappy RnB inspired track, with dull lyrics, and a boring, done a thousand times subject matter.

9. Got that Feeling 8/10 One of the heavier tracks on the album. Sort of harkens back to the band's funk metal days.

10. Paths of Glory 6/10 A slow, grinding 4 minute song named after the Stanley Kubrick film of the same name. Pretty boring at first, however it slowly grows on you if you give it time.

11. Home Sick Home 8/10 A short 1 minute song, which sees FNM try their hand at heavy blues rock. Sounds a bit like Patton's later band Tomahawk.

12. Pristina 7/10 Ballad about the Kosovo War which sort of reminds me of The Last to Know from their previous album, with some more amazing singing from Patton. Rather fitting that it's the last song on their last album.

Overall this album isn't as good as King for a Day, it's about on par with Angel Dust and The Real Thing. Recommended for the die-hards and completists out there, however the newly acquainted should steer clear. Passable stuff, but not essential by any means.
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UMUR wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I pretty much agree. This really isn´t that great an album. Still I´d probably also give it 3.5 stars. After all it´s Faith No More :-)


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