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RAMMSTEIN - Sehnsucht Industrial Metal | review permalink
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Album · 1995 · Industrial Metal
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Rammstein the name is a town in West Germany that had one of the worst aviation show disasters recorded in 1988 and that is how the bands name was created. With the last track on this debut mention is given to the incident in the song titled accordingly Rammstein. Released in 1995 and produced by Jacob Hellner with a cover that only be described as something completely diiferent for a metal album. The band was founded by Richard Z Kruspe (lead guitarist) with Oliver Reidel ( Bass ),Christoph "Doom" Schneider ( Drums) and then Till Lindemann (Vocals) was quickly recruited and last to join was Christian "Flake" Lorenz ( Keyboards). They had won a Battle of the Bands, recorded a demo and then recorded their first album but what really brought the band to international attention was when the use of two tracks "Heirate mich" and "Rammstein" were chosen by Trent Reznor for the David Lynch film Lost Highway.

Richard Z Kruspe when he founded the band envisaged a sound with a mix of machines and hard guitar and that precisely is how this album commences with the first track "Wohlt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen" and although the bands name is sung in the chorus it is actually the last track Rammstein itself which is based on the disaster and why not start from there, with not actually a direct mention of the incident in the lyrics, we get a descrption of the horrific few seconds when translated to English. One great song with the usual Rammstein punch of pounding rythmn and guitar but it is a little slower in tempo and of course dramatic with the name Rammstein repeated constantly throughout and at times the tune is like some drone.Special mention for the tracks "Ashe Zu Asche" ( that will have you headbangin'), " Das Alta Leid" but "Seemann" for me does not quite work but in the albums to follow the band gets a much better grip on these type of numbers and yes, I still like the song though.

This is one original debut for the time and they had their own sound and presence with great songs as well. How could I say that this is not worth 4 stars. If 4 stars they are, then you do not mind hearing the album straight after you have just played it, as this one begins again.

MESHUGGAH Meshugga Alive

Movie · 2010 · Progressive Metal
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Recorded throughout the tour of their latest album release at the time(Obzen) in 2009 and released in February 2010 on Nuclear Blast which could be the best description of this extreme metal bands music style. Uncompromising,frantic,pounding and hardly a normal guitar solo too be heard, just the scream of the chords played. Drumming as fast and as tight as you can get it. Tomas Haake knows how to keep time and not easy would that be in this outfit. Dick Lovgren on Bass is simply as good as they come in Metal. Jens Kidman of course with his growl style of vocals fronting the band with his own distinct sound.and the two guitarists Fredrik Thorendal on lead guitar and and Martin Hagstrom on rythmn guitar. The majority of the songs are from the albums "Obzen" and "Nothing" which make up nine of the twelve tracks with two from Chaosphere and one from the EP None.

"Perpetual Black Second' is first up with the lyrics pertaining to a second of violence and with the intro of the guitars and the drums the song quickly takes us into that rapid style with the twin guitars, with the drumming not really providing support but stating its own time.Of course we get Fredrik's Thorendal approach to a guitar solo which is such an important component in the bands own sound.The only track within the album that does not seem to gel is Lethargica with its off kilter rythmn but that is more personal taste as the song as usual is tight and played spot on."Bleed" which is one of my favourites off the album Obzen is given the treatment and what a blast it is. The version on the cd is from Montreal whereas the dvd is in New York due to better footage I would guess as the venue and audience provide great material for the clip used. Special mention must go for the version of "Rational Gaze","Pravus","Straws Pulled at Random","Stengah","The Mouth Licking What You've Bled" but others who are fans of this band most likely will have their own list from this great live album.

With over twenty years of experience the band shows exactly that with its extreme and original approach to modern metal and one very tight outfit is the result.Fantastic full on live album even a bit more so than their studio recordings and masters of the extreme they have become. The dvd also provides footage in between songs off the band on the road.Shot in black and white and it gives a nice feel to the down time the band has. Also you get a drum kit and guitar tour as a bonus. The cd song order is not the same as the DVD

4.5 stars but in 12 months I may revisit this review to update this to Five.


Album · 2001 · Industrial Metal
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"We just push boundaries ( Quote: Till Lindemann to Kerang magazine) We can't help it if people don't like those boundaries being pushed". With reviews in the past saying "this is great music to invade Poland" or how about "sending the peasants fleeing into their barns and bolting the doors" you know this should be one good Metal album and expectations that you have,should be met with another classic Rammstein album.

Recorded in 2000 and released the following year in April with five singles pulled from the album and for a non english and Metal production it made number ten in the charts in Australia which is no mean feat as the world was Eminem crazy around that time and rap was providing fierce competition for any genre of music let alone Metal.

This was their third studio release and begins with Mein Herz Brennt with that pounding chorus but the second track with the sound of the Jackboots intro is one catchy tune and with the repetition of the title and a nice tasty lead break near the end of the tune you have something that is completely suitable if an invasion of a nearby country is your ambition..Driving stuff . Also was the first single from the album. Track five is the next stop and that being the song Fever FreI! which was another single taken from the album for a soundtrack as the proceeding track Ich Will was also issued as a single but it is Fever Frei! with it's quiet little keyboard intro which quickly dissolves to what musically is the complete opposite with driving guitars and rythmn and once again it is those chorus's that the band does so well with the repetition of Bang Bang Fever Frei. Only just over three minutes in length and three wonderful minutes it is. Along comes the title Mutter which follows and is slower in Tempo than the proceeding two but bold would be the most suitable description of this wonderful song. Every song contained within this album is worthy of mention as there is not a poor one. Why the female Bobo who is again providing assistance with Till's vocals is not a band member has me a bit puzzled as she is nearly always there with their albums. Track 11 Nebel is the finisher and one great finisher it is. Another of their ballads could be the best description with the spoken verse by Till and yes it is that use of chorus again that makes the song with Till Lindemann soaring vocals in that wonderful German dialect and language.

Mutter in German means Mother and for me that is the best description because this is a Mother of an Industrial Metal album.


Album · 1997 · Industrial Metal
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Recorded in November 1996 and not released until August 1997 this is the album that put the Rammstein on the map and reached number one in Germany after only two weeks in the charts. Produced by Jacob Hellner as the prevous album Herzeleid was. Same band with Till Lindemann leading proceedings with vocals and their first Industrial Masterpiece was created.Two singles were taken form the album, the first being Engel previous to the album release and the 2nd Du Hast came out in August the same time as the album.

As with all Rammstein's productions driving rythmn is the key with one full on approach and this album is no exception Predominately sung in German which is half the magic with the band as the dialect just seems so natural for Metal. The title track Sehnsucht begins the album and with an electronic opening which quickly gives way to a driving guitar riff and that rythmn is pushing the whole thing along,with the chorus at a different Tempo but not rythmn, voices backing up with the Chorus ending with the repition of Sehnsucht you have one serious Metal tune as every other is on this album. Engel the first single follows along and almost just as driving with the voice of the female singer Bobo ( full Name Bobolina) really giving the song texture.Tier is third and is more hard driving music and what would you expect but in amongst all this full on Metal attack you have quite moments often placed into tunes which perhaps makes the music so interesting for me and distinct. Track 5 Du Hast is just another perfect Rammstein moment as every track is on this album.

If you are a Rammstein fan you would own this essential album from their catalogue but if not this is one great Industrial Masterpiece and your life will not be complete if you do not hear Sehnsucht. Seriously this band has enbraced modern Metal as this reviewer has and what a welcome style has been created. Masterpiece of course.

RAMMSTEIN Reise, Reise

Album · 2004 · Industrial Metal
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Call them Neo's as in Nazi but that description is far from the truth although the music at times has that feel what you are getting is some of the best and innovative contempary Metal that has been composed in the last twenty years and with a driving German influence throughout. German is the predominate language sung and even with hardly any English they have still become modern Industrial Metal Legends which is no mean feat considering how difficult it is for bands to break markets in a foreign language. One other most important matter is Rammstein sounds exactly that and they have their own sound and style and there for me lays the attraction.Orchestration but not in an obvious fashion,mandolins on one track, Accordian, Oboe, Blues Harp and Choirs as backing vocals and with the band you have one full on album.

Reise Reise was released in September of 2004,comprising 11 tracks with Reise Reise the title starting proceedings and with that typical driving approach and theme thats makes one pay attention because with Mein Teil which follows the album increases tempo and more drive with Till Lindemann's vocals that are so distinct because of his German accent which provides the colour in the bands front and sound. Jumping to track 5, Los which is one great blues number done Rammstein style and the Blues Harp used is testimony to that but the most popular and biggest track is Amerika with its sing a long chorus of Were all Living in Amerika,Amerika its Wunderbar, if you are not hooked you will be quick. Moskau is up next and could be considered to be up there with Amerika but the last special song on the album is Ohne Dich a metal ballad for me but a little more extreme and is one wonderful composition with that soaring chorus sung by Till, wonderful stuff.

Without a doubt I rate Reise Reise 5 stars as with two of the bands other releases that comprise the bands six studio releases. Different and original and what a welcome change to modern metal this band has created,with this album as with the three releases that proceeded.

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