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TOTALSELFHATRED - Totalselfhatred Depressive Black Metal
BURZUM - Filosofem Atmospheric Black Metal
NILE - Those Whom the Gods Detest Technical Death Metal
SARGEIST - Satanic Black Devotion Black Metal
KVIST - For kunsten maa vi evig vike Melodic Black Metal
CONQUEROR - War Cult Supremacy War Metal | review permalink
CARPATHIAN FOREST - Fuck You All!!!! Black Metal | review permalink
OBITUS - The March of the Drones Black Metal
GEHENNA - First Spell Melodic Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - Circle the Wagons Crust Punk | review permalink
BLAZE OF PERDITION - Towards the Blaze of Perdition Black Metal

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Black Metal 4 4.50
2 Melodic Black Metal 2 4.75
3 Technical Death Metal 1 5.00
4 War Metal 1 4.50
5 Crust Punk 1 4.00
6 Depressive Black Metal 1 5.00
7 Atmospheric Black Metal 1 5.00

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Album · 2006 · Black Metal
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Carpahian Forest is one of few faithful bands to the Black Metal underground of Norway, and one of few bands that his faithful line continues supporting to his kind.

The guitars are brutally fasters, intense and memorable that do the notable songs. Drums with blast beast and paces thrashers with a considerable speed. The bass one adds body to the topics and a sensation of heaviness. Nattefrost continues being illuminated by his voice, impudent and atypical, making him one of the best vocalists of Norway in the Black Metal.

Nowadays Carpathian Forest is a band that doesn't please so easily, but with a bit of witness you end getting hooked up by this group, since none of his previous works defrauds, and ' Buck Oyu Hall ', since it wasn't of waiting also. The pornography, the death, the worship to Satan, continue being the props that inspire Nattefrost to composing these letters and that he carries to doing to his musicians a music 'Sow'.

PD: Im sorry for my Bad English...

CONQUEROR War Cult Supremacy

Album · 1999 · War Metal
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Big Conqueror. The first time that I listened to this band will do approximately 4 years already, it was the same sensation of a kick in the testicles given well on which obviously left after-taste the disc. But at the year I decided to give them another opportunity, and tortured my head hearing the disc day after day, until I met the click and began to familiarize myself with him, thing that would be impossible in human ear for example with Them Legion Noires, a thing is a noise since it is LLN's case, and other one crushing music since it is Conqueror. Crushing Riffs without any pause, the battery more of the same thing is thunderous and devastating. This Band isn't like others where any instrument, any note fits in the musical boss that it carries, Conqueror is one of the bands that his music is a madness, where the notes are a hatred, where seemingly quite it is to the bowling, a chaos. The voice is slightly varied, they are alternated between 'Growls' and "shouts" and even sometimes warbles and the letter is stupidly understandable. The songs in general are short enough exempting some as Domitor Invictus, apart from being a varied and chaotic topic. In end, it is one of the most extreme bands, and it is what makes her big. Stimulant, exciting, thunderous, beastly, devastating music or as testicles want to call it, but it is worth mentioning Conqueror.

DARKTHRONE Circle the Wagons

Album · 2010 · Crust Punk
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Each year i'm surprised more seeing 2 members can be editing year after year good discs without declining musically, but Darkthrone have this experience that does that his step is more high.

Circle the Wagons is a new album, continuing the stage 80 ' that go now. It continues without being the perfect album, but ot for it is necessary to despise, since there are people who does not accept the 'new' Darkthrone.

Fenriz returns to use these clean voices that so much we were longing for of Storm or Isengard, though a bit more adapted to this style, 'Those treasures will never befall you', 'Circle the Wagons' It is a clear example. In short, one more disc for the collection, I deign of listening since it is a good way of returning to listen to something with sound of the old school!!

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