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Dark Funeral is a black metal Band from Sweden. Their music is describable in four words: loud, blasphemic and very fast. In contrast to some black metal bands the melodies are very extensive and complex.

Dark Funeral was formed by Ahriman and Blackmoon in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993. The two were joined by Draugen (drums) and Themgoroth (vocals and bass) before the group began rehearsing and writing material. In the January of 1994, Dark Funeral entered Uni-Sound Studio, owned by Dan Swanö, to record their first EP, titled Dark Funeral. After the recording sessions were complete, Draugen parted ways with the band and was replaced by Equimanthorn. On May 4th of that year, the EP was released and Dark Funeral played their first live show in a pub in Norway. Also in 1994, the band signed a record contract with No Fashion Records. At this point, Dark Funeral started writing
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DARK FUNERAL Discography

DARK FUNERAL albums / top albums

DARK FUNERAL The Secrets of the Black Arts album cover 4.12 | 8 ratings
The Secrets of the Black Arts
Black Metal 1996
DARK FUNERAL Vobiscum Satanas album cover 3.75 | 6 ratings
Vobiscum Satanas
Black Metal 1998
DARK FUNERAL Diabolis Interium album cover 3.67 | 6 ratings
Diabolis Interium
Black Metal 2001
DARK FUNERAL Attera Totus Sanctus album cover 3.96 | 4 ratings
Attera Totus Sanctus
Black Metal 2005
DARK FUNERAL Angelus exuro pro eternus album cover 4.09 | 7 ratings
Angelus exuro pro eternus
Black Metal 2009
DARK FUNERAL Where Shadows Forever Reign album cover 4.25 | 2 ratings
Where Shadows Forever Reign
Black Metal 2016


DARK FUNERAL Dark Funeral album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
Dark Funeral
Black Metal 1994
DARK FUNERAL In the Sign... album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
In the Sign...
Black Metal 2000
DARK FUNERAL Teach Children to Worship Satan album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Teach Children to Worship Satan
Black Metal 2000
DARK FUNERAL Under Wings Of Hell album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Under Wings Of Hell
Black Metal 2002

DARK FUNERAL live albums

DARK FUNERAL De profundis clamavi ad te domine: Live in South America 2003 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
De profundis clamavi ad te domine: Live in South America 2003
Black Metal 2004

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DARK FUNERAL Attera Totus Sanctus

Album · 2005 · Black Metal
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Kind word of warning...don't listen to this album when your hungover...like I am.

So it turns out Norwegians don't just make black metal...the Swedish too.

Musically...it's black metal. Full of fast minor chords, blast beats and harsh vocals. Emperor Magus' vocals are pretty impressive, with a lot of emotion put into his performances.

Usually with the black metal sound, I like it when bands do something a little different musically. This band on the other hand have their own sound. And they use that to a full effect. Sadly this is the only album I have of these guys, so I don't really have any other opinions on their other material...but overall...this is a pretty kick ass album.

Lyrically, the album deals with a lot of different topics. From evil wars, Antichrists, personal relationships with religion, hatred towards religion, sexual freedom, LaVeyan Satanism, S&M, Cannibalism, self harm, ritual suicide, sacrifice...it's pact full of your 5 Satanic fruit and veg.

By the way...if you are hungover...you will get tinnitus and a headache after listening to it.

1. King Antichrist – A brilliant and almost epic start to the album. Brilliant fast paced rhythms and impressive vocals from Emperor Magus. Also, this song states that sexual freedom is good...which is always nice to hear. 9/10

2. 666 Voices Inside – It's like a pop song...but done by a black metal band and about possession. Ok, it's not, but it has one of the strongest hooks on the album. 10/10

3. Attera Totus Sanctus – The title track. Reading the lyrics, I kind of see why Emperor Magus might hate religion so much. It's an interesting study of how he might have actually been religious at one point. Interesting topics covered. Only problem I have with it is that it goes on a bit too long. 8/10

4. Godhate – One of my favourite songs on the album. I love the story telling element of the song, and the hook kicks ass as well. 10/10

5. Atrum Regina – The album was full of vitriol and hate, which was enjoyable...and then this song came on. This has almost a ballad like nature to it (as ballad like as Black Metal can get). But...lyrically...the song is about blow jobs. I was finding this funny...and I think the band know this is supposed to be funny as well, which proves the dark sense of humour “Satantic” bands have. 9/10

6. Angel Flesh Impaled – An almost cheesy song, about a war with heaven, and demons and all thats stuff. Pretty cheesy, but fun nonetheless. 8/10

7. Feed On The Mortals – One of the more filler songs on the album. Meh, it's alright. 7/10

8. Final Ritual – An epic ending to the album. Lyrically it tells a very interesting story about suicide and sacrifice. Interesting topics covered. 9/10

CONCLUSION: I have to admit, when it comes to a black metal album, this is one of the best black metal albums I've heard in a while. It covers a lot of ground lyrically and emotionally. Musically it can be the same at times, but...it's black metal...what do you expect. Also, don't listen to it when you're hungover. It's noisy and mental.


DARK FUNERAL The Secrets of the Black Arts

Album · 1996 · Black Metal
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Being one of the most popular swedish brutal black metal acts, Dark Funeral sure has their speed and stamina. Playing each song as fast as they possibly can is pretty damn impressive, especially since they do it throughout the whole album. Themgoroth's rasp is one of my favorites in black metal. Becuase of its low tone and its brutal sound it fits perfectly with the music as a whole. Blackmoon and Ahriman's guitars sound awesome, with a nice high trebly tone, while Equimanthron pounds out some blazing drum beats. And all this is put together VERY well with some nice production.

One of the only problems with brutal black metal bands (like Dark Funeral) is their way to make their songs sound alot alike. This can make some people crazy and not bother others as much but such is brutal black metal.

Overlooking all the song titles and lyrics about summoning dark spirits, etc. this album is one of the best brutal black albums of all time and should defineately be in any black metal fan's collection. The Dark Age has arrived!

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