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Boxset / Compilation · 1996

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Eruption (1:44)
2. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (3:49)
3. Runnin' With The Devil (3:37)
4. Dance The Night Away (3:07)
5. And The Cradle Will Rock... (3:34)
6. Unchained (3:30)
7. Jump (4:03)
8. Panama (3:33)
9. Why Can't This Be Love (3:48)
10. Dreams (4:53)
11. When It's Love (5:41)
12. Poundcake (5:22)
13. Right Now (5:23)
14. Can't Stop Lovin' You (4:09)
15. Humans Being (5:09)
16. Can't Get This Stuff No More (5:17)
17. Me Wise Magic (6:06)

Total Time 72:51


- David Lee Roth / lead vocals
- Sammy Hagar / lead vocals, rhythm guitar
- Eddie Van Halen / lead guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
- Michael Anthony / bass, backing vocals
- Alex Van Halen / drums, percussion

About this release

Released by Warner.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Vim Fuego
Van Halen has always been a bit of a mystery. Eddie Van Halen revolutionised the art of playing the electric guitar. His techniques were so unique that in the live setting he used to play solos with his back to the crowd so no one could see what he was doing. Alex Van Halen can be a stunning drummer when he’s given space to move. In David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, the band had two of the most amazing and flamboyant front men in Rock. Um, and bass player Michael Anthony could play bass with his teeth. With all that in their favour, Van Halen should have been the best fucking band ever. Well, Van Halen is a pretty big band, and has been since first blowing rock fans away in 1978, but they have never consistently been the best.

See, what I don’t get is, despite the guitar maestro and larger-than-life frontmen, Van Halen has recorded a lot of godawful, pissweak songs over the years. This “Best Of” has concentrated a number of them all in one place.

OK, this may seem harsh, when you look at some of the songs here. “Eruption”, “Runnin’ With The Devil”, and “Panama” all leap out and hit you between the eyes. In a word, these songs rock, because they are ROCK songs. All the essential elements of good rock songs are there, and then there are those solos. The solos which launched a million air guitars, the solos which broke the spirit of legions of aspiring guitarists, knowing they’d never match them, the solos from heaven and hell.

But then, inexplicably, Van Halen developed a taste for writing insipid synth-pop mush. Sure, Eddie and Alex decorate a few of them with solos and flourishes of their own, and said tunes allowed the frontmen to shine, but they just didn’t rock. In fact, a lot of them suck. Take “Jump” for example. It’s one of the band’s biggest hits ever, but do you instantly recall any of the solos or guitar work? There’s some there, if you listen, but it’s not what catches your ear. Despite the popularity of the song in sporting stadia the world over, “Jump” is still little more than middle-of-the-road pop mush. It’s safe and sanitised, and hardly shows off anything which originally made Van Halen rock so much. “Poundcake” is equally as lame, as are pretty much half of the tracks here.

For some reason, possibly copyright or label related, the band’s breakthrough hit, a cover of The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” isn’t included, and even more disappointing is the omission of the school boy perv-fest “Hot For Teacher”.

Ultimately, the good time rock songs in Van Halen’s occasionally impressive repertoire are badly overshadowed by the poorly done pop songs. Van Halen. Great musicians, terrible songwriters.

Members reviews

I tend not to like compilations in general, so, this is a surprise when I price it as a total masterpiece but I do have some arguments so lets see...

If you have my age (about 25 or less) it's probable that you started the knowledge of Van Halen with this album, a solid piece of singles and radio hits that shows quite well what Van Halen is all about. Their detractors have to agree as well, right from the start, with the song Eruption this album hit me hard and for long. The impressive technique, the speedness, the crazyness and the fresh style of Eddy is shown right from the beggining.

Then we have a lot of material from their different albums, classics like Running with the Devil, Jump, Panama and others, with all the cool style of Van Halen in the overall. I love to have in one single album such wonderful songs like Right Now, Can't Stop Loving You, Poundcake and Ain't Talking About Love. If those songs do not ring any bell on you... we should need to check on your life man... those are mighty songs so, you should try it.

Nothing to say about the last tracks, which were "new" songs by the time they publish it. Quite average songs, not that good, but enjoyable, so, give it a try, this is a masterpiece of Glam Metal and any lover of the sub genre should have this in their collection. Five stars.

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