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Demo · 2007


1. Tapestry of the Starless Abstract (11:55)
2. Forget Not (11:51)
3. As Icicles Fall (9:25)

Total Time: 33:11


- Brendan "Cygnus" Brown / Bass
- Daniel "Mortuary" Presland / Drums
- Matt Klavins / Guitars
- Tim Charles / Violin, Vocals
- Xenoyr / Vocals
- Corey King / Guitars

About this release

Self-released demo, April 21st, 2007

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Endel Rivers at Palm Studios, Melbourne Australia, Nov 2006 - Jan 2007.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"The Aurora Veil" is a selftitled demo EP/album by Melbourne based Australian progressive extreme metal act Ne Obliviscaris. The band is a sextet which includes two vocalists (one of them also plays violin), two guitarists, one bass player and a drummer.

The music is very interesting with both melodic tech death metal parts and more experimental metal parts. The two vocalists bring great variation to the music. The growling/screaming vocals by Xenoyr are powerful and convincing while I´m having a hard time enjoying the clean vocals by vocalist/ violinist Tim Charles. His vocal are not very strong. It´s probably an aquired taste though. One of the features I noticed right away listening to the music is the brutal and varied drumming by Daniel Presland. Lots of double pedal and and other powerful tricks to keep the music interesting. He is a very skilled drummer. Another dominant feature in the music is the violin by Tim Charles. His skills on a violin are considerable and keeping in mind his not so strong vocals he should probably stick to playing his instrument. I´m really impressed by his violin parts.

The production is very good. Better than many official albums from other artists.

If this band haven´t been offered a record contract yet, there´s no justice in this world. They are such a talented and unique band and I can´t wait to hear a real studio album from them. Unfortunately the clean vocals by Tim Charles drag my rating down a bit and I really hope he will stop singing and concentrate on his fantastic violin playing which I think is one of the most important and defining features in Ne Obliviscaris music. Without the clean vocals I would have given "The Aurora Veil" 4 stars but as it is now I´ll hand out a 3.5 star rating.

Members reviews

Jake Kobrin
This band is amazing. I mean really. This is a SELF MADE FIRST RELEASE DEMO! I've heard demos for Opeth and Arcturus and several other bands that I love and they all are extremely bad. That is not the case with this album. This album has so much complexity, depth, and emotion that if you didn't already know that it's a demo you wouldn't in a million years guess that it is. If you put into the information into proportion with all of the other demos ever released then this band will get about 20 times better than they already are. This band will be godly! All three songs on this demo are fantastic. The first song, Tapestry of the Starless Abstract begins with a slightly generic but still complex Black Metal drum beat, dissonant guitars, and screamed vocals. As the song progressive it breaks into a part that is pure bass, acoustic guitar, and violin sweetness. It's so beautiful. There are a lot of clean vocals as well as screamed vocals on this track. My favorite parts of this band is when they use black metal screams over the use of clean vocals. It makes both vocal lines more powerful. Often in this demo, the violin takes over duties for leads rather than the guitars. The next track is mostly the same bass and violin beauty but toward the end develops into some more metal riffs. Tim Charles' vocals and violin dominate on this track. The third song is similar to the first but not as heavy. It it's still a fantastic song but it's my least favorite of the three. On all tracks Mortuary's drums are very fast and technical but he doesn't do any thing flashy. If my predictions are correct, in ten years this band can become the best Tech/Extreme metal band of all time!

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