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Boxset / Compilation · 1988

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Ace of Spades (2:48)
2. Motorhead (3:35)
3. Jailbait (3:25)
4. Stay Clean (2:40)
5. Too Late, Too Late (3:11)
6. Killed by Death (4:37)
7. Bomber (3:15)
8. Iron Fist (2:51)
9. Shine (3:08)
10. Dancing on Your Grave (4:26)
11. Metropolis (3:32)
12. Snaggletooth (3:48)
13. Overkill (3:15)
14. Please Don't Touch (2:51)
15. Stone Dead Forever (4:52)
16. Like a Nightmare (4:26)
17. Emergency (2:59)
18. Steal Your Face (4:25)
19. No Class (2:38)
20. Iron Horse (3:51)
21. We Are the Road Crew (3:10)
22. Locomotive (3:21)

Total Time: 77:15


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I’ll admit it. I rarely buy compilation albums these days. With the ability to sample songs from a variety of internet resources, the compilation album is something of a dinosaur. However, there are times when I’m hurting for some fresh music to listen to, and that’s when albums like No Remorse come in handy.

Looking at the track list, it is a fairly balanced album that does justice in representing their discography up to that time. Songs from all of their previous studio albums are represented in some form, some live tracks also make the grade, and a few items from EP’s and singles also show up. Unfortunately, I have the 22-song single CD version released on Roadrunner Records, so their covers of “Louie, Louie”, and “Leaving Here” are not included.

To make a compilation album worthwhile to the consumer, it’s always nice when something fresh in thrown into the mix. No Remorse features four songs to introduce fans to their latest (1984) lineup, “Killed By Death”, “Snaggletooth”, “Steal Your Face”, and “Locomotive”. All four songs live up to the Motorhead brand of rock and roll / punk / speed metal but still brings a fresh sound to their proven formula.

I don’t think I can describe any compilation album as being “essential” as it doesn’t really compare to the enjoyment I get from exploring a band’s studio albums individually. Compilation albums are usually supposed to bring together the band’s best moments or at least a variety to show people a nice sample of the bands material. In that regard, No Remorse does well. In my mind, you can’t do much more for a compilation package. A great blend of Motorhead!

Members reviews

slow man
No remorse was the first official Motörhead compilation and their last album for Bronze records. It's well-filled with all-time favourites, some singles and b-sides and four new songs by the new line up of Lemmy,Würzel,Phil Campbell and Pete Gill. Killed by death was such a new one, and it became one of their most famous songs ever. Steal your face and the fast ones Snaggletooth and Locomotive are also great tracks. They also recorded two versions of Under the knife which have been added to the remastered version. For the greater part No remorse contains material from the albums made by the classic line up of Lemmy,Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor. Ace of spades,Jailbait,Stay clean,Bomber, Iron fist,Metropolis,Overkill and Stone dead forever are some of the many highlights they made. Please don't touch and Emergency are performed by Headgirl;a recording in collaboration with Girlschool. Shine and Dancing on your grave are two great songs with guitarist Brian Robertson, who replaced Clarke after Iron fist,but was dismissed within'a year by Lemmy. Robertson gave the songs more melody but was hard to handle on stage. Taylor also left the band,so Lemmy could form a new line up. No remorse only contains work from the Bronze recordings, there are no songs from their début and On parole included. An essential compilation, especially for the four new songs.

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