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Movie · 2006

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. One (7:41)
2. Enter Sandman (5:28)
3. The Unforgiven (6:21)
4. Nothing Else Matters (6:24)
5. Wherever I May Roam (6:05)
6. Sad but True (5:26)
7. Until It Sleeps (4:32)
8. Hero of the Day (4:30)
9. Mama Said (4:51)
11. King Nothing (5:26)
12. The Memory Remains (4:37)
13. The Unforgiven II (6:33)
14. Fuel (4:35)
15. Turn the Page (5:49)
16. Whiskey in the Jar (4:43)
17. No Leaf Clover (5:33)
18. I Disappear (4:28)
19. St. Anger (5:50)
20. Frantic (4:55)
21. The Unnamed Feeling (5:29)
22. Some Kind of Monster (4:28)

Bonus tracks:
23. 2 of One - Introduction (5:43)
24. One (Jammin' Version) (5:00)
25. The Unforgiven (Theatrical Version) (11:29)
26. Some Kind of Monster - Film Trailer (2:27)

Total Time: 2:18:28


- James Hetfield / vocals, rhythm guitar
- Kirk Hammett / lead guitar
- Lars Ulrich / drums
- Jason Newsted / bass (except as indicated)
- Bob Rock / bass (tracks 19-22, does not appear on video)
- Rob Trujillo / bass (tracks 19-22, appears on video, does not play on recording)
- San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Michael Kamen (track 17)

About this release

DVD, Warner Bros Records, 2006.

A compilation of all music videos made by Metallica between 1989 and 2004.

Thanks to Pekka for the updates

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METALLICA THE VIDEOS 1989-2004 reviews

Specialists/collaborators reviews

Let’s face it, when it comes to music videos, Metallica have had some absolute bangers, and some absolute stinkers. Some of them, such as the iconic ‘One’ and ‘Enter Sandman’, have become heavy metal classics, which stand up as well today as they did upon release. Then there’s the not-so-classic ones… ‘Hero of the Day’, ‘King Nothing’ and ‘The Unforgiven II’, all of which are great songs, but the videos could easily be any other generic rock band from that era.

With that said though, this is a cool disc for any die-hard Metallica fans. Music video compilations are obsolete now thanks to YouTube, but it’s still cool for a collector to have these on DVD, especially if they insist on owning everything a band puts out.
I watched this at a friends place and we had fun reminiscing over the Metallica years, how far they had come over the years and we bemoaned St Anger, and praised Death Magnetic. It is 2 solid hours of what Metallica did since the early years and most of the clips are more than just concert performances lip synched. One is the ultimate statement on war but it is boring after a first viewing due to all the film footage inserted. Enter Sandman is a classic clip with some epileptic inducing flashing of the band mixed with the iconic worried old man and teen being chased by a Mack truck. The Unforgiven is black and white disturbia that makes little sense and yet hangs together and looks like a Jew hiding from a Nazi. Nothing Else Matters is such a great song the clip does not matter but it is more black and white surrealism. Other standouts are The Memory Remains with green decadent sets and Marianne Faithful's mystique. The more recent Fuel is a petrol head tribute, and St. Anger's clip is better than the song.The bonus tracks are the excellent Jammin' Version of One and the Theatrical Version of The Unforgiven running for 11:29. Overall this is the ultimate Metallica MTV experience.

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