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EDEN'S CURSE - Trinity cover
4.20 | 5 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2011

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Trinitas Sanctus (intro)
2. Trinity
3. Saints of Tomorrow
4. No Holy Man (feat. James LaBrie)
5. Guardian Angel
6. Can't Fool the Devil
7. Rivers of Destiny
8. Dare to be Different
9. Children of the Tide
10. Black Widow (feat. Andi Deris)
11. Jerusalem Sleeps
12. Rock 'N' Roll Children


- Pete Newdeck / Drums
- Thorsten Köhne / Guitars, Sitar
- Michael Eden / Vocals
- Paul Logue / Bass
- Alessandro Del Vecchio / Keyboards

About this release

Release date: March 11th, 2011
Label: AFM Records

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

This international group continues to deliver a super consistent output since their debut in 2007 and 'Trinity' is as always, a result of masterful collaboration of expert musicians. Musically, it's a smart bridge between traditional heavy metal and melodic hard rock, a perfect combination rolls in to appeal both parties.

'Trinitas Sanctus' served as a prologue intro to this album and the title track kicks in with a striking rhythm and when you heard the beautiful bridge and superb chorus, you know this is a winning track. 'Saints of Tomorrow' didn't disappoint, still a powerful tune, and 'No Holy Man' which was the first single leaked out by the band, shows a duet with James LaBrie, a good track but nowhere near the better tracks here. You can also spot the DT style inside the midtempo composition.

To soothe up the excessive metallic exploration, 'Guardian Angel' was here to calm the storm. A beautiful power ballad that's done well. Later you'll also encounter 'Children of The Tide', I almost think it's another slow ballad because it started that way, but then it burst out big, so apparently 'Guardian Angel' is the sole ballad here. Two awesome tracks to follow are 'Can't Fool The Devil' and 'Dare To Be Different', 'Jerusalem Sleeps' and 'Black Widow' (with Andi Deris) seemed to wander to the power metal territory and I hear a dark vibe in them, both are okay but not catching up with the rest.

Eden's Curse also managed to put up a stunning cover of Dio classic, 'Rock N Roll Children'. I don't know why but they sure can connect the string of other songs to this one and you can feel it's a unity. The bonus track, 'Never The Sinner', also still live up my expectation, check out the mindblowing riffs! Mixing and mastering was handled by Dennis Ward so no doubt you'll get a high production quality here.

Shame that Michael Eden eventually left the band soon after it's released. I hope they will continue this project and find a better replacement because after three strong albums, I know they still have some great things in their arsenal for a monstrous follow-up. 85%
Time Signature
Saints of tomorrow...

Genre: melodic metal

Eden's Curse deliver catchy melodic metal firmly rooted in the classic metal of the 1980s and with a slight stylistic similarity with late 80s and early 90s Queensrÿche, and bursts of progressiveness here and there.

"Trinity" may appear a bit retro, but that's not a problem to me, as we are dealing with high quality music - and it captures some of the magic of 80s metal, which disappeared from the genre after the grunge wave of the 90s. So, it is really cool to hear a band who know how to make good use of the elements of 80s metal.

The compositions are perhaps formulaic, but I still think that the songwriting should be praised, as main composers Logue and Eden really know how to make their music melodic and catchy, and then their vocal melodies are just awesome. They also know how to make use of recognizability without ripping off other sings (for instance, "Saints of Tomorrow" reminds be a bit of Coheed and Cambria).

The level of musicianship is very high, and especially Thorsten Koehne, the guitarist, is very virtuosic, mastering both shredding, neoclassicism and more emotive playing - and the guitar solos never take over from the rest of the music.

This is instant classic metal.

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