ANTHRAX — State Of Euphoria (review)

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5/5 ·
I can never choose a favorite Anthrax album, it's different all the time, but State of Euphoria ends up being a consistent choice. It has some of the band's best melodies, hooks, grooves, and the punch makes those grooves that much better. Out of Sight, Out of Mind always finds itself on each of my thrash playlists, and is one of their catchiest songs. The choruses on it, as well as Be All End All, Make Me Laugh, Trust cover Anti-Social, and Misery Loves Company are among their most infectious. Add the fantastic cello opening of Be All End All and therefore the album, as well as perfect Finale, and it's a thrash classic.

State of Euphoria tends to be often criticized for having a weak production compared to the rest of Anthrax's classic albums, but I disagree. It's far from weak, it has a great punch to it like the best thrash productions. The issue is that it's quiet, so you have to turn up the volume more than you normally would. Thankfully the 2018 remaster fixes that (You should do it too for your 1988 album Metallica, put that damn bass in there), so it maintains the punch of the original while being much louder.
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Unitron wrote:
57 days ago
Also the bass is so good on this album, that it's the only record that I've never had to turn up the bass on the receiver for my turntable (for some reason I always have to turn it up for every other record). Yeah, when I bought the reissue it was the first I'm I've heard Friggin', it wasn't on the Killer B's like the other songs were.

(Justice for Jason isn't the best version, there's better sounding videos with added bass. I think the problem with it is that it's not actually Jason's playing. I think Blackened, Shortest Straw, One, and Dyer's Eve are the only ones where the actual bass tracks from the album have been added. There's one that makes Blackened sound like a total behemoth of a song. To each their own though.)

Vim Fuego wrote:
57 days ago
I love the reissue of this, because it also contains the Penikufesin tracks. I tried for so long to get Friggin' in the Riggin' on CD! Who Cares Wins was the first Anthrax song I ever heard, and it's an absolute stand-out on this album. It was the first time I had encountered any sort of social conscience from a metal band.
I also have no problem with the original production sound. That's definitely what volume and graphic equalizers were invented for.

(And no, Metallica should not remix ...And Justice for All with more bass! It would ruin the stark, clinical sound of it, which I happen to love. I've heard ...And Justice for Jason, and it's just distracting.)


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