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10 most brutal metal band

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Topic: 10 most brutal metal band
Posted By: Balthamel
Subject: 10 most brutal metal band
Date Posted: 03 Jul 2011 at 5:53pm
just to spark some life in the forum list what you think are the 10 most brutal, technical, and intense (but also listenable) metal bands in areas of death, metalcore and thrash/groove metal like hard, technical, groovy, metal that are not very symphonic but have atmosphere and soul (for the lack of a better word)

make a list of bands for me to check out on Spotify

it is very kind 

but i have one rule of thumb, it GOTTA be listenable and interesting, not brutal onslaught, of pure ear bleeding noise but anything goes of course (im not say you should limit yourselves but it is important that the bands have some musical integrity and diversity or have strong imagery from mythology, mythical themes, exotic chords and such

Nile is one band that i myself enjoys so you have one band which are brutal but also have musical integrity with Egyptian sounds which is kewl



Posted By: Triceratopsoil
Date Posted: 03 Jul 2011 at 7:27pm
"Listenable and interesting" being 100% subjective, and ignoring the clause technical on the basis I don't care, here is a quick list:

10. Amon Amarth
9. Melechesh
8. Boris
7. Nile
6. Yob
5. Cannibal Corpse
4. Death
3. Meshuggah
2. Gorguts
1. Wold

I probably forgot some things, and I don't necessarily like all of these bands (most of them, though).  I'm not well-versed in death metal anyway.

Posted By: Balthamel
Date Posted: 03 Jul 2011 at 7:59pm
thanks pall, you could also post some doom metal bands also if you feel for doing that, Headbanger


Posted By: Triceratopsoil
Date Posted: 03 Jul 2011 at 8:16pm
well Yob (in my list) is a doom metal band.  Out of those you are probably most likely to enjoy Melechesh

Posted By: topofsm
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2011 at 1:52am
I"m not too big on the spelling of "brootal". It sounds like some kid talking about deathcore, but I'll be happy to share the most brutal bands I can think of. I'm not sure how a band can really be all that brutal and intense without being "listenable" to the average person.

Dragged into Sunlight and Houwitzer are two of some of the most brutal acts I've come across. Necrophagist, of course is pretty brutal IMO, and some of the technical shreddy parts may be the "listenable" stuff to listen to. In fact, I'd think most Tech-death is really brutal while still often being pretty "listenable".

Lost respect for these archives when I saw Creed added, among other bands. Not going to be foruming here anymore. You can keep my reviews if you want.

Posted By: adg211288
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2011 at 5:10am
I'm only recently getting into more 'brutal' music, but I can recommend the following artists:

Obscura (" rel="nofollow - )
Augury (" rel="nofollow - )
Beyond Creation (" rel="nofollow - )
Element (" rel="nofollow - )
Sectu (" rel="nofollow - )

That only five and in no order, and they'll all tech death bands. I'm not well versed in the areas of metalcore and thrash/groove to comment on those.

There are some symphonic bands I'd have recommended as well, had you not specifically said 'not very symphonic'. This said, I don't consider MaYaN to be that symphonic, so:" rel="nofollow -

I don't consider them to be that brutal either, though the main growl is pretty deep. Consider it a wild-card suggestion.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gener8 - Earn While Your Surf the Web (UK only) - NOT a scam.

Posted By: Balthamel
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2011 at 9:30am
i am checking MaYaN now adg111232,  they seem to be awesome and i like what I hear 


Posted By: Triceratopsoil
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2011 at 11:39am
Maybe Arsis too.

Posted By: cannon
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2011 at 8:27pm
Strapping Young Lad`s City is angriest and aggressive album I`ve heard.
Octopus from Amplifier. Though it`s not here in the MMA, it`s very close to being so. A two hour barage of riffs, an array of ambiences, heavy psych, prog and sonic mayhem. I`m wiped out after listening to the whole album. Maybe too long.
Cracke The Sky from Mastodon. A T-35 tank.
Heavy but not heavy metal, Blue Cathedral from Comets On Fire. A jam of psych, hard rock, blues, free-jazz, space rock and noise rock is included in this eye of a hurricane.
Outsideinside from Blue Cheer. I was overwhelmed when I first heard this album 30 years ago. A friggin`slab.
Dopethrone from Electric Wizard had the same impact on me as Outsideinside.
Heavy metal blues. What. That`s right. Back To Ohio Blues from Raven released in 1974 is what the Hell`s Angels listened to in thier club house.
Though it`s seems not to be so brutal nowadays but back in 1983 it was. Kill `Em All from Metallica.
Destroy Erase Improve by Meshuggah. Technical mayhem.
IMO, heavy metal. De-loused In The Comatorium from The Mars Volta. Absolute chaos.

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