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How to edit an album?

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Topic: How to edit an album?
Posted By: LightningRider
Subject: How to edit an album?
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 10:44am
I forgot to change a piece of info on an album, but after going down all the menus I can't find an "edit" "change" or pencil icon anywhere.

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Posted By: adg211288
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 11:33am
You can't edit the database without collaborator level privileges. 

If you're interested in becoming a site collaborator let me or another admin know. In the meantime if you let me know what needs changing I can get it updated. 

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Posted By: LightningRider
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 11:49am
What duties come with being a site collabortaor?

Also, I added the rest of the Disfiguring the Goddess albums, but I forgot to change the total time on Sooth.

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Posted By: adg211288
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 12:01pm
The short of it is that you'll be able to add new artists to the site and edit existing profiles and releases, opposed to just being able to add releases. You should have received by now in your inbox here a welcome PM which runs through the gist of it, including what teams we have available to join and the standards we hold on additions to our sub-genres. If you're interesting after going through that, let me know. 

In the event you can't find the PM, the relevant part is below:

Quote Members can also be invited to become site Special Collaborators with one or more of our sub-genre teams. A Collaborator gains full editing permissions on the Metal Music Archives database, including the ability to add new artists and permission to do so freely for almost every sub-genre included on the site. Typically members will be invited to become a Collaborator once they have been active members for a period of time and made a number of new artist suggestions that have been accepted by the existing Collaborators, although we do consider applications made by members at any time. 

If you wish to apply to become a site collaborator, you may either use the following thread or contact one of the listed admins:" rel="nofollow - Admins

Vim Fuego

Please only contact one admin off the list, unless you haven't heard back within three days. Our admins will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible, but we are all volunteers here and sometimes other commitments prevent even us from visiting the site. 

You can also contact any of these admins if you just have any questions about the site.

To help you get a further idea of what we do, we've also included the following additional information about our Collaborators, teams, and genre standards.

Teams Available to Join

MMA teams are structured into sub-genre groups either consisting of several closely related sub-genres or larger sub-genres that have multiple child sub-genres beneath them. Child sub-genres usually fall under the jurisdiction of the parent sub-genre. 

These groups are as follows:

Alternative Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
Doom/Stoner/Drone Metal
Folk/Viking Metal
Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Grunge/Post-Grunge (currently listed as Heavy Alternative Rock)
Heavy/Glam Metal/Hard Rock
Industrial/Trance Metal
Metalcore/Hardcore Punk
Power/US Power/Neoclassical Metal
Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal
Sludge Metal (includes Post-Metal & Noise Rock)
Thrash/Speed/Groove Metal

Our Sub-Genre Standards

Metal Sub-Genres

On MMA any addition made to a metal sub-genre must have either one full-length album that is unambiguously at least 50% metal or a full release (100% or close enough) of a shorter format, such as a demo or EP. However smaller releases may still use the metal sub-genre tags if they pass the 50% mark once the artist has been accepted. If we do not feel we can say that a release is 'as much metal as it is not metal' then we do not accept it's inclusion in a metal sub-genre. 

Hard Rock & Hardcore Punk

We treat these sub-genres as being on equal footing with our metal sub-genres as integral parts of the metal scene. They operate on similar rules to metal sub-genres, with one primary caveat: artists within them must not feel out of place on a metal website. This is more of an issue for Hard Rock than Hardcore Punk, but there may be exceptions. Acts that are considered to be too AOR for example are usually considered not to belong on MMA, unless they could reasonably be called 'melodic hard rock'. The sub-genres still need 50% acceptable material for any artist to be included. 


Proto-Metal means artists and releases that were integral to the development of metal music, but weren't metal or even hard rock themselves. They are evaluated on very different criteria to our other sub-genres. It is sometimes the case that an artist may have got on MMA for one song alone, if it was considered to be important enough by the site Collaborators. As such, Proto-Metal additions can be heavily debated before being passed for inclusion. 

Metal Related & Non-Metal

Metal Related, which is planned to eventually instead become Metal Related Rock and Non-Metal are our most controversial sub-genres. As such, control of them is almost entirely handled by the MMA admin team and no teams of special collaborators may be formed for them. 

Metal Related (Rock) is a broad term for any artist or release that exists on the peripheral of the metal scene but doesn't pass any criteria for other sub-genres on the site, but is still considered to fit in some way, usually because of being deemed to be of interest to metal fans. 'Of interest' is, of course, a very subjective notion. Generally this sub genre is used for other rock albums by artists with metal releases, non-metal rock bands that are considered to be part of the metal scene (this will usually mean they're heavy in some way or have some metal influence in their music, but not always) and sometimes other genres of music that we accept but don't have a dedicated sub-genre for yet, like Noise Rock. 

Non-Metal is our final catch all sub-genre for things that just don't fit elsewhere, which means it is usually only used for odd releases by otherwise acceptable artists, even those only otherwise tagged as Metal Related (Rock). However under some conditions artists may appear on the site using no other tag than Non-Metal. These are intentionally very rare and usually denotes side projects or releases that have metal elements without being primarily rock music, which is required for Metal Related (Rock). 

No artist will be included based on anything less than a full-length for either of these sub-genres.

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Posted By: LightningRider
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 12:28pm
I think I'll wait until I'm a little more used to the "total time" function before I send an application.

And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!

Posted By: adg211288
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2021 at 12:36pm
Okay, you know where we are if you decide you want to give it a go. The offer is always open. 

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Posted By: Nikko
Date Posted: 26 Feb 2023 at 4:29pm
I am looking to correct information and proper album releases with a Collabrator. For our band EDEN MYRRH. There is new releases. As well old that need deleting from being inaccurate. 

Guitarist for Eden Myrrh

Posted By: Bosh66
Date Posted: 27 Feb 2023 at 10:09am
Let me have a look at updating your discography and then you can let me know what else needs doing? 

Thanks for letting us know updates are required.

Posted By: Bosh66
Date Posted: 27 Feb 2023 at 11:46am
Nikko, pm me with the details you wish to change please.

Posted By: UMUR
Date Posted: 28 Feb 2023 at 12:52pm
I think I was the one who added some of the releases, that Nikko now wants to remove. Since the internet (at least back then) had limited information about the artist, some releases may have to be deleted. I was under the impression that the 2011 albums saw a proper release in 2011, but it appears now that they weren´t released in 2011, but only as part of a much later release box-set. Nikko when you send the information to my collaborator friend above, can you please double check if all the releases on the artists page are correct. Which should stay and which should be deleted?

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