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3.75 | 7 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2011


1. Into the Black Wide Open (08:32)
2. The Figrin D'an Boogie (06:08)
3. Invisible Giants (07:10)
4. Timebends (08:12)
5. Arecibo (Long Distance Calling) (05:53)
6. Middleville (08:30)
7. Beyond the Void (11:40)

Total Time 56:05

CD2 - Live At Roadburn 2010:

1. Black Paper Planes (08:00)
2. Fire In The Mountain (08:42)
3. I Know You, Stanley Milgram! (08:51)
4. Philadelphia Bluntset (06:03)
5. The Very Last Day (09:28)
6. Metulsky Cursed Revisited (10:12)

Total Time 51:16


- David Jordan / guitars
- Florian Füntmann / guitars
- Jan Hoffmann / bass
- Janosch Rathmer / drums
- Reimut Van Bonn / electronics, sound

About this release

CD and CD plus 12" 180 gram vinyl LP released 18th February 2011 on Superball Music (SBMCD 017).

2CD released 18th February 2011 on Superball Music (SBMLTDCD 017).

CD plus 12" 180 gram vinyl LP released 2016 on Superball Music (SBMLP 017 / 0504541).

Recorded and produced at Hannover in August to September 2010.

Thanks to J-Man, Bosh66 for the updates


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Phonebook Eater
Long Distance Calling is a German Post-rock band, and this self titled effort is their third studio album; some are considering this their best album so far, even better than 2009's "Avoid The Light", which was recognized and appreciated by the few fans of the band in the underground scene. But this third album made the band a little more successful, and more fans have gathered around them. I've always been really fascinated by Post-Rock, especially thanks to bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Slint and Talk Talk from the earlier ages. But I can assure you that even if this is a post-rock album by a post-rock band, it does not sound like any of those bands mentioned above. Their sound is in fact quite unique: there is no building of the tracks, or at least nothing compared to the great bands of the genre. There is tons of guitar, clean or distorted,(there is a clear metal influence) keyboards, effects, dynamic bass and drums. And I still have to mention that this is an instrumental band, and no vocals are present, except for the track "Middleville", which is sung by a guest vocalist. But what impressed me the most of this album is the amazing, and I mean amazing, production. Just from the starting minute of the album, with the pondering bass and enriched drums, my mind was blown for it's crystal clear and perfect sound. Luckily this production sticks around for the whole album, making it the best quality of the record. The musicianship and technical quality of the band members is quite impressive, especially for a band that isn't exactly at the tip of everyone's tongue.

I do have some issues with "Long distance Calling", I admit it; not every song is solid and well written as the others, and there are some weak moments that occur during the 56 minutes in some parts of some songs. Moments that are easily forgettable, unfortunately, but without these pieces this album would have certainly been a masterpiece.

Songs like the opener "Into the Black Wide Open", with it's already mentioned amazing intro and great time changes along the whole track, "The Figrin D'an Boogie" very enlivened and catchy, enriched with spacey effects and percussion. "Invisible Giants" is another one of my favorites, thanks to the great opening riff that echoes along the whole song, as well as the energetic and powerful variations. But title track spreads energy like no other song here; I love also how the keyboards give a kind of psychedelic touch to the mood. The already mentioned "Middleville" is the only sung song of the album, with grungy like vocals. But it's also here that I find some low points. I also can't fully appreciate the eleven minute track "Beyond The Void", as well as the fourth track, "Timebends".

But as a conclusion, this is a terrific album, definitely to check out if you're into post-rock or into prog.
It's no secret to most listeners that the post rock scene isn't the most ever-changing genre out there. Though one may notice small differences from band to band, it seems that the genre has many more "clones" out there than desired. Germany's Long Distance Calling hasn't ever sent out to entirely revolutionize post rock, but they certainly have a sound of their own and plenty of impressive chops to go along with it. Long Distance Calling, the band's self-titled third album, is possibly their best album yet and an all-around amazing effort. If you like your post rock with a heavy, metallic edge and plenty of atmosphere, it's hard to go wrong with this one.

Although I've mentioned earlier that Long Distance Calling may not the most revolutionary band out there, the music here is still unique to an extent. It's firmly based in post rock, but I also hear plenty of metal, progressive rock, and even a few alternative tendencies. My favorite tracks are probably the beautiful "Invisible Giants" and the heavy-edged "Arecibo (Long Distance Calling)". John Bush (of Anthrax and Armored Saint fame) lends his grunge-tinged vocals to "Middleville" which adds some nice variation to this otherwise instrumental effort. The greatest thing about Long Distance Calling is probably the musicianship, which is spectacular across the board. I especially have to give a nod in the direction of Janosch Rathmer. As a drummer myself, listening to his energetic and refined style is just a breath of fresh air.

The production is also very professional and powerful. This has an organic, 70's-influenced sound that still leaves room for heavy and modern metal bits. This is a spectacular sound, to say the very least.

Long Distance Calling may not be a shocking revolution in the post rock genre, but I will admit that it's rare to hear music of this level of quality anywhere. If you like your post rock with a heavy edge and plenty of atmosphere, this should be one of your best albums of 2011. Seldom do I hear an album with such excellent musicianship and beauty. 4 stars are well-earned in this case.

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