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Album · 1998


1. Moon Baby (4:23)
2. Whatever (3:26)
3. Keep Away (4:49)
4. Time Bomb (3:59)
5. Bad Religion (3:13)
6. Immune (4:50)
7. Someone in London (2:03)
8. Get Up, Get Out! (3:29)
9. Now or Never (5:06)
10. Stress (5:03)
11. Situation (5:47)
12. Voodoo (9:03)

Total Time: 55:15


Sully Erna - vocals, guitar, drums, producer, additional keyboards
Tony Rombola - lead guitars, additional vocals
Robbie Merrill - bass

About this release

Early version ALL WOUND UP released on EK records in 1997. "Someone In London" replaced the song "Goin' Down" on the official release.

Thanks to negoba, Unitron for the updates


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Godsmack - Godsmack

'Godsmack' is the self-titled debut studio album by alternative metal/heavy metal band Godsmack. Technically Godsmack's debut is 1997's 'All Wound Up', which had the same tracklisting of this album except it replaced the track 'Someone in London' with 'Goin' Down' which would be featured on the album 'Awake'. Godsmack is a band I've been listening to for years, and in my opinion, one of the most consistent bands out there. While they've had their weaker moments, those weaker moments are still of high quality.

Immediately, the album brings in grooving riffs and Sully Erna's fantastic aggressive vocals in the opener 'Moon Baby'. Musically, this album is what I'd call a combination of grunge-y heavy metal with a strong groove edge. I absolutely love all the songs on the album, but I'll try to pick out some highlights. 'Whatever' starts out with awesome drumming courtesy Erna and some swinging bass grooves. The song easily gets stuck in the listener's head with its chorus. 'Time Bomb' and 'Bad Religion' are more groovy tracks, with the latter having some fantastic grunge-y riffing in the bridge. 'Immune' has one of Erna's best vocal performances, it fits so perfectly with the crushing groove of the guitars. He has a very powerful aggressive yet melodic voice.

My favorite song on the album, and one of my favorite songs of all time is definitely the finale song 'Voodoo'. 'Voodoo' is one of the most memorable songs I've ever heard, I can always remember the menacing atmosphere, the tribal percussion, the great bassline, and Erna's amazing vocal performance. It's difficult for 'I'm not the one who's so far away, when I feel the snake bite enter my veins' to not get stuck in my head. It's a common misconception that the song is about heroin addiction, however it is actually relating to Erna's Wiccan beliefs.

Overall, this is one of my favorite albums. It's an album I can listen to again and again, and never tire of it. I highly recommend this album to any fans of alternative metal and also just heavy metal in general. Godsmack, along with Anthrax and Soundgarden, are bands I've always been listening to, and always will be. Hope you found this review helpful.

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