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Album · 2005


1. Black Dwarf (5:43)
2. Seven Silver Keys (4:59)
3. Assassin of the Light (6:29)
4. Copernicus (7:17)
5. The Man Who Fell From the Sky (3:26)
6. Witches (6:22)
7. Born in a Tank (4:56)
8. Spellbreaker (7:02)
9. The Day and the Night (8:52)
10. Mars and Volcanos (3:23)

Total Time: 58:33


- Messiah Marcolin / vocals
- Mappe Björkman / guitars
- Lars Johansson / lead guitar
- Leif Edling / bass
- Jan Lindh / drums

About this release

Full-length, Nuclear Blast, May 2nd, 2005

Recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholme, November/December 2004.

Produced by Pontus Norgren and Candlemass.
Additional keyboards by Carl Westholm

All songs written by Leif Edling.

Digipack bonus track/hidden jewel case track:
10. Mars And Volcanos [3:24]

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

The reunion between Candlemass and Messiah Marcolin may have been brief, but it did produce one of the band's best albums. Right from the opening Black Dwarf, you can tell that this isn't one of the band's darker and more serious albums - how grimdark can you really be with lyrics like "hate fiend on dope"? - but the sheer sense of fun the album brings to the table is irrepressible. Even though the reunion wasn't to last, the gang are clearly happy to be together if only briefly for one last bash and the end result is doom metal which is crunchingly heavy but at the same time ridiculously catchy.
Time Signature
Born in a tank...

Genre: epic doom metal

After the more psychedelically inspired "From the 13th Sun" and a hiatus, Candlemass return to their trademark brand of epic doom metal on this eponymous release.

This album also saw the establishment of the format of starting out with an uptempo track in "Black Dwarf" while the rest of the album is considerably heavier - a format also found on the two subsequent Rob Lowe-fronted albums. Speaking of vocalists, Messiah Marcolin returned to take up vocal duties on this album, and with his operatic and grandiose voice, he certainly adds to the epic dimension (but, of course, he would soon be booted from the band for what they considered 'insane behavior').

While the style certainly is reminiscent of the epic releases of the 80s, I think that this album does not qute measure up to classics like "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus", "Ancient Dreams" and "Tales of Creation". That is not to say that this is not a good album - there are plenty of awesome good ole Candlemass doomy things on it, and tracks like the uptempo "Black Dwarf", the epic "Assassin of the Light", the darkly mellow "Copernicus" and the heavy "The Day and the Night" as well as the instrumental "The Man Who Fell from the Sky" are prime examples of what good doom metal should sound like.

So, this certainly is an important release by Candlemass, marking their return to the arena of epic doom metal - and, being the only post Y2K album fronted by Marcolin, it should also be of interest to long term fans of the band and Marcolin.
his was my first Candlemass album, and hopefully not my last.

This album has always been special for me, but it only damned on me last night, when I listened to it for th 4th or 5th time, that yea, it is pretty much perfection.

Now theirs some moments where I’m like, “ok, that’s not the best,” but they always make up for it.

I only have 2 albums of these guys and I badly need a few more, so I need recommendations (shout for suggestions on what I should get next haha).

But yea, this album never fails to amaze me, even with a quite dull cover, the album really is such an exciting experience, and Candlemass’ own special brand of doom, and comparing it with most generic doom bands out these days, it’s always good to know that Candlemass will never fail to disappoint.

1. Black Dwarf – That main riff sets the whole album up really. Such power, and amazing vocals from Messiah. The song just oozes power and excitement. This song is one of those ones that when they come on, you just head band till you can head bang no more. 10/10

2. 7 Silver Keys – The guitar melodies are quite beautiful. Great chorus and arrangement. 10/10

3. Assassin Of The Light – Such power in the chorus, especially from Messiah. Great kick ass moments. 10/10

4. Copernicus – One of the more dramatic moments. Such a great arrangement and just classic droning doom mixed with Sabbath like power. 10/10

5. The Man Who Fell From The Sky – You know, for a bit of a repetitive instrumental, this ain’t half bad. 9/10

6. Witches – Great chorus and good lyrics. Great vocals, as usual from Messiah. 10/10

7. Born In A Tank – Not too much of a fan of the lyrics. But nonetheless, a pretty kick ass song. 9/10

8. Spellbreaker – One of the most dramatic songs. This has a lot of twists and turns, but it only adds to the amazement of the song. I think this is the best song on the album, great lyrics too. 10/10

9. The Day & The Night – Great dramatic ending. Great arrangement and just an amazing end to an amazing album. 10/10

CONCLUSION: I don’t think I will ever tire of this album, and to be honest, this maybe one of my favourite albums of all time…see why I need to hear more of these guys haha.

Members reviews

These forefathers of modern doom return with Messiah Marcolin back in the fold. This release will garner a huge reception from long time fans as Candlemass revisit their classic doom sound with an album that rivals their legendary “Nightfall” record.

From the up-tempo, sinister chugging of “Black Dwarf” to the somber and huge sounding drone of “Seven Silver Keys”, Candlemass recapture the vibe that fans enjoyed so much before. Messiah voice is in fine form, his distinctively dark operatic style making for the perfect fit to the ominous tone of this group’s music, particularly on “Assassin Of The Light”.

The brilliant, epic track “Copernicus” stands among the greatest that the group has penned to date. In its towering riffing and subtle dynamics, you will find the epitome of all that is doom.

Many modern acts that have been influenced by Candlemass see the art form as a contest to discover who can play the slowest, but oftentimes, these bands are missing the point. In order to compose doom metal successfully, one must pay heed to the fact that the sound is not merely based upon tempo, but also upon arrangement and the overall vibe which the song produces. With this track, the group revives a feeling that has not been heard since their first album, the hallowed “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”.

If one needs further proof that this is one of the most crushing platters of woe filled doom on record, look no further than the monumental, vastly heavy “Witches”, a track which finds the band expanding upon Sabbathisms in order to create a frighteningly crushing tone.

With this fine return to form, Candlemass have managed to place themselves once again atop the mountain of doom, looking down upon each of us with a foreboding presence. Do not hesitate in seeking out this fine slab of somberness for one second.

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