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CHILDREN OF BODOM Relentless Reckless Forever

Album · 2011 · Melodic Death Metal
Cover art 2.90 | 14 ratings
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Children Of Bodom's latest record RELENTLESS RECKLESS FOREVER is something I and many other people have been waiting for a long time. But will it live up to the expectations?

1. Not My Funeral: Good opening, kicks into the action at once, with a good opening riff. Really good headbaning riff around 1:00. Chorus is very melodic and catchy. The unisono solo is a bit weird/atonal, but it fits the song. Alexi's solo is just about what you would expect. 4*

2. Shovel Knockout: Starts of pretty bad, gets better around 0:35, although i think is scream is really misplaced. The riff and fast upbeat drumming lead usto into a melodic chorus in the style of "KISSING THE SHADOWS". Nothing really special here. 3*

3. Roundtrip To Hell And Back: Good slow melodic opening, which leads into pretty slow chordy piece, with lots of keys, which sound good. There are a few interesting riffs in here, solo is not really memorable. 3*

4. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide: Kicks in with a good riff, which leads us into a faster, more headbanging riff, in the style of "ARE YOU DEAD YET". The grand keyboard parts sound extremely well. Solo section is pretty nice. 3.5*

5. Relentless Reckless Forever: Solid track, not to fast, not to slow. Kicks in once again with a great riff. Nothing really stands out on this track, but there is nothing that really dissapoits either. 3.5*

6. Ugly: Kicks in hard and fast, but falls back after a while, which is a shame, but soon turns up again. The main riff is pretty good.I absolutely LOVE the solo. 3.5*

7. Cry of the Nihilist: My least favourite song at the moment. Really thrashy tune, with a cool unisono solo. 3*

8. Was It Worth It?: Without doubt the worst track on the album. It's really song oriented, and pretty catchy, but it doesn't fit on this album. The vocal Alexi uses is a big bummer. 2*

9. Northpole Throwdown: Best track on the whole album, in the style of "HATEBREEDER". Fast, thrashy, i f*ckin love it. For me this is how Children Of Bodom should sound like. Amazing. 4,5*

After 2008's dissapointment called BLOODDRUNK, this is a solid comeback, and just a really solid album in general. It's certainly worth the Children Of Bodom name, but it is far away from their classic albums like HATEBREEDER and FOLLOW THE REAPER

3.5 Stars.

DREAM THEATER Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory

Album · 1999 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.24 | 167 ratings
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Well, whats there to say about this album? Way to much actually. It's a story, an experience, it's the music, and the words. It's a perfect combination of all of the things metioned. The album has without doubt the best production out of all the DT albums ever made.

The music itself on the album is like i said before amazing. It's a great combination of story, and incredible musical highlights, as can be heard with Regression and Overture 1928, which is a smooth transition between story and incredible musicianship. And so the story carries on, and after a few tracks we get to the "nightmare" MP once called it, called Dance Of Eternity, which is one of the best and most interesting pieces DT has ever written. After that we move into The Spirit Carries On, which proves DT can write and record awesome, simple ballads. The song is without the highlight on the album, after this we close the album, leaving a great feeling, and the feeling that you just need to listen to it again. 5 stars, without doubt.

ENSLAVED Axioma Ethica Odini

Album · 2010 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.21 | 52 ratings
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This is my first encounter with Enslaved, and it's a pretty good one. I'm not really a black metal guy, but i just decided to try it. On one side i as pretty suprised that i liked it, and that it was quite diverse. On the other side, the vocals aren't really my thing. The beacon is without doubt my favourite track on the album. Sound quality is good, and it's just a solid record. Nothing more to say about it, except that everyone should give it a try, because i can like it, there is a big chance you can too!

METALLICA ...And Justice for All

Album · 1988 · Thrash Metal
Cover art 4.33 | 195 ratings
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This is epic. Thats what my mom tld my 4 years ago when she showed me this record. And, god, was she right. While it's hard to be better then Metallica's previous record, Master Of Puppets, it did a prety good job. While some people don't like this album's production, i really don't mind it, seeing as all off the songs are rock solid. Songs like The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, Dyers Eve and Harvester Of Sorrow are some of my favourite. And this is a pretty diverse record, with the fast Dyers Eve, the more well known One, and the touching To Live is to die. This record packs everything every metalhead needs.

METALLICA Kill 'em All

Album · 1983 · Thrash Metal
Cover art 3.76 | 166 ratings
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Kill 'Em All is the legendary first album by thrash metal giant Metallica. Production of this record is not al that good, but the songwriting makes up for that. This album has a lot of the metallica classics on it, with the whole album only having a few weak moments, for example Jump In The Fire and Pulling Theeth, are some of the weaker songs. On the other side we have great song like Hit the Lights and Metal Militia which are true classics, with some speedy riffing, incredible solos, and some great lyrics.

1. Hit the Lights (5) 2. The Four Horsemen (4.5) 3. Motorbreath (4) 4. Jump in the Fire (3.5) 5. (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth (3.5) 6. Whiplash (4.5) 7. Phantom Lord (4.5) 8. No Remorse (5) 9. Seek & Destroy (5) 10. Metal Militia (5)

4.5 Stars overall, a must have for every thrash fan.

OPETH Damnation

Album · 2003 · Non-Metal
Cover art 3.93 | 109 ratings
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Damnation is an absolute masterpiece written by frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt. Although not your standard Opeth record (if there is even something lik a standard opeth record, which i higly doubt). A song like Hope Leaves just gives me the chills every time i listen to it, Åkerfeldt has an absolutely amazing clean voice. Ending Credits is a good example of how much you can achieve with not to many chords and melody lines, and without being to repetetive. Also, this record being produced by Åkerfeldt and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, IEM) guarantees a rock solid production. This might be the best non-metal album by a metal band i have heard in a while.

4 stars

DREAM THEATER Train of Thought

Album · 2003 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 3.94 | 123 ratings
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This is by far the most balls to the wall album by the Prog Metal Gods, Dream Theater. This album really shows that Dream Theater is metal, and can be metal if they want. I'm not really liking Petrucci's tone on this album, but all the crazy riffing in This Dying Sould and Stream of Consciousness makes up for that. Portnoy is also playing his second grown ass of on Stream of Consciousness and Honor Thy Fahter, which is a great upbeat song.

1. As I Am (4.5) 2. This Dying Soul (5) 3. Endless Sacrifice (4.5) 4. Honor Thy Father (5) 5. Vacant (4) 6. Stream of Consciousness (5) 7. In the Name of God (5)

Metal Classic. 5 Stars

DREAM THEATER Live at Budokan

Live album · 2004 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.25 | 44 ratings
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Live At Budokan is yet another great Dream Theater live release. This being recorded during the Train Of Thought tour, it is maybe one of the most "metal" dream theater live recordings out there. The sound quality on the album is supreme, and i would not expect anything less by this band. Some of the higlights on the cd are Hollow Years, This Dying Soul, Stream Of Consciousness, Instrumedley, and In The Name Of God. And i'm pretty sure i'm forgetting something. This is a must have for every Dream Theater fan, and make sure you check out the dvd as well.

4.5 stars

AVANTASIA The Wicked Symphony

Album · 2010 · Heavy Metal
Cover art 3.92 | 22 ratings
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One of the 2 new Avantasia albums, this will the first I review. With Tobias Sammet sining, it quickly turns into an Edguy cd, but i try not to compare it.

I have to say, for a side project, that put out 2 cd's in one year, i didn't really expect much from it. But in the end, it was a pretty solid and enjoyable album. Not the most orginal tracks, but is does just fine. Production is rock solid as well

1. The Wicked Symphony (4) 2. Wastelands (3.5) 3. Scales of Justice (4) 4. Dying for an Angel (4) 5. Blizzard On a Broken Mirror (4) 6. Runaway Train (5) 7. Crestfallen (3) 8. Forever is a Long Time (3.5) 9. Black Wings (3.5) 10. States of Matter (4) 11. The Edge (4.5)

= 3.5 stars.

CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate Crew Deathroll

Album · 2003 · Melodic Death Metal
Cover art 3.96 | 20 ratings
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Children Of Bodom's 2003 album, Hate Crew Deathroll, is a great sounding album, thats for sure.

Some of the songs:

Needled 24/7: Good upbeat metal song, kickass solo.

Sixpounder: The song starts of a bit slower, but when it really kicks in after 30 seconds, it kick in hard. I love Alexi's "666" scream.

Bodom Beach Terror: I just love the drums on this song, the intro is pretty kickass, and the fills in the middle of the song to.

Hate Crew Deathroll: The title track is without doubt the best track on the album. The hate crew singing section is pretty catchy, and Alexi once again plays a kickass crazy solo here.

Production on the album is solid, not as good as Follow The Reaper in my opinion. But it does the job, and it does it good.

3.5 stars


Live album · 2002 · Heavy Metal
Cover art 3.57 | 6 ratings
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I have listened to this album a few times on spotify a couple of months ago. It's a pretty good album, it has all the classic songs on it, Has a great sound quality, and is just comfortable to listen to. The line up is great on this CD, with Trujillo on bass, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong, and with pinch harmonic master Zakk Wylde on guitar, quality work is assured. On this cd, my favourite tracks are: Crazy Train, No More Tears, Mama I'm Coming Home and Paranoid. Best ozzy recording for me in a long time.

3.5 stars.

LAMB OF GOD Sacrament

Album · 2006 · Groove Metal
Cover art 4.12 | 20 ratings
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Sacrament is THE best Lamb Of God album, without doubt. Ashes was good, but this is even better. The production quality is rock solid, everything just sounds awesome.

Some of my favourite song on the album are Walk With Me In Hell, because of the great drumming Chris Adler provides, Blacken The Cursed Sun because of it's great opening section and ending, and Redneck for the crazy riffing.

All of the band's members are playing their asses of on this album, The drumming by Chris Adler is absolutely great, insane at moments, The riffs by Morton and Adler are always catchy, And Blythe's screams are great.

Pure awesomeness.

DREAM THEATER Dream Theater - Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live with the Octavarium Orchestra

Movie · 2006 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.50 | 25 ratings
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This is possibly one of the best concert dvd's/cd's ever made. And one of the few i can actually watch/listen to entirely without stopping.

Directing: To start of, it is a Mike Portnoy directed dvd, which means quality. The right shots at the right time, so you can see al the good and cool musical moments, and there are quite a few. 5/5


Again, a great choice on the songs, from their whole career. They start of with The Root Of All Evil from Octavarium. Great opener, and way better then the album version.

Then they smoothly flow into antoher track off Octavarium, I Walk Beside You. Although this track has been highly critized for sounding to poppy and U2 like, I personally think it is a great song, and deserves a place on the setlist.

Then we dive into Dream Theater/Majesty history with a track that was previously unreleased, and could only be found on the original Majesty Demos, named Another Won. This being the first song they ever wrote and recorded, i just think this is great, it is one of my favourite tracks on the album, because here you can really hear and see how good they always were, especially Mike Portnoy and John Myung do an outstanding job on this track.

Up next is Afterlife, a track of When Dream And Day Unite, which i absolutely never listen to, because of the other singer on that record (Charlie Dominici) and the bad recording quality. But god, this version is amazing. Labrie does an amazing job with his vocals, especially with some of the higher notes/screams. The best part of this is the ending solo/unison played by John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, which they play flawless.

After a small talk from James LaBrie we go Under A Glass Moon, of Images And Words. Just generally awesome. The middle section with the drum solo and guitar solo gives me the chills everytime i hear it.

Innocene Faded, a track of the album Awake, i played. Not my personal favourite of the album, but i guess they didn't want to play an instrumental like Erotomania. But after Erotomania, this is the best track they could have chosen of this record. Sounds great, especially the guitar solo in the end.

Then we move on to a rather obscure track, called Raise The Knife. This track comes of the original Falling Into Infity demo's, and is considered to be the dong they play from that time period. And i don't like it. It doesn't feel all that DT to me, and is way to long in my opinion, i would have prefered Peruvian Skies or Trail Of Tears over this.

And then, of Scenes From A Memory, The Spirit Carries On is played. A great intro piece by John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, following into a flawless version of this song. It all sounds great, especially the guitar solo and LaBrie's vocals

After a short break the orchestra is revealed to the audience, and starts to play the Overture of Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. This 40+ Min. epic is performed great, both the band and the orchestra do an outstanding jobs, and keep mistakes to a minimum. This track, on this dvd, got me hooked on Dream Theater, which whas a life changing moment for me. Highlights are Goodnight Kiss and Solitary Shell.

Next up is a song of Train Of Thought, Vacant. Although not a bad song, or a bad choice, this song does not represent what the album stand for, which is balls to the wall metal, and Vacant is a simple balad, but a very beautiful one.

Then we once again return to Octavarium for the next three songs, starting off with The Answer Lies Within. Absolutely epic track and recording, one of the most beautiful songs ever created, i get the chills every time i hear the orchestra play that middle section.

Up next is Sacrified Sons, my least favourite Score and Octavarium track. I'm not going to talk about this song, as i usually skip it.

Then, a giant epic song is waiting to be played in front of thousands of people, named Octavarium. After and almost 8 minute intro solo by Jordan Rudess, the song really kicks in, and from that moment, the band blows their load on every possible level. The musicianship is great, the orchestra doe an amazing job, everything goes very smooth, and the animation video is very entertaining as well. Highlights in this song are the synth solo the middle, the intrumental section after the middle, and the ending solo by John Petrucci, which is the perfect ending for any song.

After a small break the band and orchestra come back for an encore, Metropolis Pt.1. This is a very epic ending to a very epic dvd experience, performed great.

Just to say, it isn't perfect, i'll give it a 4.8.

Video & Sound Quality: The usual Dream Theater quality. Which is outstanding. 5/5

Extras: The documentary is fun to watch, but there is not much on there that is unknown to the die hard fans. The Extra tracks are fun, but nothing really outstanding. 4/5

It is safe to say that this is a masterpiece, that anyone with only the slightest intrest in dream theater should own.

5 stars.

PRETTY MAIDS Pandemonium

Album · 2010 · Heavy Metal
Cover art 4.08 | 10 ratings
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God, do i love this record. After giving it a few spins this week, i can say for sure that this might be one of my top 2010 albums at this moment. It is a very solid album for sure, it sounds very clean and polished, which i can appreciate, after hearing a lot of raw records these days. With all the songs lasting for about 4 and a half minutes, give or take, this is a record that is going to keep popping up if want to listen a song really quick between classes or something like that.

I absolutely love the vocals. They sound really clean, and are dubbed really great. Vocal performace is solid on the whole cd. Drums are nothing really special to me, They do what they have to do. The guitar sounds thick, heavy, and has a lot of balls, riff can be a bit boring at time. Bass and keys are okay, good in the mix, but nothing to original.

Great release. 4 stars.


Album · 2010 · Heavy Metal
Cover art 3.36 | 31 ratings
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To start of, i'm not an A7X fan, i just checked this out because of the fact Mike Portnoy is playing the drums on this.

Lyrics: Nothing special, some catchy lines, but nothing that really stands out, except for, IT'S YOUR FUCKING NIGHTMARE.

Vocals: I really like his edgy voice on some songs, but the doubled ultra clean parts don't sound right to me, but he has some great moments on the album.

Guitar: Nothing ultra original, the guitar itself sounds way to dry in my opinion, and this album has way to many harmony's on it.

Bass: Good solid work, nothing to comment on.

Drums: Well... Ofcourse, arranged by The Rev, and played by the almighty Mike Portnoy, and there are some awesome drum arrangements on this album, and the recording is really solid. But hey, it's Mike Portnoy we are talking about!

Overall: Good album overall, Nightmare being my favourite song of the album. It's a good solid written and recorded album, but it's nothing special.

(Originally written for Metal Music Archives:


Album · 2005 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 3.76 | 119 ratings
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Trapped inside this Octavarium. And its true, after 2 years of intense Dream Theater listening, i can without doubt say, i'm still trapped inside its greatness, the big sounds, the heavy songs, the mellow songs, a greatly balanced album. Let me pick some songs out of it:

The Root Of All Evil: The song starts of on the note where Train Of Thought left off. The pounding drums and the heavy riff really give this album an abnormal kickstart. Being 8 and a half minute, the song is a bit to long, in my opninion.

Panic Attack: Great upbeat fast insane song. It's heavy, it's proggy, it has a insane unison, typical insane double bass by Mike Portnoy. Awesome song.

Octavarium: One of the best things Dream Theater has ever written. This dong is very balanced, and has a very complete feel to it, due to the slow and mellow, and gradualy building it up to the epic ending part and possibly one of John Petrucci's best solos.

Written by Bas Weijenberg for the MAC Network.


Album · 2003 · Thrash Metal
Cover art 1.74 | 119 ratings
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Metallica's St.Anger... It's a hated album by most Metallica fans, just because it's different. And i disagree with all those people, it's a great album! Not as great as The Black Album or ...And Justice For All, but it still does a pretty good job. It's a record to headbang to, it's heavy in its own way. It's aggressive in a good way, Hetfield really lets his anger out here. Recording quality is fine, except for the drums, they really sound like some pots. But maybe that's just me having a different taste again. Guitars and bass are very clear and crispy on the album, and Hetfield voice is good, although not as good as it used to be! 3.5/5

(Written for by Bas Weijenberg)

OPETH Ghost Reveries

Album · 2005 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.27 | 134 ratings
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I just got this album today, so i'm gonna do a quick little review on it. Ghost Reveries is pretty much your allround Opeth album. It has the Death Metal songs, it has the acoustic songs on it, it's just all you want on 1 disk. Mikeal's voice is just amazing. His growls are deep and full of power, and his clean singing is beatifull and makes me very emotional. The guitars sound as they should sound, heavy, powerfull, only the acoustic guitar sounds a bit thin to me on this album. Bass and drums are just fine, there are some cool drums parts on the album that blow my mind. Overall, a good solid album. Would recommend it to anyone that likes his metal a bit heavy!

(Written for by Bas Weijenberg)

DREAM THEATER Images and Words

Album · 1992 · Progressive Metal
Cover art 4.41 | 208 ratings
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Here it is, Images & Words, The most epic Dream Theater album ever made! Why? I'm going to explain it to you, 1 song at a time.

Pull Me Under: The first song on the album, a a great way to open it. It's a very powerfull ballad that anyone can like. Even the not Prog/Metal fans, beacuse it's so diverse. It has it soft moments, it's headbanging moments, and it's prog moments. Great song 4/5

Another Day: A beautifull ballad, very mellow, yet very powerfull. The saxophone solo and the guitar solo are lovely. A song that shows how mellow a metal band can be! 4/5

Take The Time: Epic Progressive madness. Wow, just wow. This song just has it all, the powefull drumming, kickass keyboard solo. LaBrie's mellow voice in the beginning. A real Dream Theater Epic, if you ask me 5/5

Surrounded: My least favorite song on the whole album. It just doesn't cut it for me. It sounds very cheesy at times, and not like Dream Theater. 4.5/5

Metropolis Pt 1:The most epic Dream Theater song ever written, in my opinion. The story it tells is great, and it just feels very epic when listening to it. It sucks you right in. And thats just the story. The music is great, especially the instrumental part, which is mindblowing. A great dual solo played bij John Petrucci and Kevin Moore keeps this song going. Epic. 5/5

Under a Glass Moon. After the crazy prog madness in Metropolis Pt 1, it's time for a somewhat more mellow moment. The song starts of really mellow, and then slowly goes into a guitar driven rhythm. The middle section + Solo are very prog, as they are supossed to be. The solo just blows people's minds, even if the don't like Dream Theater. 4/5

Wait For Sleep: A great short ballad, just not really my style. And certainly not the most original. Although LaBrie's singing is great here! 3.5/5

Learning To Live: A great song, for me a very keyboard driven song. It's build very well, mixing the softer elements with some harder guitar work, with even a little classical solo in the song! And i'm not going to mention LaBrie's F#, but, wow, it rocks! 4/5

4.5 stars

Written by Bas Weijenberg for and

METALLICA Master of Puppets

Album · 1986 · Thrash Metal
Cover art 4.56 | 250 ratings
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Metallica's Master Of Puppets is one of the best metal albums ever made, and a great influence to many Metal artists. The album is better then Ride The Lightning in almost every way. James Hetfield's vocals & lyrics are amazing, Kirk Hammett's solo's sound like they should sound, fast and agressive.The riffs are just amazing. Hetfield is a true riffmaster. Also the overall guitar sound has improved a lot in my opinion, to a more scooped metal sound, The drumming is great, the bass is great. Master Of Puppets is one of the best heavy albums of all time! This album should be in everybody's record collection, if you like it or not, it's a all time classic!

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