JASON BECKER — Perpetual Burn (review)

JASON BECKER — Perpetual Burn album cover Album · 1988 · Neoclassical metal Buy this album from MMA partners
2/5 ·
Jason Becker, to me, is actually the least appealing of the many Neoclassical guitar heroes of the 80’s. He is arguably the most talented guitar player, but when it comes to songwriting, or playing anything memorable, or evocative, he doesn’t do it for me. There’s also the backing band – or lack thereof. Unlike some shredders like David Chastain who love giving their highly capable backing band moments to shine, this is just Becker, basically soloing for 40 minutes over very simple and repetitive backing music. His skill is incredible yes, but it’s basically a gimmick album at this point. The only appeal is that this guy plays so amazingly fast it might distract you from the fact that nothing else is going on.
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siLLy puPPy wrote:
1 year ago
totally get why many don't share my enthusiasm for this one but i'm a musician so can ignore the obvious pitfalls of mere advertisement in favor of being totally blown away. In a perfect word, these guitar skills could've and should've been applied to a superior album experience. Jason was robbed of his rock stardom by Lou Gerig's Disease. Most unfortunate. My review and ratings for this album are more in moral support of this beautiful soul rather than the actual listening experience of the album on a multi-dimensional level. Cacophony's "Speed Metal Symphony" is a much more satisfying band effort. Only the vocals and production keep it from being a top dog in my world.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
1 year ago
Jason Becker truly WAS the epitome of neoclassical shredding. All those better bands like Symphony X, Rhapsody and what came were influenced by Jason. Yeah, Yngwie came first but Jason took this style to its logical conclusion. This album suffers in Shrapnel awful production but as a musician this album resides on the top of the neoclassical game.

Tupan wrote:
1 year ago
Cacophony is good, even great sometimes
UMUR wrote:
1 year ago
Yeah they are made to showcase a guitarist´s skills and talent, but I agree that many guitar albums lack great backing. I haven´t heard this one, so it´s more a general observation.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
1 year ago
Have you heard him in Cacophony? He and Marty Friedman shred together and the songs are excellent. THese types of albums were designed to showcase a guitarist's talents. As a guitarist i've always adored this one.


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