Album · 1996 · Traditional heavy metal
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4/5 ·
Short hair? Make-up? Cigars? What's going on?! What happened to Metallica? Did they... sell out?! OH NOOOOO!!!!!

These are just some of the things the metal community were complaining about back in 1995, when Metallica changed their image and their sound and released 'Load'. Anyone with an open mind will see that there are some really good compositions on this album, but sadly the metal community, as reliable as ever, couldn't get past the fact that Metallica changed their look and "sold out". In fact, most of 'em were still complaining about Metallica releasing a music video in 1988 when they said they never would. Metal elitists... at least they're consistent.

This may not be Metallica's best release, but there are songs on here that definitely stand side-by-side with anything Metallica had done before. 'Ain't My Bitch', 'Until It Sleeps', 'King Nothing' and 'Bleeding Me' are all classics. Even the country-influenced 'Mama Said' is a great tune (unless you're an 80's thrash metal fan who's still trying to get over the ‘Black Album’). But for all its strengths, there is one major problem that bugs me about this album; the duration. Alone, any song on 'Load' is a great track (yes, that includes 'Ronnie'), but when you listen to it all in one sitting, it really feels like you've heard the same song multiple times. It's tough.

I can admit, this may not be Metallica's finest hour, but don't be swayed by any "metal" reviews, because it's not a metal album. It's a rock album, and a bloody good one, at that!
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Unitron wrote:
2 months ago
Also I've never understood what's so "alternative" about this album, but anyways, I love this one too. This was my favorite post-Master of Puppets Metallica album until the new one came out.
aglasshouse wrote:
2 months ago
Also I am I bit confused at why so many people think this album isn't metal. I think it's fairly cut and dry that it is.
aglasshouse wrote:
2 months ago
I don't think they abandoned anything. Great album with a fantastic synthesis of a fresh new sound.
Vim Fuego wrote:
2 months ago
Hi, my name's Vim, and I'm an 80's thrash metal fan who's still trying to get over the ‘Black Album’. It's been 26 years now...
siLLy puPPy wrote:
2 months ago
It's not that they sold out. They already had sold millions of albums but rather it's that they lost their souls as they abandoned their own distinct sound and stole the alternative feel and look of Jane's Addiction and other pioneering alternative metal acts of the day. I would say that they were disingenuous in their contrived 'evolution.' Musically speaking this one bores me to tears although some of the tracks are ok-ish. Jason Newsted had it right when he bailed


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