OBSCURA — Diluvium (review)

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Kev Rowland
According to MMA, Obscura are a Technical Death Metal Band, while according to PA they are Tech/Extreme Prog Metal, and needless to say the truth probably falls somewhere between the two. I can understand why they are classified as Tech Death as that is definitely the majority of their sound, but they are also bringing in many other elements, although whether I would classify it as progressive is another matter altogether. I know that there are many people out there who feel that Obscura are one of the most important bands around, but I’m definitely not in that camp. I recognise that Linus Klausenitzer is an amazing bassist, and his use of a fretless in this style of music should be admired, but to my ears it just doesn’t work. It has also been mixed in a way that is often above the twin guitars, and it all becomes quite disconcerting. The guitars are being rough, ferocious and incredibly staccato with lots of palm muting, and then there is a warm fat fretless which provides a totally different sound and feel. When the band slows down then of course it makes sense, but with their style of attack I would much prefer a fretted bass with a pick, to drive that hard edge.

Consequently I find myself becoming incredibly distracted, and instead of admiring what is undoubtedly a masterclass in musicianship, I find it grating. Of course, that means that I soon have issues with the rest of the album, with the touches, nuances and sojourns into different styles becoming something of distraction. I soon started wishing that the guys had just kept it simpler in some ways, got solidly behind, and put all of their energies into that. This isn’t a poor album, far from it, but it is not for me.
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8 months ago
Well, I refuse to say that I just don't get it because it does draw me in. But after three albums I can only recall one track that stands out. This is a band that requires intensive listening and a several times before (I reckon) it makes sense. I guess I'm attracted to the challenge.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
8 months ago
More like it's impossible to walk away remembering anything. That's exactly why i like this kind of technical madness! Some music has hooks that are pleasant as they resonate for days and some like this is completely the opposite no matter how many times you hear it. The music that keeps on giving!
8 months ago
I listened to my copy last night. I like Obscura but I refer to their music as brainknot music because it is not easy to figure out the reason for why everything is going as it is. That's not to say it's all random. It's just much more challenging to walk away with a song or a riff stuck in your head.
UMUR wrote:
8 months ago
I´m usually a fan of tech/prog death, but Obscura has never really done much for me either. I can hear it´s quality music, but I´ve never felt the songwriting was particularly strong when it comes to catchiness in the long run. I haven´t given this new one a spin yet, so hopefully I´ll find more of interest this time around.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
8 months ago
Souinds like you're new to Obscura. It's an acquired taste. They're one of those bands that requires many spins to sink in. I would recommend starting with their earlier albums and experience the progression. Having said that, it may just not be you're thing either :)

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