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4.5/5 ·
What to say about Sabbath's debut?There is not much to say about it except that it is probably the most influential record in Metal history.Before this album happened and before Sabbath changed their name, they were a little known hard rock blues band that had gone under a few different names for a few years.Then out of nowhere, Geezer had an encounter with an unknown figure and saw a horror movie by the name of Black Sabbath as they would soon change their name to that which they would soon name a song by that as well. The rest as they say is history. Black Sabbath's first album started a revolution in music in particular Heavy Metal music and you can feel that it did. Let's get to the music on the album

1. Black Sabbath: What else can be said about this classic of a song.Try to listen to it in the dark I guarantee that it will creep you out.This song has all you want in a metal song as it is brooding, creepy and very, very heavy. The way Ozzy screams out "Oh No!!" just sends shivers down my spine. A classic Sabbath tune. 10/10

2. The Wizard:This song is yet another moody piece of music. I especially love how Ozzy works in that evil sounding harmonica.The lyrics paint a picture of a Wizard with magic powers and he is able to put people in a trance.Another classic off this debut. 10/10

3. Behind The Wall Of Sleep:This one is very blues based but also very,very heavy for its time.The lyrics again are very dark. Short tune but a brutal one. 10/10

4. N.I.B.: This one will always be one of my favorites from Sabbath as it immediately has that Classic Sabbath sound.It is yet another wicked piece of music.A highly recommended Sabbath tune to listen to. 10/10

5. Evil Woman:A good old fashioned blues song turned into some heavy sh## about a woman who does harm to others and their emotions."Evil woman, don't you play your games with me" is such a catchy phrase and chorus that you can't help but sing along to it. It is not as good as the first few songs but still an enjoyable song. 8/10

6. Sleeping Village:A good piece of music but nothing too special in my honest opinion. 7/10

7. Warning:This song even though it is a cover, it has power that you can't help but feel what Ozzy is singing and feeling.In the middle section of the song Tony Iommi plays and shreds for a few minutes as it is a pleasure to my ears hearing what he is playing. 8/10

8. Wicked World:This song is yet another very good piece of music as again it hits you like the first 5 tracks.The riffs and lyrics just fit the dark and moody feel of the album.In the middle Tony shreds yet again. Great stuff. 9/10

If you have not gotten into Heavy Metal in the past and would like to I suggest this album to be your starter as there is no better place to start than where it all began with Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

4.5 stars!! Highly recommended
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UMUR wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Of course the NeXT one features more "hits", but this one is just so dark and gritty. Especially for the time.
UMUR wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I still think it´s their best album.
aglasshouse wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I wouldn't say that this is my favorite album by Sabbath, but it is definitely a good addition to any collection.
Unitron wrote:
more than 2 years ago
This is definitely one of the best metal debut's I've ever heard. :)


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