SEPULTURA — Beneath the Remains (review)

SEPULTURA — Beneath the Remains album cover Album · 1989 · Thrash Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
5/5 ·
The Angry Scotsman
With this album Sepultura completed their journey from obscure Brazilians knocking off Venom to top of the metal world.

And rightfully so. This is a superb album and one of the gems of thrash metal. It has it all. Speed, technicality, intensity, great riffing, awesome solos, (and not all are entirely shred!) and a greatly improved production. Max's vocals are better as well, his signature howl has been perfected now.

The music is more than awesome and thrashy, it is also superbly composed. This is an amazingly well constructed album. There is no bad song, and there are no weak sections. Never does the album really drag or become stale, no points do you wish it would end or contemplate hitting next. Each section lasts just the right amount of time and each song flows well. There is great variation in every song, with some slower chuggy sections, some flat out pedal to the metal chops, you get a breather at the right time and are thrown around the room at the right time as well. Also, they mix it it up well with no song being too predictable, (at least as much as you can do with thrash) and a few surprising moments will keep you on your toes.

Kisser's guitar work and solos are amazing, and this album is really pushed by Igor's drumming. The album showcases his now famous blast beat thrash style. Thrown in as well are a good amount of double bass, but not too much thankfully (the walls of double bass get a bit dull and take away some of the intensity) and some bits of more tasteful and "feel" drumming. His drumming is intense, there is no other to put it.

A truly excellent album, crammed from start to finish with mindblowing riffs, no frills drumming, raw intensity, great solos and Max's unique vocals. More importantly, it's a perfectly constructed album with well composed songs. Suppose the only possible knock one could give is there are no real standout songs. Really though, there is nothing one can gripe about this.

Masterpiece Five Stars
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UMUR wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Such a great album. A true Classic.

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