AKPHAEZYA Anthology II : Links from the Dead Trinity

Album · 2008 · Avant-garde Metal
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3/5 ·
MMA Reviewer's Challenge: Album selected by adg211288.

Avant-garde metal is usually an interesting listen, as you never quite know what to expect. It's home to bands that exceed the boundaries of other genres, often incorporating many elements of non-metal music beyond the usual classical music and jazz fusion technique of instrumentation. Now, interesting doesn't always mean good, and I often find avant-garde metal to be a mess of ideas. Because of this, it can either be fantastic when those ideas are all incorporated into a cohesive whole, or very painful to listen to when those ideas are scattered all around with nothing to put them together.

French avant-garde metal band Akphaezya unfortunately ends up sounding like the latter in the first song after a sort of ambient intro. "Chrysalis" sounds like separate jam sessions placed over each other in a smorgasbord of styles that lack the cohesion that could put all the pieces together. One second there will be a calm and serene folk melody, then without warning black metal blastbeats and growls come in like you just turned on a different album. This keeps repeating throughout the song with various styles. It's a real shame, as I love the jazzy lounge/swing metal moments when they come in, but nothing lasts long enough to get the listener really invested.

The album isn't entirely like this however. Thankfully, there are several songs that each stick to one style for the most part. I think this is what generally works better. Mixing a slew of ideas is great, but it can be much more rewarding when each song uses one or two of those styles rather than trying to stick as much as you can into one song. "The Golden Vortex of Kaltaz" is the highlight of the album, and it takes on a somewhat thrashy symphonic metal sound. The guitars have a gritty crunch, while the vocals range from melodic clean vocals to growls a couple times within the song. "The Secret of Time" is another one of the best tracks, this time with a middle-eastern vibe.

Besides the lack of cohesion on several tracks, what often kills the album for me are the vocals. The instrumentation is very often great when it all fits together, but Nehl Aëlin's thick accent and eclectic use of vocal techniques end up ruining some songs that would otherwise be great. Take "Reflections" for example. There's some killer guitar licks, but I find it's easy to get distracted and annoyed when the vocals are switching from bouncy J-pop, to maniacal squealing a la The Mars Volta, to simply average melodic vocals. While vocalists who have this eclectic range of tones and styles to their voice are often lauded, I often find the multiple singing styles works better overall when multiple singers are applied, as usually the singers can play off of one another, making them all blend well. However, I will give credit where credit is due, as her vocals on the two songs I mentioned in the previous paragraph are pretty great.

Akphaezya's Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity is certainly an acquired taste. While it will probably be an excellent album for the staunch followers of the genre, this may be a bit of a tough listen at times for those who like a bit more cohesion in their music. It's nowhere near the worst of the genre, but nowhere near the best either. If they focused in on one or two styles for each song and didn't include crazy vocals, I think this could be a great record. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!
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adg211288 wrote:
1 year ago
You may actually find their second album more worthwhile to be honest. It's not as outright crazy as this one. There are still some crazy parts but it's quite tame in comparison. I don't personally like it as much though.
adg211288 wrote:
1 year ago
There are a few moments in this that I could probably do without as well to be honest, the interlude Transe: H.L.4 most of all, but I like the more developed songs a lot.
Unitron wrote:
1 year ago
Thanks, it seems like we share similar opinions on avant-garde metal. It quite often misses, but when it hits it can be among my favorites like Diablo Swing Orchestra.
DippoMagoo wrote:
1 year ago
Great review! I've been meaning to check this one out for a while, but still haven't gotten around to it. Based on your descriptions, it sounds like I would either really like it or get pissed off with it right away and switch it off. It's hard to know what would happen without actually hearing it, though, because avant-garde is extremely hit and miss for me. Usually it misses, but when it hits, I find it really hits.

Actually, just threw on the first full song for a quick preview in the middle of writing this, and I think it's great! Will give a full listen tonight or tomorrow when i have more time.

Unitron wrote:
1 year ago
Thanks for picking this album for me, as I had fun writing this review. I think my problem with her vocals may actually be connected to the lack of cohesion, as I like vocalists like Mike Patton who in Faith No More has a very eclectic range, but usually has different vocal styles for different songs rather than mixing it all together.
adg211288 wrote:
1 year ago
Hehe, I had no idea what you'd make of this one when I chose it. Thanks for giving it a damn good go. This is totally out of bounds for my usual taste yet has become one of my favourite albums personally. The vocals are actually a big part of that. I love her quirky, all over the place style of performance.

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