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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 5 3.00
2 Heavy Metal 5 3.10
3 Thrash Metal 5 3.50
4 Progressive Metal 4 3.63
5 Power Metal 3 3.17
6 Metal Related 2 4.25
7 Neoclassical metal 1 3.00
8 Non-Metal 1 2.00
9 Glam Metal 1 4.00
10 Symphonic Metal 1 4.00

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YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad

Live album · 1989 · Neoclassical metal
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As a fan of the Odyssey record, it is a no brainer that I am also a fan of this live disc from Yngwie and co. Some said the tension in the band was at the peak during this tour, but profesional wise it did not show here. Yngwie blasted through his Fender Stratocaster as usual. Singer Joey Lynn Turnes --even though at times his voice was stretched-- gave his touches here and there. The instrumentals might be the highlight, but tracks like "Heaven Tonight" or "Dreaming" did steal the show from the chubby guitarist. And also you could tell Mr. JLT was not really comfortable doing non Odyssey songs. A recommended release for any Yngwie fans. Or like me, get this if you love Odyssey!

QUEENSRŸCHE Dedicated To Chaos

Album · 2011 · Hard Rock
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The "thinking man's band" perhaps has gone its course, or simply have found peace within the internal camp of what they should be. After Chris DeGarmo left, they have tried too many times to be who they were --with no success. Now, they seem to be more conformtable in this zone, inviting external writers to help them out lining some music composition. The result is less-Queensryche. But perhaps it is what's best for them -for now. Those purist Queensryche will despise this effort. Yet you can hear elements of Empire or Promised Land here, sadly only a few. I am more disappointed that Michael Wilton's guitar playing is somewhat limited. And they have now Parker Lundgren as Wilton's side kick. Why would they bother hiring Kelly Gray adding more guitars?


Album · 1996 · Hard Rock
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MSG’s Written In The Sand was released in 1996. This marked the first studio album released from post-Robin McAuley era. Michael Schenker released a couple of acoustic-instrumental records soon after he disbanded McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP after they released the Unplugged album. This time, the mighty Michael Schenker joined forces with lead singer Leif Sundin, bassist Barry Sparks, and drummer Shane Gaalaas. The result was a 10 uncompromising essential hard rock tunes plus 2 bonus tracks of “Into The Arena” and “Cry For The Nation”.

The album kicks off with “Brave New World”, a hard rocking tune that pretty much and simply stated that “MSG is still alive!”. I was surprised that Leif Sundin was able to deliver such a good voice. Honestly, I was still thinking about Robin McAuley voice but this new guy in the band had a great voice. Not as powerful as his predecessor but absolutely more rocking. “I will be there tomorrow/no need to cry no more”, yep that was the lyrics delivered through the second track “Cry No More”, a mid-tempo hard rocking track. Definitely danceable! “I Believe” is a semi-ballad that was slow in the verses ten turned out to be somewhat heavy during the chorus, slightly pessimist and then next thing there’s an optimist turn around. A nice song though,… with a simple guitar-solo.

Another great danceable track through “Back To Life”. Please have a deep listen to the bass line delivered by Barry Sparks. One of his highlighted performances through out the record. Good job, man! I thought Jeff Pilson was the best bassist for MSG but you proved me wrong! The next track, I think was and IS one of the best track ever recorded by the band throughout the 90s, “Written In The Sand”. Only hearing the drum intro is already making my hair stand! This one is great!!! “I can’t wait another minute/I can’t wait another day/You really pushed me to the limit/I got something yesterday”. Definitely my all-time favorite track from the band. I guess this one also has one of the most catchiest Michael guitar-solo work.

The next track is an instrumental called “Essenz”. What can you say about it other than it showed how great was Michael Schenker (and still IS)? The next track “Love Never Dies” was a 80s track, mid-tempo and sing along song…and catchy. Any hard rocker fans would love to love this track. Don’t go home yet, the next track “I Will Be There” and “Take Me Through The Night” are pretty 80s and melodic as well. The closer track of the album is “Down The Drain”, a somewhat dark song. I don’t think it’s a suitable album closer but thanks to the next 2 bonus tracks “Into The Arena” and “Cry For The Nation”.

I must admit that Michael Schenker was able to gather a bunch of talented musicians for this album. Although Leif Sundin was being in the band for this studio record only but he must be credited for his lyrical writings for the album (except for the 2 bonus tracks).

I would strongly suggest any hard rocker fans to have a taste of this record.


Album · 2003 · Hard Rock
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After several changes in voice slot almost on each of the record, this time MSG managed to stay put with singer Chris Logan on Arachnophobiac (2003). Logan stepped up on vocals duty on Be Aware of Scorpions (2001). However, the rhythm section has been changed with the addition of experienced and famous bass player Stu Hamm and Jeremy Colon on drums. In addition to the strong line up, Michael Schenker received a well-earned assistance from Jeff Watson (Annihilator) who played solo leads in several songs.

Produced by Mike Varney, Steve Fontano, and Michael Schenker, this album is relatively varied with 11 crunchy rock n’ roll and melodic solos from Michael Schenker. While most of 80s rock guitar players are busy downtuning their sound, Michael Schenker stays loyal to his formula –only updating it. Tracks such as “Evermore”, “Arachnophobiac”, or “Into The Sands of Time” still well-describing the well-known formula. Also need to mention the shining performance from Chris Logan. On the other hand, “Wheatervane”, “Break The Cycle”, and “One World” captured the metalic-form of Michael Schenker in the 90s.

MSG is not well-known for its ballad, but they did a good attempt on “Over Now”. Very much 80s! Surely one of my fave track down here. Unfortunately, “Alive” fails to comparison that you may see it as a filler. On the other hand, “Fatal Strike” is a memorable album closer.

One low point from the album is the lacking of totality from the rhythm section. Especially when you had Stu Hamm in the line up. He could be very much useful. Michael himself is not an ego-maniac. Based on previous records, he would give the opportunity for the other member to take the spotlight and pen their signature.

Anyway, enjoy this record. Not a great one but surely kicking ass when you play it loud.


Album · 2003 · Metal Related
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Enchant would surely be my another finding of talented neo-prog band after being a while only focusing to Marillion and Arena. To be honest, 2003’s Tug of War was the album I began with. Much to my surprise, this was another journey to the neo-prog world that I wasn’t expecting to. Well, it has the melodic rhythm and somewhat mellow vocals harmony –which I truly love—as perhaps other neo-proggers out there. What surprised me more was there were elements of (light) progressive metal here and there. Bits and pieces. You hear it through the rhythm guitars parts, keyboards parts, or the time-changes on the drumming pattern.

Opened with a mid-tempo track “Sinking Sand”, I was immediately floored with the melodic vocals harmony and the guitar solo part. Did I mention about the (light) progmet stuff? Yes you can find it in the title-track “Tug of War”. “Hold The Wind” is also another close-to-progmet track. Now even the vocals melody was getting very close to the progmet boundary.

You don’t have to be in a ‘heavy’ mode all the time as “Beautiful” stands out to be a beautiful ballad provided by the band. This is a great record while I have to be honest that “Living In A Movie” is somewhat a filler for me. Other than that, this is a classic output from the band.

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