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DEATH - Symbolic Technical Death Metal
MASTODON - Leviathan Sludge Metal
MEGADETH - So Far, So Good... So What! Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
EXODUS - Shovel Headed Kill Machine Thrash Metal
EXODUS - Bonded by Blood Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Ride the Lightning Thrash Metal
DEATH - The Sound of Perseverance Technical Death Metal
KAYO DOT - Choirs Of The Eye Avant-garde Metal | review permalink
DYSTOPIA - Human = Garbage Crust Punk | review permalink
AGALLOCH - Marrow of the Spirit Atmospheric Black Metal | review permalink
ISIS - Oceanic Atmospheric Sludge Metal
ISIS - Panopticon Atmospheric Sludge Metal
NEUROSIS - Times Of Grace Atmospheric Sludge Metal
NEUROSIS - Souls at Zero Atmospheric Sludge Metal
YOB - The Unreal Never Lived Doom Metal
NEGURĂ BUNGET - OM Atmospheric Black Metal
CAPTAIN BEYOND - Captain Beyond Heavy Psych
NEUROSIS - The Eye Of Every Storm Atmospheric Sludge Metal
PRIMUS - The Brown Album Funk Metal | review permalink
CULT OF LUNA - Somewhere Along The Highway Atmospheric Sludge Metal
MESHUGGAH - Destroy Erase Improve Progressive Metal
OPETH - My Arms, Your Hearse Death Metal
BORIS - Amplifier Worship Drone Metal
SHINING - Blackjazz Avant-garde Metal | review permalink
NEUROSIS - Enemy Of The Sun Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Black Sabbath Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Vol 4 Heavy Metal
ICED EARTH - Night of the Stormrider US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Burnt Offerings US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Days of Purgatory US Power Metal
PANTERA - The Great Southern Trendkill Groove Metal
SUNN O))) - Black One Drone Metal
SUNN O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions Drone Metal
NAKED CITY - Leng Tch'e Drone Metal
VINDENSÅNG - Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts... Metal Related
SUNN O))) - Oracle Drone Metal
PRIMUS - Frizzle Fry Funk Metal
PRIMUS - Sailing the Seas of Cheese Funk Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Physical Graffiti Hard Rock
SHINING - Grindstone Avant-garde Metal
CONVERGE - Jane Doe Mathcore
CONVERGE - All We Love We Leave Behind Metalcore | review permalink
ISIS - Clearing The Eye Atmospheric Sludge Metal | review permalink
EARTH - Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version Drone Metal
EARTH - Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons Stoner Rock
SWANS - Filth Metal Related
SLAYER - South of Heaven Thrash Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - The Ape Of God (II) Atmospheric Sludge Metal
SLEEP - Dopesmoker Stoner Metal | review permalink
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Dopethrone Stoner Metal
HIGH ON FIRE - Blessed Black Wings Stoner Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Sabotage Heavy Metal
PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell Groove Metal
KING CRIMSON - Islands Proto-Metal
CELTIC FROST - Monotheist Doom Metal
MELVINS - The Maggot Sludge Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - Christmas Sludge Metal
TESTAMENT - Low Thrash Metal
LORD MANTIS - Pervertor Sludge Metal | review permalink
MGŁA - Exercises in Futility Black Metal
CELTIC FROST - To Mega Therion Thrash Metal
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - City Industrial Metal
ENTOMBED - Morning Star Death 'n' Roll | review permalink
HIGH ON FIRE - Death Is This Communion Stoner Metal
COBALT - Eater of Birds Black Metal
BURZUM - Filosofem Atmospheric Black Metal
BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Atmospheric Black Metal
DRUDKH - Autumn Aurora Atmospheric Black Metal
BURZUM - Belus Atmospheric Black Metal
DARKSPACE - Dark Space I Atmospheric Black Metal
MISÞYRMING - Söngvar elds og óreiðu Black Metal
PESTE NOIRE - La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence Black Metal
SUMAC - The Deal Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BATHORY - Blood Fire Death Black Metal
CELTIC FROST - Morbid Tales Thrash Metal
CELTIC FROST - Emperor's Return Thrash Metal
WEAKLING - Dead as Dreams Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - A Blaze in the Northern Sky Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - Transilvanian Hunger Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - Circle the Wagons Crust Punk
MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - Bath Avant-garde Metal
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Station Metal Related
MASTODON - Remission Sludge Metal
MASTODON - Blood Mountain Sludge Metal
MEGADETH - Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! Thrash Metal
TESTAMENT - The New Order Thrash Metal
TESTAMENT - The Formation Of Damnation Thrash Metal
RED SPAROWES - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer Metal Related
RED SPAROWES - Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun Metal Related
MR. BUNGLE - Disco Volante Metal Related | review permalink
YAKUZA - Of Seismic Consequence Progressive Metal
ISIS - In The Absence Of Truth Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BARONESS - First Sludge Metal | review permalink
NEUROSIS - Through Silver In Blood Atmospheric Sludge Metal
ALCEST - Écailles de lune Atmospheric Black Metal
ZU - Carboniferous Avant-garde Metal | review permalink
DYSTOPIA - The Aftermath Sludge Metal
WOLD - Screech Owl Black Metal
NEUROSIS - Neurosis & Jarboe (with Jarboe) Atmospheric Sludge Metal
AGALLOCH - The Mantle Folk Metal | review permalink
BARONESS - Second Sludge Metal | review permalink
WOLD - L.O.T.M.P. Black Metal | review permalink
OPETH - Blackwater Park Progressive Metal
ALCEST - Souvenirs d'un autre monde Metal Related
MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - Secret Song Avant-garde Metal
BORIS - Heavy Rocks Stoner Metal
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin IV Hard Rock
BLACK SABBATH - Master Of Reality Heavy Metal
ICED EARTH - Iced Earth US Power Metal
RUSH - Permanent Waves Hard Rock
SUNN O))) - White1 Drone Metal
YOB - Atma Doom Metal
SUBROSA - No Help For The Mighty Ones Doom Metal
CULT OF LUNA - Eternal Kingdom Atmospheric Sludge Metal
GRAYCEON - All We Destroy Progressive Metal
NEGURĂ BUNGET - Poartă de Dincolo Atmospheric Black Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny Heavy Metal
MACHINE HEAD - The Blackening Groove Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin II Hard Rock
KING CRIMSON - Lizard Proto-Metal
KING CRIMSON - Larks' Tongues In Aspic Proto-Metal
AMESOEURS - Amesoeurs Atmospheric Black Metal
KAYO DOT - Hubardo Avant-garde Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Rage Against the Machine Rap Metal
ISIS - Celestial Atmospheric Sludge Metal | review permalink
KAYO DOT - Coyote Non-Metal
SLAYER - Seasons in the Abyss Thrash Metal
SWANS - Cop Metal Related
SWANS - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky Non-Metal
SWANS - The Seer Non-Metal
SWANS - To Be Kind Non-Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - The Ape of God (I) Atmospheric Sludge Metal
OM - Conference Of The Birds Stoner Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Come My Fanatics... Stoner Metal
SLEEP - Sleep's Holy Mountain Stoner Metal
SLEEP - Jerusalem Stoner Metal
EYEHATEGOD - Take As Needed For Pain Sludge Metal
BONGRIPPER - Satan Worshipping Doom Sludge Metal
DEAD MEADOW - Feathers Stoner Rock
HIGH ON FIRE - The Art of Self Defense Stoner Metal
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Queens Of The Stone Age Stoner Rock
MELVINS - Bullhead Sludge Metal
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Rated R. Stoner Rock
ALCEST - Le Secret (re-recorded) Atmospheric Black Metal
DRUDKH - Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short) Atmospheric Black Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance Heavy Metal
VAN HALEN - Women And Children First Hard Rock
VAN HALEN - Fair Warning Hard Rock
OLD MAN GLOOM - No Sludge Metal
PANTERA - Vulgar Display of Power Groove Metal
KYUSS - Blues For The Red Sun Stoner Metal
KYUSS - Welcome To Sky Valley Stoner Metal
DOWN - NOLA Stoner Metal
MELVINS - Stoner Witch Stoner Metal
MONSTER MAGNET - Dopes to Infinity Stoner Rock
SOUNDGARDEN - Superunknown Heavy Alternative Rock
XYSMA - Deluxe Death 'n' Roll
EXODUS - Tempo of the Damned Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Show No Mercy Thrash Metal
ANTIDOTE - The Truth Thrash Metal | review permalink
STONE - No Anaesthesia! Thrash Metal | review permalink
STONE - Emotional Playground Thrash Metal | review permalink
ENTOMBED - Uprising Death 'n' Roll | review permalink
XYSMA - Lotto Stoner Rock | review permalink
POSSESSED - Seven Churches Death Metal | review permalink
YOB - Our Raw Heart Doom Metal
LORD MANTIS - Spawning The Nephilim Sludge Metal
BATUSHKA - Litourgiya Black Metal
COBALT - Gin Black Metal
DRUDKH - Forgotten Legends Atmospheric Black Metal
DRUDKH - Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road) Atmospheric Black Metal
DRUDKH - Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells) Atmospheric Black Metal
BEZMIR - Void Black Metal
SUNN O))) - The Iron Soul Of Nothing (with Nurse With Wound) Non-Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Overkill Heavy Metal
DARKTHRONE - Under a Funeral Moon Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - Arctic Thunder Black Metal
EXODUS - Force of Habit Groove Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Iron Fist Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Orgasmatron Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Sacrifice Heavy Metal
MR. BUNGLE - The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo Thrash Metal
MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - Leaving Your Body Map Avant-garde Metal
AGALLOCH - Ashes Against the Grain Folk Metal
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Geneva Metal Related
BARONESS - Red Album Sludge Metal
MASTODON - Crack The Skye Sludge Metal
TESTAMENT - The Legacy Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Kill 'em All Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
DEATH - Human Technical Death Metal
DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns Technical Death Metal
MR. BUNGLE - Mr. Bungle Avant-garde Metal
SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - In Glorious Times Avant-garde Metal
RED SPAROWES - At the Soundless Dawn Metal Related
KAYO DOT - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue Avant-garde Metal
ISIS - Wavering Radiant Atmospheric Sludge Metal
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Enter Metal Related | review permalink
CLOUDKICKER - Beacons Progressive Metal
NEGURĂ BUNGET - Vîrstele Pamîntului Atmospheric Black Metal
AGALLOCH - Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor Folk Metal
EXTINCTION ALGORITHM - My Forest is Dead Non-Metal
DYSTOPIA - Dystopia Sludge Metal
SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - Of Natural History Avant-garde Metal | review permalink
OPETH - Still Life Progressive Metal
OPETH - Ghost Reveries Progressive Metal
GUAPO - Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven Metal Related
ANTHRAX - Fistful Of Metal Speed Metal
ANTHRAX - Spreading The Disease Thrash Metal
ANTHRAX - Armed And Dangerous Thrash Metal
NEUROSIS - Given To The Rising Atmospheric Sludge Metal
NEUROSIS - A Sun That Never Sets Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE OCEAN - Anthropocentric Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE PAX CECILIA - Blessed Are The Bonds Metal Related
BORIS - あくまのうた (Akuma No Uta) Sludge Metal
BORIS - Boris At Last: -Feedbacker- Drone Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - Operation: Mindcrime Progressive Metal
FAITH NO MORE - Angel Dust Alternative Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Live After Death NWoBHM
BLACK SABBATH - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Heavy Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Machine Head Hard Rock
MOTÖRHEAD - Ace of Spades Heavy Metal
VINDENSÅNG - Themes of Snow and Sorrow Non-Metal
PRIMUS - Pork Soda Funk Metal
DORDEDUH - Valea Omului Atmospheric Black Metal
ISIS - The Red Sea Atmospheric Sludge Metal
FEN - Epoch Atmospheric Black Metal
DISMA - Towards the Megalith Death Metal
LOSS (TN) - Despond Funeral Doom Metal
ENSLAVED - The Sleeping Gods Progressive Metal
BORIS - Absolutego Drone Metal
MACHINE HEAD - Through the Ashes of Empires Groove Metal
PRIMUS - Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People Funk Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Deep Purple In Rock Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin III Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Houses Of The Holy Hard Rock
GIANT SQUID - Cenotes Atmospheric Sludge Metal
CULT OF LUNA - Salvation Atmospheric Sludge Metal
CULT OF LUNA - The Beyond Atmospheric Sludge Metal
OPETH - Heritage Metal Related
*SHELS - Plains Of The Purple Buffalo Metal Related
GORGUTS - Obscura Technical Death Metal
THE OCEAN - Precambrian Atmospheric Sludge Metal
DEVIN TOWNSEND - Deconstruction Progressive Metal
MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - My Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible Avant-garde Metal
BLIND GUARDIAN - Somewhere Far Beyond Power Metal
VAURA - The Missing Atmospheric Black Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Who Do We Think We Are Hard Rock
NEUROSIS - Honor Found In Decay Atmospheric Sludge Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Rocka Rolla Hard Rock
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Heavy Metal
SHINING - In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster Metal Related
ISIS - In The Fishtank 14 (with Aereogramme) Non-Metal
ISIS - Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations Atmospheric Sludge Metal
SUNN O))) - Flight Of The Behemoth Drone Metal
KAYO DOT - Coffins On Io Non-Metal
EARTH - Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light II Non-Metal
EARTH - Phase III: Thrones And Dominions Drone Metal
SWANS - Children Of God Non-Metal
SWANS - Greed Non-Metal
SWANS - Holy Money Metal Related
SWANS - The Burning World Non-Metal
SWANS - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity Non-Metal
SWANS - Love Of Life Non-Metal
SWANS - The Great Annihilator Non-Metal
SWANS - Die Tür Ist Zu Non-Metal
DEATH - Leprosy Death Metal
OM - God Is Good Stoner Metal
OM - Variations On A Theme Stoner Metal
DEAD MEADOW - Dead Meadow Stoner Rock
HIGH ON FIRE - Surrounded by Thieves Stoner Metal
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Songs For The Deaf Stoner Rock
MELVINS - Lysol Sludge Metal
MELVINS - Houdini Sludge Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Sin After Sin Heavy Metal
KING CRIMSON - Starless And Bible Black Proto-Metal
EARTH - HEX: Or Printing In The Infernal Method Non-Metal
EARTH - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull Non-Metal
SLEEP - Volume One Doom Metal
VAURA - Selenelion Atmospheric Black Metal
RED SPAROWES - Aphorisms Metal Related
PANTERA - Far Beyond Driven Groove Metal
DOWN - Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow... Stoner Metal
DOWN - Down III: Over the Under Stoner Metal
SOUNDGARDEN - Badmotorfinger Alternative Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism Sludge Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar III: Zozobra Sludge Metal
ANTIDOTE - Total Thrash Metal
XYSMA - The First and Magical Death 'n' Roll
ENTOMBED - Wolverine Blues Death 'n' Roll
TESTAMENT - The Gathering Thrash Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Defenders Of The Faith Heavy Metal
MEGADETH - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? Thrash Metal | review permalink
SLAYER - Hell Awaits Thrash Metal
STONE - Stone Thrash Metal | review permalink
CARCASS - Swansong Death 'n' Roll
BATTLE OF MICE - A Day of Nights Atmospheric Sludge Metal
LORD MANTIS - Universal Death Church Sludge Metal
HIGH ON FIRE - Snakes for the Divine Stoner Metal
LORD MANTIS - Death Mask Sludge Metal
LORD MANTIS - Nice Teeth Whore Sludge Metal
COBALT - War Metal Black Metal
AVICHI - The Divine Tragedy Black Metal
PRIMUS - The Desaturating Seven Non-Metal
SUNN O))) - Soused (with Scott Walker) Drone Metal
BURZUM - Fallen Atmospheric Black Metal
BURZUM - Det Som Engang Var Atmospheric Black Metal
SUNN O))) - Terrestrials (with Ulver) Non-Metal
MISÞYRMING - Algleymi Black Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Another Perfect Day Heavy Metal
DARKTHRONE - Panzerfaust Black Metal
DARKTHRONE - F.O.A.D. Crust Punk
DARKTHRONE - Dark Thrones and Black Flags Crust Punk
DARKTHRONE - The Underground Resistance Heavy Metal
DARKTHRONE - Old Star Black Metal
VAN HALEN - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Hard Rock
EXODUS - Impact Is Imminent Thrash Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Metal
BARONESS - Blue Record Sludge Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - The System Has Failed Thrash Metal
TESTAMENT - Practice What You Preach Thrash Metal
EXODUS - The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A Thrash Metal
METALLICA - ...And Justice for All Thrash Metal
MR. BUNGLE - California Metal Related
EXTINCTION ALGORITHM - Extinction Algorithm Non-Metal
WOLD - Working Together for Our Privacy Black Metal
OPETH - Deliverance Progressive Metal
OPETH - Watershed Progressive Metal
OPETH - Morningrise Death Metal
GUAPO - Towers Open Fire Non-Metal
I AM ABOVE ON THE LEFT - I am Above on the Left Non-Metal
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious Avant-garde Metal
BORIS - Flood Metal Related
BORIS - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Metal Related
BORIS - Dronevil Drone Metal
BORIS - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3 Metal Related
NEGURĂ BUNGET - Măiestrit Atmospheric Black Metal
RUSH - Moving Pictures Hard Rock
VAN HALEN - Van Halen Hard Rock
IRON MAIDEN - The Number Of The Beast NWoBHM
KREATOR - Enemy of God Thrash Metal
ICED EARTH - Horror Show US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked, Part 1 US Power Metal
DREAM THEATER - When Dream and Day Unite Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Train of Thought Progressive Metal
RUSH - Hemispheres Hard Rock
CANNIBAL CORPSE - Hammer Smashed Face Death Metal
ALESTORM - Leviathan Folk Metal
SUNN O))) - White2 Drone Metal
TURISAS - The Varangian Way Folk Metal
AGALLOCH - Pale Folklore Folk Metal
PRIMUS - Tales From the Punchbowl Funk Metal
PRIMUS - Antipop Funk Metal
ISIS - Sawblade Atmospheric Sludge Metal
ENSLAVED - Isa Black Metal
FAITH NO MORE - King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime Alternative Metal
FAITH NO MORE - Album Of The Year Alternative Metal
FAITH NO MORE - The Real Thing Funk Metal
RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Empros Metal Related
LED ZEPPELIN - Presence Hard Rock
KING CRIMSON - In The Court Of The Crimson King Proto-Metal
KING CRIMSON - Red Proto-Metal
NEUROSIS - The Word as Law Hardcore Punk
DEVIN TOWNSEND - Ghost Non-Metal
DEVIN TOWNSEND - Addicted Alternative Metal
SHINING - One One One Industrial Metal
CLOUDKICKER - Subsume Progressive Metal
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - The Battle of Los Angeles Rap Metal
KAYO DOT - Blue Lambency Downward Non-Metal
NAKED CITY - Absinthe Non-Metal
SWANS - Soundtracks For The Blind Non-Metal
PRIMUS - Suck On This Funk Metal
THE SMASHING PUMPKINS - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness Heavy Alternative Rock
BLACK MASTIFF - Mastiff EP Hard Rock
OM - Advaitic Songs Stoner Metal
ALCEST - Les Voyages de L'âme Atmospheric Black Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Killing Machine Heavy Metal
ENSLAVED - In Times Progressive Metal
MELVINS - The Bootlicker Non-Metal
KAYO DOT - Stained Glass Non-Metal
MONSTER MAGNET - Spine of God Stoner Rock
MONSTER MAGNET - Superjudge Stoner Rock
MONSTER MAGNET - Powertrip Stoner Rock
OLD MAN GLOOM - Meditations In B Sludge Metal
A.R.G. - One World Without the End Thrash Metal
EXODUS - Fabulous Disaster Thrash Metal
STONE - Colours Thrash Metal | review permalink
ENSLAVED - RIITIIR Progressive Metal
ENTOMBED - DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth Death 'n' Roll
COBALT - Slow Forever Black Metal
BURZUM - Hliðskjálf Non-Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being Sludge Metal
EXODUS - Let There Be Blood Thrash Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Bomber Heavy Metal
SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - Grand Opening and Closing Avant-garde Metal
YAKUZA - Transmutations Avant-garde Metal
DYSTOPIA - Live In The Studio Sludge Metal
MESHUGGAH - obZen Progressive Metal
AGALLOCH - Tomorrow Will Never Come Non-Metal
AGALLOCH - The Grey EP Non-Metal
BORIS - Pink Metal Related
BORIS - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2 Non-Metal
AC/DC - Highway To Hell Hard Rock
GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction Hard Rock
IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere In Time Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Death On The Road Heavy Metal
DREAM THEATER - Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory Progressive Metal
PANTERA - Reinventing the Steel Groove Metal
DREAM THEATER - Images and Words Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Systematic Chaos Progressive Metal
RUSH - 2112 Hard Rock
RUSH - A Farewell to Kings Hard Rock
ORPHANED LAND - The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR Folk Metal
QUEEN - Sheer Heart Attack Proto-Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Heaven And Hell Heavy Metal
MASTODON - Lifesblood Sludge Metal
ISIS - Mosquito Control Atmospheric Sludge Metal
DIO - Holy Diver Heavy Metal
MACHINE HEAD - The More Things Change... Groove Metal
BORIS - Attention Please Non-Metal
KAYO DOT - Gamma Knife Avant-garde Metal
KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Metallica Heavy Metal
PRIMUS - Green Naugahyde Funk Metal
VAN HALEN - 1984 Hard Rock
KAYO DOT - Plastic House On Base Of Sky Non-Metal
XYSMA - Yeah! Death Metal
THE 69 EYES - Savage Garden Hard Rock
EXODUS - Pleasures of the Flesh Thrash Metal
VAN HALEN - Van Halen II Hard Rock
CELTIC FROST - Into the Pandemonium Avant-garde Metal
VAURA - Sables Non-Metal
OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning Sludge Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Motörhead Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - 1916 Heavy Metal
MEGADETH - Youthanasia Heavy Metal
MEGADETH - Risk Hard Rock
MEGADETH - United Abominations Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Endgame Thrash Metal
CYNIC - Focus Technical Death Metal | review permalink
OPETH - Damnation Metal Related
GUAPO - Hirohito Non-Metal
AC/DC - Back In Black Hard Rock
IRON MAIDEN - No Prayer For The Dying Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Brave New World Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - A Matter Of Life And Death Heavy Metal
DREAM THEATER - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Black Clouds & Silver Linings Progressive Metal
BORIS - Heavy Rocks 2 Stoner Rock
FAITH NO MORE - Introduce Yourself Funk Metal
FAITH NO MORE - We Care A Lot Funk Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - In Through The Out Door Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Coda Hard Rock
MASTODON - The Hunter Progressive Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Nostradamus Heavy Metal
SLAYER - God Hates Us All Thrash Metal
VAN HALEN - Diver Down Hard Rock
BURZUM - Dauði Baldrs Non-Metal
NEUROSIS - Fires Within Fires Atmospheric Sludge Metal
EXODUS - Exhibit B: The Human Condition Thrash Metal
EXODUS - Blood In, Blood Out Thrash Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - March ör Die Heavy Metal
MEGADETH - Cryptic Sounds: No Voices in Your Head Thrash Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Fear Of The Dark Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Dance Of Death Heavy Metal
DREAM THEATER - Awake Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Falling Into Infinity Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Octavarium Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - A Change of Seasons Progressive Metal
METALLICA - Load Heavy Metal
METALLICA - Death Magnetic Thrash Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Virtual XI Heavy Metal
DREAM THEATER - Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) Progressive Metal
IRON MAIDEN - The X Factor Heavy Metal
METALLICA - ReLoad Heavy Metal
METALLICA - Garage Inc. Heavy Metal
METALLICA - St. Anger Alternative Metal
METALLICA - Lulu (with Lou Reed) Heavy Metal

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Thrash Metal 51 3.93
2 Heavy Metal 44 3.25
3 Non-Metal 39 3.71
4 Sludge Metal 31 4.15
5 Hard Rock 31 3.60
6 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 31 4.32
7 Progressive Metal 29 3.31
8 Metal Related 25 4.00
9 Atmospheric Black Metal 24 4.42
10 Black Metal 23 4.43
11 Stoner Metal 21 4.40
12 Avant-garde Metal 18 4.03
13 Drone Metal 15 4.40
14 Funk Metal 12 3.75
15 Stoner Rock 12 4.04
16 Groove Metal 9 4.17
17 Folk Metal 7 3.71
18 Death 'n' Roll 7 4.21
19 Death Metal 7 3.93
20 Proto-Metal 7 4.00
21 NWoBHM 6 3.92
22 Technical Death Metal 6 4.08
23 US Power Metal 6 4.42
24 Doom Metal 6 4.58
25 Alternative Metal 6 3.25
26 Crust Punk 4 4.50
27 Rap Metal 3 3.83
28 Power Metal 2 4.25
29 Metalcore 2 4.25
30 Industrial Metal 2 4.25
31 Heavy Alternative Rock 2 4.00
32 Speed Metal 1 4.00
33 Mathcore 1 5.00
34 Funeral Doom Metal 1 4.00
35 Hardcore Punk 1 3.50
36 Heavy Psych 1 5.00

Latest Albums Reviews

POSSESSED Seven Churches

Album · 1985 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The missing link between thrash and death metal... there are all sorts of elements that fans of those two genres will recognize: riffs that wouldn't be out of place on Death Angel's The Ultraviolence, vocals that are almost growled and certainly heavier than any thrash metal band at the time (barring perhaps Celtic Frost, another genre-defying band), tremolo picking galore, but also Exodus-style guitar dueling solos. Most Primus fans probably have no clue Ler Lalonde used to rip like this. Mostly recommended for fans of early Slayer, Death and Morbid Angel. Also a very consistent album (no filler tracks) with great production value for being a bunch of teenagers in 1985.

Hard to sit still or turn it down once this album starts playing!


Album · 1996 · Stoner Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Very strange album to be coming from a former death/grind band, though not totally unexpected given the trajectory Xysma's career had been taking up to this point. While the prior albums First and Magical and Deluxe being somewhat lighter & trippier variations on Entombed's "death-n-roll" theme, Lotto veers into stoner rock and even almost pop-punk. Think, a more garage version of Monster Magnet or Queens of the Stone Age. The production is intentionally a bit lo-fi, but it works.

The lyrics are goofy ("There's a feel I gotta be behind the wheel, I love my tram") and the vocals are split duty between croaky and (surprisingly good) clean. Overall, the thing that strikes me most about Xysma and especially Lotto, is how lighthearted and fun it all is. Hard not to have a good time listening to this album.

Favourite tracks: We Just Came Inside, New Gel In Town, The Tram

ENTOMBED Morning Star

Album · 2001 · Death 'n' Roll
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If "Uprising" is Entombed's tribute to Motorhead, "Morning Star" is the greatest Slayer album that never was - just a nonstop, crushingly heavy, relentless, thrashy and sludgy metal masterpiece that still manages to be head-banging groovy.

The vocals and instruments are both heavier and harsher than the several previous album. Lyrics on the surface sound like boilerplate anti-Christian (not atypical in death metal), but lots of them are really just movie quotes. The rhythms are tight and chugging, crisp snappy drumming, spirited raw vocals, ripping guitar solos - Morning Star has a lot to offer, and is possibly the best release from this consistently great band.

Favourite tracks: Chief Rebel Angel, I for and Eye, Year One Now, Fractures, City of Ghosts, About to Die


Album · 2000 · Death 'n' Roll
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Entombed does Motorhead-

Stockholm band Entombed is mostly famous for two things - popularizing the Boss HM-2 "chainsaw" guitar tone, and pathfinding the unfortunately nicknamed "death-n-roll" style of music. Uprising is an album that has both those trademarks. Where it differs from Entombed's other offerings is in catchiness. The grind is all there, but the riffs have a toe-tapping 70s hard rock characteristic to them. The vocals are harsh, but not death metal growls. It's an album that would be hard to place in time if you didn't know better... and yet in a sense it is far heavier than most anything from the 70s and 80s. Truly worth a listen for the open minded metalhead. Great gym music, by the way, with far better production value than their earlier studio albums.

Favourite tracks: Seeing Red, Won't Back Down, Something out of Nothing

STONE Emotional Playground

Album · 1991 · Thrash Metal
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I'm torn; Emotional Playground probably has the best music, but the worst production of Stone's studios. The drums suffer most, sounding unfortunately a little too tinny to really beat the message across. Some of the guitar solos aren't loud enough, but they rip as hard as anything I've ever heard. Still a very enjoyable listen, and it's only because the other albums sounded so excellent that it is even noticeable.

They've dialed the prog rock back just a titch from Colours, and it works well here. It's a shame that they really came into their own sound so shortly before breaking up. I love the vocal harmonies on the opener, something that doesn't appear on any of their other albums. The vocals in general are much more diverse than the rest of the discography. Also a big fan of the "rattly" bass guitar tone they've found here. Compared to Colours, there is less dissonance, but more variety in tempo, time signature, and heaviness, which makes the whole thing flow quite well. I even heard some acoustic guitar in there. The crushingly awesome downtuned dirge "Years After" stands out as a big stylistic shift, almost an experiment.

Favourite tracks: Small Tales, Last Chance, Mad Hatter's Den, Dead End

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