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URIAH HEEP - Demons And Wizards Hard Rock
ATHEIST - Unquestionable Presence Technical Death Metal
LOVEBITES - Clockwork Immortality Power Metal
VLTIMAS - Something Wicked Marches In Death Metal
KELDIAN - Heaven's Gate Power Metal
KELDIAN - Journey of Souls Power Metal
KELDIAN - Outbound Power Metal
KELDIAN - Darkness and Light Power Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - Ace of Spades Heavy Metal
DEATH - Symbolic Technical Death Metal
DEATH - The Sound of Perseverance Technical Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - Demigod Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - The Apostasy Death Metal
MASTODON - Crack The Skye Sludge Metal
VADER - The Art of War Death Metal
CELLADOR - Enter Deception Power Metal
WARLORD - Deliver Us US Power Metal
WARLORD - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun... US Power Metal
VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator US Power Metal
IRON MAIDEN - A Matter Of Life And Death Heavy Metal
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - A Social Grace Progressive Metal
EARTH - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull Non-Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Dopethrone Stoner Metal
ECHOES OF ETERNITY - The Forgotten Goddess US Power Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Maximum Overload Power Metal
DRAGONFORCE - The Power Within Power Metal
DIO - Holy Diver Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid Heavy Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Witchcult Today Stoner Metal
PENTAGRAM - Day Of Reckoning Doom Metal
CLUTCH - The Elephant Riders Stoner Rock
CLUTCH - Blast Tyrant Stoner Rock
EDGE OF SANITY - Crimson Melodic Death Metal
ATHEIST - Elements Technical Death Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Heavy Metal
VICIOUS RUMORS - Vicious Rumors US Power Metal
TRIOSPHERE - The Road Less Travelled Power Metal
STRIKER - Armed To The Teeth Speed Metal
EXODUS - Fabulous Disaster Thrash Metal
IRON SAVIOR - Condition Red Power Metal
JOE SATRIANI - Strange Beautiful Music Hard Rock
QUEENSRŸCHE - Operation: Mindcrime Progressive Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - The Gallery Melodic Death Metal
ICED EARTH - Incorruptible US Power Metal
STRIKER - Striker Speed Metal
STRIKER - Play to Win Heavy Metal
FALLUJAH - The Flesh Prevails Technical Death Metal
FALLUJAH - Dreamless Technical Death Metal
POSSESSED - Revelations of Oblivion Death Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Time to Die Stoner Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard Bloody Wizard Stoner Metal
ESOTERIC - The Pernicious Enigma Funeral Doom Metal
TOOL - Fear Inoculum Progressive Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Extreme Power Metal Power Metal
PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA - oltreLuna Atmospheric Black Metal
PENTAGRAM - Be Forewarned Doom Metal
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Thrice Woven Atmospheric Black Metal
ORION'S REIGN - Scores of War Power Metal
TROUBLE - Manic Frustration Stoner Metal
REVEREND BIZARRE - III: So Long Suckers Doom Metal
SEPTICFLESH - A Fallen Temple Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - The Satanist Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - I Loved You at Your Darkest Death Metal
THE OCEAN - Fluxion Atmospheric Sludge Metal
COUNT RAVEN - Storm Warning Doom Metal
SLEEP - Dopesmoker Stoner Metal
PAGAN ALTAR - The Lords of Hypocrisy Traditional Doom Metal
SKYLINER - Outsiders US Power Metal
DYING FETUS - Descend Into Depravity Brutal Death Metal
DYING FETUS - Reign Supreme Brutal Death Metal
DYING FETUS - Wrong One to Fuck With Brutal Death Metal
NILE - Those Whom the Gods Detest Technical Death Metal
GAMMA RAY - Land of the Free Power Metal
DEMONS & WIZARDS - Touched by the Crimson King US Power Metal
ANNIHILATOR - Alice in Hell Thrash Metal
ANNIHILATOR - Never, Neverland Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Ride the Lightning Thrash Metal
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - The Butcher's Ballroom Avant-garde Metal
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious Avant-garde Metal
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - Pandora's Piñata Avant-garde Metal
IRON MAIDEN - The Number Of The Beast NWoBHM
MOTÖRHEAD - Bomber Heavy Metal
DREAM EVIL - United Heavy Metal
DREAM EVIL - Evilized Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Gambling With the Devil Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy Power Metal
LOST HORIZON - Awakening the World Power Metal
LOST HORIZON - A Flame to the Ground Beneath Power Metal
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal
KREATOR - Pleasure to Kill Thrash Metal
KREATOR - Enemy of God Thrash Metal
KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos Thrash Metal
DECAPITATED - Organic Hallucinosis Technical Death Metal
CRYSTAL VIPER - Metal Nation Power Metal
CRYSTAL VIPER - The Curse of Crystal Viper Power Metal
BEHEMOTH - Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) Death Metal
VADER - Impressions in Blood Death Metal
SUFFOCATION - Pinnacle of Bedlam Brutal Death Metal
GWAR - War Party Thrash Metal
GUTTER SIRENS - Horror Makers Power Metal
MEGADETH - United Abominations Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
POWER QUEST - Master of Illusion Power Metal
WARLORD - Rising Out of the Ashes Heavy Metal
SEPTICFLESH - Sumerian Daemons Death Metal
ANTHEM - Bound To Break Heavy Metal
ANTHEM - Gypsy Ways Heavy Metal
ANTHEM - Hunting Time Heavy Metal
THE GATHERING - Mandylion Gothic Metal
TAD MOROSE - A Mended Rhyme Power Metal
TAD MOROSE - Undead Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Something Wicked This Way Comes US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Night of the Stormrider US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Burnt Offerings US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Iced Earth US Power Metal
ANGEL DUST - Bleed Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Walls of Jericho Speed Metal
BLIND GUARDIAN - Tales From the Twilight World Power Metal
ALESTORM - Captain Morgan's Revenge Folk Metal
ALESTORM - Black Sails At Midnight Folk Metal
ALESTORM - Back Through Time Folk Metal
RIOT - ThunderSteel US Power Metal
OMEN - Warning of Danger US Power Metal
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - City Industrial Metal
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Fire Up the Blades Power Metal
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Advance and Vanquish Power Metal
DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns Technical Death Metal
DEATH - Human Technical Death Metal
SAINT VITUS - Saint Vitus Traditional Doom Metal
SAINT VITUS - Hallow's Victim Traditional Doom Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Valley of the Damned Power Metal
IRON MAIDEN - The Final Frontier Heavy Metal
NEVERMORE - Dead Heart in a Dead World Thrash Metal
ICED EARTH - Horror Show US Power Metal
MOONSORROW - Voimasta ja kunniasta Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - Kivenkantaja Viking Metal
RIVERSIDE - Out Of Myself Metal Related
PHARAOH (PA) - Bury the Light US Power Metal
NOCTURNAL RITES - Shadowland Power Metal
JAG PANZER - Casting the Stones US Power Metal
IRON SAVIOR - Unification Power Metal
URIAH HEEP - Look At Yourself Hard Rock
OMEN - Battle Cry US Power Metal
MANILLA ROAD - Mystification Heavy Metal
LIEGE LORD - Freedom's Rise US Power Metal
FEAR FACTORY - Demanufacture Industrial Metal
BARREN EARTH - Curse of the Red River Melodic Death Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Visions Power Metal
HIBRIA - The Skull Collectors Power Metal
MACHINAE SUPREMACY - Overworld Power Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Inhuman Rampage Power Metal
MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic Heavy Metal
SEPTICFLESH - Communion Death Metal
HAMMERFALL - Crimson Thunder Power Metal
HAMMERFALL - Glory to the Brave Power Metal
HAMMERFALL - Legacy of Kings Power Metal
HAMMERFALL - Renegade Power Metal
AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Hard Rock
RIOT - Fire Down Under Heavy Metal
RIOT - Narita Heavy Metal
RIOT - Rock City Heavy Metal
MERCENARY - The Hours That Remain Melodic Death Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Master Of Reality Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Black Sabbath Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Vol 4 Heavy Metal
TROUBLE - Psalm 9 Traditional Doom Metal
TROUBLE - The Skull Traditional Doom Metal
TROUBLE - Run to the Light Traditional Doom Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Let Us Prey Stoner Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - We Live Stoner Metal
METAL CHURCH - The Dark US Power Metal
GRAND MAGUS - Iron Will Heavy Metal
GRAND MAGUS - Hammer of the North Heavy Metal
MUSTASCH - RatSafari Hard Rock
CLUTCH - From Beale Street to Oblivion Stoner Rock
RAMMSTEIN - Mutter Industrial Metal
RAMMSTEIN - Sehnsucht Industrial Metal
GORDIAN KNOT - Gordian Knot Progressive Metal
ATHEIST - Piece of Time Technical Death Metal
CYNIC - Kindly Bent To Free Us Metal Related
CYNIC - Traced in Air Progressive Metal
CYNIC - Focus Technical Death Metal
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Animals as Leaders Progressive Metal
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - Weightless Progressive Metal
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Kobra and the Lotus Power Metal
A SOUND OF THUNDER - Time's Arrow Heavy Metal
CRYSTAL VIPER - Legends Power Metal
CRYSTAL VIPER - Crimen Excepta Power Metal
WEDNESDAY 13 - Fang Bang Glam Metal
VICIOUS RUMORS - Welcome To The Ball US Power Metal
HELSTAR - Remnants of War US Power Metal
HELSTAR - A Distant Thunder US Power Metal
SABBAT - Dreamweaver Thrash Metal
SHADOWS FALL - Retribution Melodic Metalcore
RA - From One Alternative Metal
RA - Black Sun Alternative Metal
IMMORTAL - At the Heart of Winter Black Metal
RIOT - Unleash the Fire US Power Metal
IMMORTAL - Damned in Black Black Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Sin After Sin Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Killing Machine Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Defenders Of The Faith Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Ram It Down Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Angel Of Retribution Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Brave New World Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere In Time Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Heavy Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Dance Of Death Heavy Metal
DEMON - Night of the Demon NWoBHM
DEMON - The Unexpected Guest NWoBHM
DEMON - The Plague NWoBHM
GRIM REAPER - See You in Hell NWoBHM
GRIM REAPER - Rock You to Hell Heavy Metal
PRIMUS - Frizzle Fry Funk Metal
MINDMAZE - Mask of Lies Heavy Metal
SISTER SIN - Switchblade Serenades Heavy Metal
SISTER SIN - True Sound of the Underground Heavy Metal
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Something Wild Melodic Death Metal
HYDROGYN - Bombshell Hard Rock
CRUCIFIED BARBARA - 'Til Death Do Us Party Heavy Metal
GALNERYUS - Beyond the End of Despair… Power Metal
GALNERYUS - One For All - All For One Power Metal
AT VANCE - Heart of Steel Power Metal
AT VANCE - Dragonchaser Power Metal
AT VANCE - Only Human Power Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Rising Force Neoclassical metal
STRIKER - Eyes In The Night Speed Metal
STRIKER - City Of Gold Speed Metal
VINNIE MOORE - Out Of Nowhere Neoclassical metal
LAKE OF TEARS - A Crimson Cosmos Doom Metal
LAKE OF TEARS - The Neonai Gothic Metal
ANTHRAX - Spreading The Disease Thrash Metal
ANTHRAX - Among The Living Thrash Metal
JAG PANZER - The Age of Mastery US Power Metal
JAG PANZER - Mechanized Warfare US Power Metal
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - High Priestess Power Metal
JACOBS DREAM - Jacobs Dream US Power Metal
JACOBS DREAM - Theater of War US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - Plagues of Babylon US Power Metal
ICED EARTH - The Glorious Burden US Power Metal
NEONFLY - Outshine the Sun Power Metal
VADER - De Profundis Death Metal
VADER - Black to the Blind Death Metal
VADER - Litany Death Metal
VADER - Revelations Death Metal
VADER - Necropolis Death Metal
VADER - Welcome to the Morbid Reich Death Metal
AMARANTHE - Amaranthe Trance Metal
NINE INCH NAILS - Pretty Hate Machine Non-Metal
FIREWIND - Between Heaven and Hell Power Metal
FIREWIND - Burning Earth Power Metal
EXODUS - Tempo of the Damned Thrash Metal
TESTAMENT - The Legacy Thrash Metal
TESTAMENT - The New Order Thrash Metal
DEATH ANGEL - Act III Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - The Years Of Decay Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
DESTRUCTION - All Hell Breaks Loose Thrash Metal
SYMPHONY X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Progressive Metal
ANTHRAX - State Of Euphoria Thrash Metal
IRON SAVIOR - Battering Ram Power Metal
THE GATHERING - Nighttime Birds Gothic Metal
FREAK OF NATURE - Freak of Nature Hard Rock
GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed Thrash Metal
JOE SATRIANI - Surfing With The Alien Hard Rock
JOE SATRIANI - The Extremist Hard Rock
JOE SATRIANI - Engines Of Creation Hard Rock
JOE SATRIANI - Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock Hard Rock
MESHUGGAH - Contradictions Collapse Technical Thrash Metal
MESHUGGAH - Destroy Erase Improve Progressive Metal
MESHUGGAH - Chaosphere Progressive Metal
DEATH - Leprosy Death Metal
GRUESOME - Savage Land Death Metal
HELLOWEEN - Master of the Rings Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - The Time of the Oath Power Metal
GAMMA RAY - No World Order Power Metal
PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell Groove Metal
HYDROGYN - Deadly Passions Hard Rock
ARTIZAN - Curse of the Artizan Heavy Metal
ARTIZAN - Ancestral Energy Heavy Metal
BODY COUNT - Body Count Crossover Thrash
DISTURBED - Ten Thousand Fists Alternative Metal
W.A.S.P. - The Last Command Heavy Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Projector Melodic Death Metal
WALLS OF JERICHO - With Devils Amongst Us All Metalcore
SEPTICFLESH - The Great Mass Death Metal
SEPTICFLESH - Titan Death Metal
SKYFIRE - Mind Revolution Melodic Death Metal
AVATAR - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow Melodic Death Metal
AVATAR - Schlacht Melodic Death Metal
AVATAR - Avatar Melodic Death Metal
OVERKILL - The Wings Of War Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - The Grinding Wheel Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - White Devil Armory Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - The Electric Age Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - Ironbound Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - Horrorscope Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - Under The Influence Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - Taking Over Thrash Metal
OVERKILL - Feel The Fire Thrash Metal
IMMOLATION - Dawn of Possession Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Here in After Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Failures for Gods Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Close to a World Below Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Atonement Death Metal
INTO ETERNITY - Buried in Oblivion Progressive Metal
EDGE OF SANITY - The Spectral Sorrows Melodic Death Metal
EDGE OF SANITY - Purgatory Afterglow Melodic Death Metal
EDGE OF SANITY - Unorthodox Death Metal
DETHKLOK - The Dethalbum Melodic Death Metal
MERCENARY - 11 Dreams Melodic Death Metal
MERCENARY - Everblack Melodic Death Metal
MERCENARY - First Breath Melodic Death Metal
AT THE GATES - At War with Reality Melodic Death Metal
AT THE GATES - Slaughter of the Soul Melodic Death Metal
AT THE GATES - Terminal Spirit Disease Melodic Death Metal
ARCH ENEMY - Burning Bridges Melodic Death Metal
INTO ETERNITY - The Scattering of Ashes Progressive Metal
SKYFIRE - Spectral Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Haven Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Damage Done Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Character Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Fiction Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - We Are The Void Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - The Mind's I Melodic Death Metal
AMON AMARTH - With Oden on Our Side Melodic Death Metal
AMON AMARTH - Twilight of the Thunder God Melodic Death Metal
INTO ETERNITY - The Incurable Tragedy Melodic Death Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Construct Melodic Death Metal
AMON AMARTH - Surtur Rising Melodic Death Metal
ARCH ENEMY - Wages of Sin Melodic Death Metal
ARCH ENEMY - Anthems of Rebellion Melodic Death Metal
DEMONIC RESURRECTION - The Return To Darkness Death Metal
OMNIUM GATHERUM - The Redshift Melodic Death Metal
WINTERSUN - Wintersun Power Metal
AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods Melodic Death Metal
MERCENARY - Architect of Lies Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - The Singularity (Phase I: Neohumanity) Melodic Death Metal
MERCENARY - Metamorphosis Melodic Death Metal
AMARANTHE - The Nexus Trance Metal
AMON AMARTH - Jomsviking Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - The Unseen Empire Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - Symmetric In Design Melodic Death Metal
STARKILL - Fires of Life Melodic Death Metal
STARKILL - Virus of the Mind Melodic Death Metal
ARCH ENEMY - Rise of the Tyrant Melodic Death Metal
OMNIUM GATHERUM - Beyond Melodic Death Metal
OMNIUM GATHERUM - New World Shadows Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - Pitch Black Progress Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - Holographic Universe Melodic Death Metal
SCAR SYMMETRY - Dark Matter Dimensions Melodic Death Metal
CHEVELLE - Wonder What's Next Alternative Metal
CHEVELLE - This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) Alternative Metal
SOILWORK - The Living Infinite Melodic Death Metal
IN FLAMES - Colony Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - The Ride Majestic Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - Verkligheten Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - The Panic Broadcast Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - Sworn to a Great Divide Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - Steelbath Suicide Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - The Chainheart Machine Melodic Death Metal
SOILWORK - A Predator's Portrait Melodic Death Metal
AMARANTHE - Massive Addictive Trance Metal
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Atoma Melodic Death Metal
OMNIUM GATHERUM - Grey Heavens Melodic Death Metal
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Nocturnal Melodic Death Metal
ATHEIST - Jupiter Technical Death Metal
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - Oracles Technical Death Metal
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - Agony Brutal Death Metal
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - Labyrinth Technical Death Metal
DEATH - Spiritual Healing Death Metal
DYSCARNATE - Enduring the Massacre Death Metal
DYSCARNATE - And So It Came to Pass Death Metal
DYSCARNATE - With All Their Might Death Metal
MORBID ANGEL - Altars of Madness Death Metal
MORBID ANGEL - Blessed Are the Sick Death Metal
MORBID ANGEL - Covenant Death Metal
MORBID ANGEL - Domination Death Metal
AVATAR - Black Waltz Melodic Death Metal
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Deflorate Melodic Death Metal
STRIKER - Stand in the Fire Speed Metal
FALLUJAH - The Harvest Wombs Technical Death Metal
NIGHTRAGE - Descent Into Chaos Melodic Death Metal
NIGHTRAGE - Sweet Vengeance Melodic Death Metal
REVOCATION - Revocation Technical Thrash Metal
KMFDM - What Do You Know, Deutschland? Metal Related
KMFDM - Don't Blow Your Top Metal Related
KMFDM - UAIOE Industrial Metal
KMFDM - Naïve Industrial Metal
KMFDM - Money Industrial Metal
KMFDM - Angst Industrial Metal
KMFDM - Nihil Industrial Metal
KMFDM - Xtort Industrial Metal
KMFDM - [symbols] Industrial Metal
A SOUND OF THUNDER - Out of the Darkness Heavy Metal
A SOUND OF THUNDER - The Lesser Key of Solomon Heavy Metal
A SOUND OF THUNDER - It Was Metal Heavy Metal
DEATHSTARS - Termination Bliss Industrial Metal
DEATHSTARS - Night Electric Night Industrial Metal
GODFLESH - Streetcleaner Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - The Land of Rape and Honey Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - Psalm 69 Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - Houses of the Molé Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - Rio Grande Blood Industrial Metal
DEATHSTARS - Synthetic Generation Industrial Metal
RED HARVEST - There's Beauty in the Purity of Sadness Industrial Metal
RED HARVEST - Hybreed Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - The Last Sucker Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - Relapse Industrial Metal
MINISTRY - From Beer to Eternity Industrial Metal
GODFLESH - Pure Industrial Metal
GODFLESH - Selfless Industrial Metal
RED HARVEST - Cold Dark Matter Industrial Metal
DEATHSTARS - The Perfect Cult Industrial Metal
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - State of Mind Non-Metal
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - The Initial Command Non-Metal
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Millennium Industrial Metal
RED HARVEST - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi Industrial Metal
RED HARVEST - Internal Punishment Programs Industrial Metal
ELVENKING - Era Folk Metal
ELVENKING - The Pagan Manifesto Folk Metal
ELVENKING - Secrets of the Magick Grimoire Folk Metal
ELVENKING - Red Silent Tides Power Metal
ELVENKING - Two Tragedy Poets (...and a Caravan of Weird Figures) Non-Metal
ELVENKING - The Winter Wake Folk Metal
ELVENKING - Wyrd Folk Metal
ELVENKING - Heathenreel Folk Metal
MANILLA ROAD - The Deluge Heavy Metal
LOVEBITES - Awakening from Abyss Power Metal
HAMMERFALL - No Sacrifice, No Victory Power Metal
ROB ZOMBIE - Hellbilly Deluxe Industrial Metal
POWERWOLF - Lupus Dei Power Metal
POWERWOLF - Bible of the Beast Power Metal
POWERWOLF - Blood Of The Saints Power Metal
POWERWOLF - Preachers Of The Night Power Metal
POWERWOLF - Blessed & Possessed Power Metal
POWERWOLF - The Sacrament of Sin Power Metal
DOPE STARS INC. - :​/​/​Neuromance Metal Related
DOPE STARS INC. - Gigahearts Metal Related
DOPE STARS INC. - 21st Century Slave Metal Related
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Ritual Melodic Death Metal
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Vengeance Power Metal
NIGHTWISH - Wishmaster Power Metal
VADER - Tibi et Igni Death Metal
VADER - The Empire Death Metal
INSOMNIUM - In the Halls of Awaiting Melodic Death Metal
CRUACHAN - Folk-Lore Folk Metal
CRUACHAN - Pagan Folk Metal
АРКОНА - Возрождение Folk Metal
WOLFCHANT - Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands Folk Metal
SLOUGH FEG - The Lord Weird Slough Feg Heavy Metal
SLOUGH FEG - Twilight of the Idols Heavy Metal
SLOUGH FEG - Down Among the Deadmen Heavy Metal
SLOUGH FEG - Traveller Heavy Metal
SLOUGH FEG - Atavism Heavy Metal
SLOUGH FEG - Hardworlder Heavy Metal
ENSIFERUM - Ensiferum Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - Suden uni Folk Metal
ENSIFERUM - Iron Folk Metal
CRUACHAN - The Morrigan's Call Folk Metal
CRUACHAN - Blood for the Blood God Folk Metal
АРКОНА - Лепта Folk Metal
ENSIFERUM - Victory Songs Folk Metal
FALCONER - Falconer Power Metal
FALCONER - Chapters From a Vale Forlorn Power Metal
АРКОНА - Во славу Великим! Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - Verisäkeet Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - V: Hävitetty Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa Folk Metal
WOLFCHANT - A Pagan Storm Folk Metal
WOLFCHANT - Determined Damnation Folk Metal
ENSIFERUM - From Afar Folk Metal
FALCONER - Northwind Power Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Spirit of the Forest Folk Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Voice of Wilderness Folk Metal
FALKENBACH - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri... Viking Metal
АРКОНА - От сердца к небу Folk Metal
WOLFCHANT - Call of the Black Winds Folk Metal
WOLFCHANT - Embraced By Fire Power Metal
ENSIFERUM - Unsung Heroes Folk Metal
FALCONER - Among Beggars and Thieves Power Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Tales Along This Road Folk Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Tervaskanto Folk Metal
АРКОНА - Гой, Роде, гой! Folk Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Korven kuningas Folk Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Karkelo Folk Metal
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Foppt den Dämon! Folk Metal
FALKENBACH - Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Viking Metal
FALKENBACH - Heralding: The Fireblade Viking Metal
ENSIFERUM - One Man Army Folk Metal
FALCONER - Armod Folk Metal
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Bannkreis Folk Metal
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Hochzeit Folk Metal
АРКОНА - Слово Folk Metal
MOONSORROW - Jumalten aika Folk Metal
FALKENBACH - Tiurida Viking Metal
TURISAS - The Varangian Way Folk Metal
TURISAS - Stand Up and Fight Symphonic Metal
АРКОНА - Явь Folk Metal
FALCONER - Black Moon Rising Power Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - The Heretics Melodic Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Theogonia Melodic Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Aealo Melodic Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού Melodic Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Rituals Melodic Black Metal
KORPIKLAANI - Noita Folk Metal
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Herzblut Folk Metal
THE SWORD - Age of Winters Stoner Metal
THE SWORD - Gods of the Earth Stoner Metal
THE SWORD - Warp Riders Stoner Metal
THE SWORD - Apocryphon Stoner Metal
THE SWORD - High Country Hard Rock
THE SWORD - Used Future Stoner Rock
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Come My Fanatics... Stoner Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Electric Wizard Doom Metal
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Black Masses Stoner Metal
BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper Funeral Doom Metal
BELL WITCH - Longing Funeral Doom Metal
BELL WITCH - Four Phantoms Funeral Doom Metal
AHAB - The Call of the Wretched Sea Funeral Doom Metal
AHAB - The Divinity of Oceans Funeral Doom Metal
ESOTERIC - Epistemological Despondency Funeral Doom Metal
ESOTERIC - Metamorphogenesis Funeral Doom Metal
ESOTERIC - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum Funeral Doom Metal
ESOTERIC - The Maniacal Vale Funeral Doom Metal
ESOTERIC - Paragon of Dissonance Funeral Doom Metal
DARKSPACE - Dark Space I Atmospheric Black Metal
DARKSPACE - Dark Space II Atmospheric Black Metal
DARKSPACE - Dark Space III Atmospheric Black Metal
DARKSPACE - Dark Space III I Atmospheric Black Metal
METAL CHURCH - Metal Church US Power Metal
FEN - The Malediction Fields Atmospheric Black Metal
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Two Hunters Atmospheric Black Metal
WODENSTHRONE - Loss Atmospheric Black Metal
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Black Cascade Atmospheric Black Metal
FEN - Epoch Atmospheric Black Metal
FEN - Dustwalker Atmospheric Black Metal
IMMORTAL - Pure Holocaust Black Metal
IMMORTAL - Battles in the North Black Metal
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Celestial Lineage Atmospheric Black Metal
FEN - Carrion Skies Atmospheric Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - The Sea Which Has Become Known Atmospheric Black Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Reaching Into Infinity Power Metal
TOOL - Ænima Alternative Metal
TOOL - Lateralus Progressive Metal
TOOL - 10,000 Days Progressive Metal
HAMMERFALL - Built to Last Power Metal
IMMORTAL - Sons of Northern Darkness Black Metal
IMMORTAL - All Shall Fall Black Metal
IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods Black Metal
IMMORTAL - Blizzard Beasts Black Metal
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Diadem of 12 Stars Atmospheric Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - A Dead Poem Gothic Metal
EMPEROR - In the Nightside Eclipse Symphonic Black Metal
PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA - U.M.A. Atmospheric Black Metal
WODENSTHRONE - Curse Atmospheric Black Metal
DISSECTION - The Somberlain Melodic Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - Phobos Monolith Atmospheric Black Metal
DISSECTION - Storm of the Light's Bane Melodic Black Metal
EMPEROR - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk Symphonic Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - An Extraconscious Lucidity Atmospheric Black Metal
SKELETONWITCH - Breathing the Fire Thrash Metal
SKELETONWITCH - Forever Abomination Thrash Metal
SKELETONWITCH - Serpents Unleashed Thrash Metal
SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light Melodic Black Metal
MELECHESH - Emissaries Melodic Black Metal
BOLT THROWER - The IVth Crusade Death Metal
BOLT THROWER - ...For Victory Death Metal
BOLT THROWER - Mercenary Death Metal
BOLT THROWER - Honour - Valour - Pride Death Metal
IRON SAVIOR - Iron Savior Power Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower Heavy Metal
FEN - Winter Atmospheric Black Metal
CARACH ANGREN - Lammendam Symphonic Black Metal
MELECHESH - As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar Black Metal
ABSU - The Sun of Tiphareth Black Metal
MELECHESH - Djinn Black Metal
SIGH - Hail Horror Hail Avant-garde Metal
MELECHESH - Sphynx Melodic Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - Luminiferous Aether Atmospheric Black Metal
MELECHESH - Enki Melodic Black Metal
MELECHESH - The Epigenesis Melodic Black Metal
SIGH - Scenario IV: Dread Dreams Avant-garde Metal
CAGE - Darker Than Black US Power Metal
ARTIZAN - The Furthest Reaches Heavy Metal
ARTIZAN - Demon Rider Heavy Metal
SIGH - Imaginary Sonicscape Avant-garde Metal
CARACH ANGREN - Where The Corpses Sink Forever Symphonic Black Metal
SIGH - Gallows Gallery Avant-garde Metal
SIGH - Hangman's Hymn: Musikalische Exequien Symphonic Black Metal
SIGH - Scenes from Hell Avant-garde Metal
DARKTHRONE - F.O.A.D. Crust Punk
PENTAGRAM - Pentagram (Relentless) Traditional Doom Metal
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Sorrow of the Angels Doom Metal
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Of Empires Forlorn Doom Metal
ARGUS - Boldly Stride The Doomed Traditional Doom Metal
ARGUS - Beyond the Martyrs Heavy Metal
ARGUS - From Fields of Fire Heavy Metal
CIRITH UNGOL - Frost and Fire Heavy Metal
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus Power Metal
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Never-Ending Power Metal
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Savage Souls Power Metal
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Satanic Curses Power Metal
HELSTAR - Burning Star US Power Metal
REVOCATION - Chaos of Forms Technical Thrash Metal
GRUESOME - Twisted Prayers Death Metal
REVOCATION - Deathless Technical Thrash Metal
INSOMNIUM - Since the Day It All Came Down Melodic Death Metal
OMNIUM GATHERUM - Stuck Here on Snakes Way Melodic Death Metal
INSOMNIUM - Above the Weeping World Melodic Death Metal
INSOMNIUM - Across the Dark Melodic Death Metal
HELSTAR - Multiples of Black Thrash Metal
INSOMNIUM - One For Sorrow Melodic Death Metal
INSOMNIUM - Shadows of the Dying Sun Melodic Death Metal
GIGAN - The Order of the False Eye Technical Death Metal
INSOMNIUM - Winter's Gate Melodic Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - Thelema.6 Death Metal
GIGAN - Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes Technical Death Metal
GIGAN - Multi-Dimensional Fractal-Sorcery and Super Science Technical Death Metal
GIGAN - Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescense Technical Death Metal
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - The Isle Of Hydra US Power Metal
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Crest of the Martyrs US Power Metal
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Netherworlds US Power Metal
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Make It Dark US Power Metal
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - The Curse of Twisted Tower US Power Metal
SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied US Power Metal
SANCTUARY - Into The Mirror Black US Power Metal
PARAGON - Steelbound Power Metal
HAMMERFALL - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Power Metal
RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Power Metal
STORMWITCH - Walpurgis Night Heavy Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Destiny Power Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Infinite Power Metal
STORMWITCH - Tales Of Terror Heavy Metal
STORMWITCH - Stronger Than Heaven Heavy Metal
STORMWITCH - The Beauty And The Beast Heavy Metal
CHASTAIN - Mystery of Illusion US Power Metal
CHASTAIN - Ruler of the Wasteland US Power Metal
CHASTAIN - The 7th of Never US Power Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Elements Part 1 Power Metal
HELSTAR - The King of Hell Thrash Metal
PENTAGRAM - Review Your Choices Traditional Doom Metal
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head Stoner Metal
TROUBLE - Simple Mind Condition Stoner Metal
STORMWITCH - Eye Of The Storm Heavy Metal
SAINT VITUS - Born Too Late Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Into the Depths of Sorrow Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Beyond the Crimson Horizon Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Through the Darkest Hour Traditional Doom Metal
SAINT VITUS - V Traditional Doom Metal
THE GATES OF SLUMBER - The Awakening Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Downfall Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Adagio Traditional Doom Metal
SOLITUDE AETURNUS - Alone Traditional Doom Metal
THE GATES OF SLUMBER - Suffer No Guilt Traditional Doom Metal
THE GATES OF SLUMBER - Conqueror Traditional Doom Metal
REVEREND BIZARRE - In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Doom Metal
REVEREND BIZARRE - II: Crush the Insects Doom Metal
ABSU - The Third Storm of Cythrául Black Metal
OBITUARY - Slowly We Rot Death Metal
OBITUARY - Cause of Death Death Metal
OBITUARY - The End Complete Death Metal
OBITUARY - World Demise Death Metal
OBITUARY - Frozen in Time Death Metal
OBITUARY - Xecutioner's Return Death Metal
SEPTICFLESH - Ophidian Wheel Death Metal
SEPTICFLESH - Revolution DNA Gothic Metal
OBITUARY - Darkest Day Death Metal
OBITUARY - Inked in Blood Death Metal
SUFFOCATION - Pierced From Within Brutal Death Metal
ENFORCER - Diamonds Heavy Metal
ENFORCER - Death By Fire Speed Metal
OBITUARY - Obituary Death Metal
ENTOMBED - Clandestine Death Metal
ENTOMBED - Left Hand Path Death Metal
ENTOMBED - Wolverine Blues Death 'n' Roll
ENTOMBED - Uprising Death 'n' Roll
SUFFOCATION - Souls to Deny Brutal Death Metal
ARMORED SAINT - March of the Saint US Power Metal
PARAGON - Law of the Blade Power Metal
SATAN - Court in the Act NWoBHM
TRAVELER - Traveler Heavy Metal
ENTOMBED - Morning Star Death 'n' Roll
NEONFLY - Strangers in Paradise Power Metal
GALNERYUS - The Flag of Punishment Power Metal
GALNERYUS - Advance to the Fall Power Metal
RIOT - Immortal Soul US Power Metal
RIOT - Armor of Light US Power Metal
GALNERYUS - Reincarnation Power Metal
VISIGOTH - The Revenant King Heavy Metal
VISIGOTH - Conqueror's Oath Heavy Metal
KAYO DOT - Choirs Of The Eye Avant-garde Metal
KAYO DOT - Blue Lambency Downward Non-Metal
KAYO DOT - Coyote Non-Metal
KAYO DOT - Gamma Knife Avant-garde Metal
BLAZE BAYLEY - Silicon Messiah Heavy Metal
GALNERYUS - Resurrection Power Metal
ABSU - Tara Black Metal
IMMOLATION - Unholy Cult Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Majesty and Decay Death Metal
IMMOLATION - Kingdom Of Conspiracy Death Metal
BEHEMOTH - Evangelion Death Metal
ESOTERIC - A Pyrrhic Existence Funeral Doom Metal
PRIMUS - Sailing the Seas of Cheese Funk Metal
CALIGULA'S HORSE - Moments from Ephemeral City Progressive Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Genesis Melodic Black Metal
ROTTING CHRIST - Sanctus Diavolos Melodic Black Metal
HAIL SPIRIT NOIR - Pneuma Black Metal
HAIL SPIRIT NOIR - Oi Magoi Black Metal
HAIL SPIRIT NOIR - Mayhem In Blue Black Metal
BOLT THROWER - Those Once Loyal Death Metal
NOCTURNAL RITES - New World Messiah Power Metal
MORGANA LEFAY - Knowing Just as I Power Metal
YOB - Elaborations of Carbon Stoner Metal
YOB - Catharsis Stoner Metal
WO FAT - Psychedelonaut Stoner Rock
CANDLEMASS - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Nightfall Traditional Doom Metal
BLOOD CEREMONY - Blood Ceremony Heavy Psych
BLOOD CEREMONY - Living With the Ancients Traditional Doom Metal
THE SPACELORDS - The Spacelords Stoner Rock
THE SPACELORDS - Dimension 7 Stoner Rock
BLACK RAINBOWS - Twilight in the Desert Stoner Rock
BLACK RAINBOWS - Carmina Diabolo Stoner Rock
PENTAGRAM - Last Rites Traditional Doom Metal
LORD MANTIS - Pervertor Sludge Metal
LORD MANTIS - Spawning The Nephilim Sludge Metal
BARONESS - Red Album Sludge Metal
WOLVHAMMER - Black Marketeers Of World War III Sludge Metal
WOLVHAMMER - The Obsidian Plains Sludge Metal
CULT OF LUNA - Salvation Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE OCEAN - Heliocentric Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE OCEAN - Precambrian Atmospheric Sludge Metal
MISTRESS - Mistress Sludge Metal
EARTH - Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version Drone Metal
EARTH - Phase III: Thrones And Dominions Drone Metal
EARTH - Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons Stoner Rock
CANDLEMASS - Ancient Dreams Traditional Doom Metal
REVELATION - ...Yet So Far Doom Metal
SAINT VITUS - Die Healing Traditional Doom Metal
SAINT VITUS - Lillie: F-65 Traditional Doom Metal
SLEEP - Sleep's Holy Mountain Stoner Metal
SLEEP - Volume One Doom Metal
CLUTCH - Pure Rock Fury Stoner Rock
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - Deliverance Stoner Metal
MUSTASCH - Above All Hard Rock
THE GATES OF SLUMBER - Hymns of Blood and Thunder Traditional Doom Metal
GRAND MAGUS - Monument Doom Metal
GRAND MAGUS - Grand Magus Stoner Metal
INTRONAUT - Valley Of Smoke Atmospheric Sludge Metal
INTRONAUT - Prehistoricisms Atmospheric Sludge Metal
INTRONAUT - Void Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BARONESS - Blue Record Sludge Metal
BARONESS - Yellow & Green Heavy Psych
MASTODON - Remission Sludge Metal
MASTODON - Leviathan Sludge Metal
MASTODON - Blood Mountain Sludge Metal
LORD MANTIS - Death Mask Sludge Metal
CULT OF LUNA - Somewhere Along The Highway Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE OCEAN - Anthropocentric Atmospheric Sludge Metal
THE OCEAN - Pelagial Atmospheric Sludge Metal
ISIS - Oceanic Atmospheric Sludge Metal
ISIS - Panopticon Atmospheric Sludge Metal
PELICAN - Australasia Atmospheric Sludge Metal
PELICAN - The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw Atmospheric Sludge Metal
PELICAN - City Of Echoes Metal Related
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR - Carnage Sludge Metal
EARTH - HEX: Or Printing In The Infernal Method Non-Metal
NOVEMBERS DOOM - The Knowing Death-Doom Metal
NOVEMBERS DOOM - The Pale Haunt Departure Death-Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Tales of Creation Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Chapter VI Traditional Doom Metal
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Vast Oceans Lachrymose Heavy Metal
BLOOD CEREMONY - The Eldritch Dark Heavy Psych
BLOOD CEREMONY - Lord Of Misrule Heavy Psych
ORANGE GOBLIN - Frequencies From Planet Ten Stoner Metal
ORANGE GOBLIN - Time Travelling Blues Stoner Metal
CLUTCH - Robot Hive / Exodus Stoner Rock
MUSTASCH - Powerhouse Hard Rock
THE SPACELORDS - Synapse Stoner Rock
BLACK RAINBOWS - Supermothafuzzalicious!! Stoner Rock
BLACK RAINBOWS - Hawkdope Heavy Psych
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - Wiseblood Stoner Metal
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - America's Volume Dealer Stoner Metal
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - In the Arms of God Stoner Metal
THE OBSESSED - The Church Within Traditional Doom Metal
THE OBSESSED - Lunar Womb Traditional Doom Metal
THE OBSESSED - The Obsessed Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Candlemass Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - King of the Grey Islands Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Death Magic Doom Traditional Doom Metal
CANDLEMASS - Psalms for the Dead Doom Metal
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Fear of Infinity Doom Metal
WITCHCRAFT - Legend Hard Rock
PAGAN ALTAR - Volume 1 Traditional Doom Metal
GRAND MAGUS - Wolf's Return Heavy Metal
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - No Cross No Crown Stoner Metal
ORANGE GOBLIN - The Big Black Stoner Metal
ELDER - Lore Stoner Rock
ELDER - Dead Roots Stirring Stoner Metal
HIGH ON FIRE - Snakes for the Divine Stoner Metal
HIGH ON FIRE - Death Is This Communion Stoner Metal
HIGH ON FIRE - De Vermis Mysteriis Stoner Metal
NEUROSIS - Given To The Rising Atmospheric Sludge Metal
NEUROSIS - Honor Found In Decay Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BARONESS - Purple Stoner Metal
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR - The Ultimate Destroyer Sludge Metal
PELICAN - What We All Come To Need Atmospheric Sludge Metal
DREAM THEATER - Images and Words Progressive Metal
DREAM THEATER - Awake Progressive Metal
FATES WARNING - No Exit Progressive Metal
RAGE - The Missing Link Power Metal
MORGANA LEFAY - The Secret Doctrine Power Metal
RAGE - Black in Mind Power Metal
MORGANA LEFAY - Sanctified Power Metal
GRAVE DIGGER - The Reaper Power Metal
GRAVE DIGGER - Heart of Darkness Power Metal
GRAVE DIGGER - Tunes of War Power Metal
GRAVE DIGGER - Knights of the Cross Power Metal
ACCEPT - Breaker Heavy Metal
ACCEPT - Restless and Wild Heavy Metal
ACCEPT - Balls to the Wall Heavy Metal
ACCEPT - Metal Heart Heavy Metal
RAINBOW - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Hard Rock
RAINBOW - Rising Heavy Metal
URIAH HEEP - Salisbury Hard Rock
URIAH HEEP - Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble Hard Rock
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Tyranny And Mutation Hard Rock
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Blue Öyster Cult Hard Rock
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Secret Treaties Hard Rock
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Agents Of Fortune Hard Rock
MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa Heavy Metal
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Spectres Hard Rock
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Mirrors Hard Rock
MANOWAR - Battle Hymns Heavy Metal
MANOWAR - Into Glory Ride US Power Metal
MANOWAR - Hail to England US Power Metal
MANOWAR - Sign of the Hammer US Power Metal
MANOWAR - Kings of Metal US Power Metal
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - The God-Shaped Void Progressive Metal
AMEBIX - Arise! Crust Punk
GRAVE DIGGER - Excalibur Power Metal
U.D.O. - Animal House Heavy Metal
U.D.O. - Mean Machine Heavy Metal
U.D.O. - Faceless World