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Wormrot is a grindcore act from Singapore formed in 2007. The band released their debut full-length studio album "Abuse" in 2009. "Dirge" followed in 2011. The band has also featured on numerous split releases.

Wormrot split in 2012, but reformed in 2013.
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WORMROT Abuse album cover 3.81 | 4 ratings
Grindcore 2009
WORMROT Dirge album cover 3.34 | 3 ratings
Grindcore 2011
WORMROT Voices album cover 5.00 | 1 ratings
Grindcore 2016

WORMROT EPs & splits

WORMROT Dead album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Grindcore 2007
WORMROT Bastardphobic EP album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Bastardphobic EP
Grindcore 2008
WORMROT Split Tape 2008 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Split Tape 2008
Grindcore 2008
WORMROT Wormrot / I Abhor album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Wormrot / I Abhor
Grindcore 2010
WORMROT Noise album cover 3.00 | 4 ratings
Grindcore 2011
WORMROT Food for the Revolution #1 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Food for the Revolution #1
Grindcore 2011
WORMROT Thrashcore Ball VI album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Thrashcore Ball VI
Grindcore 2012

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WORMROT Demo/Promo 2007 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Demo/Promo 2007
Grindcore 2007
WORMROT Decibel Flexi Series album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Decibel Flexi Series
Grindcore 2011

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Album · 2009 · Grindcore
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siLLy puPPy
When you think of Singapore, if you think of it at all (assuming you don’t live there!), you usually associate the balmy equatorial tiny city state as a lush green metropolis famous for its flower gardens and ethnic fusion of all things Asian. Extreme metal is certainly not what comes to mind but perhaps that cool song by Tom Waits does! Throw all those preconceptions out the window. WORMROT changed it all! Not only has this grindcore band put this tiny nation on the map in the world of extreme metal but this band has consistently delivered some of the highest quality examples of this caustic by taking the most hardcore sounds of early Napalm Death and creating a frenetic fury usually reserved for the techiest death metal bands.

Although this band started by five members in 2007, it would take a few demos, EPs and splits to get warmed up for the debut album ABUSE that erupted in 2009 from the city state on the tip of the Malay Peninsula. WORMROT has been terrorizing the uninitiated ever since which proves not to be too difficult thing to achieve in an area of the world that is more enamored with K-pop than the likes of Pig Destroyer. After several founding members jumped ship before this debut, ABUSE features only three members: vocalist Arif, guitarist Rasyid and drummer Fitri but together this power trio creates enough ruckus to wake the dead. WORMROT means business. Seriously.

On the surface WORMROT comes off as just another grindcore band that holds tight to the status quo. You know, frenetically sped up caustic guitar riffs, insane screamed / shouted vocals and percussive pummelation from hell all mixed up with nasty and vicious and often hilarious themes. While not exactly reinventing the wheel, WORMROT nonetheless mastered this demanding metal subgenre with apparent ease and takes the style to uncomfortable extremes. The star of this noisy show is clearly Arif whose vocal range was tailor made for this incessantly heavy musical madness. Between his high pitched screams, emphatic shouts and deathened guttural growls, his graceful transitions between the styles is a testament to the vitality that he carries within. Likewise guitarist Rasyid delivers a non-stop barrage of highly caustic distorted riff assaults that pop off like an AK-47.

Taking the music maturity to the next level would not be possible without the technically infused drumming wizardry of Fitri. While never deviating from the balanced musical flow of the instrumental interplay, this dude punishes his drum set to wickedly wild that he seamlessly delivers an incessant attack while throwing in sophisticated fills that bedazzle the imagination. The culmination of this trio (minus a bass sound but that’s not apparent) is sheer grindcore perfection at least in the delivery system. As i’ve already stated, originality isn’t the name of the game here. There are no weird extra sound flavors like on Pig Destroyer album nor are there deviations from the roller coaster ride of punk infused energy that only misses the 22 minute mark but fueled with high octane freneticism that is unrelenting in its rampage.

In the end, i doubt many grindcore fans are looking for art rock and just want to rock the fucking house with blastbeats, guitar rage and solidly squealed vocals that run the gamut of insane delivers. In that department WORMROT nails it with its exemplary delivery of grindcore splendor. This is a rare case where a band from a primarily non-metal part of the world has done its homework and exceeded its mentors in stamina and determination. This is what modern extreme metal is all about. Incessant energetic performances that are of Olympic athlete perfection. If ever there was a band that would make the perfect mascot for its home on Earache Records, no better candidate than WORMROT comes to mind because it’s not only those wriggling creatures that live in the dirt that will meet their demise. This will cause your brain to decay and force you to like it while it usurps your freewill. Nice job~!


Album · 2016 · Grindcore
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Vim Fuego
The cover of this album is quite striking. It is a shattered line drawing of a mentally shattered face, and is an apt representation of the music contained within.

Wormrot has always dealt in stripped back, no nonsense grindcore, and that is exactly what “Voices” delivers. Twenty songs, 26 minutes, it is an incredibly intense mindfuck. “Voices” will seem like white noise to many metal fans. Thanks for listening, but this is not for you. This one is for the grinders, the noise freaks, the explorers of sounds at the extreme edge of music. And for devotees of the extreme, it doesn’t get much better than this. The sound is clear and sharp, or at least as sharp as it is supposed to be. Being signed to Earache means the band has a recording budget and access to a decent studio. The distortion and filth is all meant to be there, and isn’t the result of recording in a garage with a wobbly old tape on an ancient Walkman.

And so, riff after meaty riff comes blasting out of the speakers, backed by frenetic, pinpoint accurate drumming, along with throat shredding, hyper-intense shriek/growl vocals.

Yes, there are songs here, and lyrics, obviously, but does it really matter? “Voices” is short, and should be listened to in one sitting. Music as violent and fierce as this is to be actively absorbed, not passively listened to.


EP · 2011 · Grindcore
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"Noise" is a digital EP release by Singapore based grindcore act Wormrot. The EP was released for free through Scion A/V in September 2011. We´re talking a five track, 5:11 minutes long release, so if you´re not already familiar with the band´s music, this is a fast way of getting aquainted.

The music on "Noise" is aggressive crusty grindcore with occassional deeper growling brutal death metal leanings. The musicianship is excellent. We´re talking furiously fast-paced precision playing. Blastbeats but also D-beats and more rythmically challenging parts. The vocals vary between high pitched hardcore screaming and brutal growling and the combination works really well. The well sounding production where all instruments and vocals are audible, brings out the best in the music.

Considering the limitations of grindcore and the fact that this is a very short release, "Noise" features quite a few stylistic changes and successfully display what a great band Wormrot is. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is fully deserved.


EP · 2011 · Grindcore
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Released the same year as their full-length album Dirge, Singaporean act Wormrot have also released a short, five-minute EP in the form of Noise. A "noisy" effort indeed, this short blast of grindcore is over before you even know what hit you, and the relentless blast beats and muddy guitar riffs make this a prime example of grindcore in its rawest form. I wouldn't label Noise as a particularly noteworthy release - it's far too short to leave a lasting impression on the listener and the music itself isn't anything particularly new - but it's another solid effort from Wormrot for sure. People who enjoyed Dirge should surely take advantage of this EP's free availability.

The music here is exactly what we've heard from Wormrot on Dirge. Expect angst-ridden, pissed-off, and just plain brutal grindcore with frequent hardcore tendencies. Frantic drumming, eclectic harsh vocal styles, and filthy guitar riffs make up this short EP, and Wormrot doesn't ever allow the listener to catch their breath. When I say that this EP is "like a punch in the face", I say that with complete seriousness - Noise is an extremely fast-paced and heavy adventure that isn't for anyone even remotely faint of heart. The raw, extremely unpolished production makes this EP even filthier, and I think it suits the music perfectly.

Noise may not be a revolutionary statement for the grindcore genre, but it's a decent EP that fans of Wormrot will definitely want to check out. I really wish that there were an additional ten minutes or so on this EP; at this current five-minute length it doesn't have nearly enough time to become a memorable experience. Especially when the music is this fast-paced, five minutes just doesn't give me enough of an adrenaline rush to make this EP particularly noteworthy. All things considered, 2.5 stars seems like a fair score for Noise. It is available for free download, though, so fans and skeptics alike should check it out - after all, one listen will only take up five minutes of your life.


Album · 2011 · Grindcore
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Wormrot are Singapore's most well-known grindcore act, and their music has been raping people's ears since their formation back in 2007. Dirge, the band's most recent effort for prestigious metal label Earache Records, is an album that will completely annihilate your ears with fast blastbeats, thick riffs, and frantic vocals. This isn't an album for the faint of heart, but anyone searching for music so inaccessible that it initially seems like just a massive wall of "noise" will definitely want to check out Dirge. What the album lacks in originality it makes up for with sheer energy, and Wormrot should not go unnoticed by grindcore fans.

Dirge sounds like it came straight from the garage of angry teenagers - the album's hardcore punk attitude and relentless grindcore atmosphere make this album absolutely just reek with anger and frustration. Song titles like "No One Gives a Shit", "Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass", and "You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem" (I love the Napalm Death reference there) confirm this statement even more definitely. This album isn't easy listening by any stretch, and instead is 18 minutes (yes, you read that correctly) of some of the most brutal grindcore/hardcore punk on the planet. Stretched out over the course of 25 songs, ranging from 4 seconds to around a minute-and-a-half, none of the tracks here are substantially more than short bursts of anger. The music does lack a bit of variation, but for such a short playing time, it never becomes problematic. This isn't the type of music that is meant to be analytically listened to while sitting - this is meant to be experienced live, with mosh pits and the entire ordeal. I can only imagine what a Wormrot concert would be like! The raw, unpolished production further emphasizes Dirge's energetic atmosphere.

All in all, Dirge is a fairly impressive effort from Wormrot with enough adrenaline to shock even the biggest grindcore fans! I can't say that the band is terribly original, and they could still benefit from stronger compositions, but this still currently stands as a very strong effort. Anyone who likes their grindcore with a heavy dose of hardcore punk should find plenty to love here! Wormrot still have some room for improvement, but Dirge is still a very solid effort. 3 stars are deserved here.

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