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Vampillia comes from Osaka, Japan. A crew of 11 crazy musicians and performers to form what they call a “Brutal Orchestra”. Completely isolated from current music industry and being burdened with both love and hate, they have been defined like “BOREDOMS holding weapons of melody” or “ARCADE FIRE hardcore version”. The Collective consist of 3 singers: the screaming frontman “Psychic Yamanashi”, a Death voice and kind of a Mysterious Opera voice from “Velladon”; They are backed by 3 strings; one Punk, another Classic, and a Progressive one... add a piano, two guitars, bass and a DJ/broadcaster... Drums are handled by Chikada and support drum is Tatsuya Yoshida from Ruins... finally There’s Toyohito Yoshida from BOREDOMS as a “guardian god”. Since the very beginning of their activity, Vampillia created a unique and bizarre sound, mixing so many different kind of music and influences into the same song that it is almost read more...
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Alchemic HeartAlchemic Heart
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Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow DarknessSome Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow Darkness
Imports 2014
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Some Nightmares Take You AuroraSome Nightmares Take You Aurora
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hefner trombones volhefner trombones vol
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Alchemic HeartAlchemic Heart
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Vampillia - My Beautiful Twisted Nightmares In Aurora Rainbow [Japan CD] VBR-18Vampillia - My Beautiful Twisted Nightmares In Aurora Rainbow [Japan CD] VBR-18
Indies Japan
Audio CD$28.68
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Vampillia - The Divine Move [Japan CD] VBR-19Vampillia - The Divine Move [Japan CD] VBR-19
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Alchemic Heart
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Rule The World/Deathtiny Land
Avant-garde Metal 2011

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VAMPILLIA Rule The World/Deathtiny Land

EP · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
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Vampillia is an interesting band, and Rule The World/Deathtiny Land is certainly an interesting observation. As one of the few metal bands from Japan, Vampillia explores a style of avant-garde metal that has remained previously untouched. This one is only recommended to those who crave the weird, adventurous, and extremely challenging side of music. The majority of Rule The World/Deathtiny Land is hardly even a metal release, but instead explores the most extreme variants of classical and avant-garde music, making for an exceptionally challenging and intriguing listen. Rule The World/Deathtiny Land certainly isn't for everyone, but for anyone craving something a little bit (or a hell of a lot) different from what they're used to, this effort from Vampillia is worth checking out.

The music played here is honestly unlike anything I've ever heard. Melancholic and beautiful piano/violin pieces are present throughout the album, but in the blink of an eye a chaotic storm of avant-garde madness with noisy drums, operatic vocals, and dense orchestral soundscapes will penetrate your ears. I've heard Vampillia compared to Unexpect a few times, and although that's the closest comparison I can think of, Vampillia is generally even more experimental and unconventional than those avant-metal veterans. Rule The World/Deathtiny Land is a concept release of sorts, and there are a few recurring themes and reprises that make the release feel more like a cohesive single composition than a collection of songs. Despite the eclecticism and "seemingly" random musical influences, Rule The World/Deathtiny Land reveals itself as a consistent release after multiple spins. Don't go into this EP expecting "love at first sight" - this one is a grower for sure. After my first listen I really only enjoyed the classical piano/violin tracks, but I certainly have warmed up to the avant-metal sections and consider them an essential part of this observation. I feel like I'm always on my toes waiting for dissonance and chaos to enter during any of the more melancholic sections of the EP. And if those crazy avant-metal sections don't enter, the soft songs are pure bliss!

Production-wise, Rule The World/Deathtiny Land is a bit unique. The sound here is a bit lo-fi (especially during the heavier sections with drums and guitars) without ever sounding weak. Softer sections always sound crystal-clear, and the more chaotic portions of the album are enhanced further by the rather unpolished production. I applaud the original approach taken here behind the soundboard.

Rule The World/Deathtiny Land wasn't an easy first acquaintance, but it's revealed itself as a terrific avant-metal effort from Vampillia. I feel like this EP always keeps me on my toes, and that's exactly what a good avant-garde release should do. I'd only recommend this to people looking for an adventurous listen - and for this audience, this can easily be considered an essential purchase. A love for classical music, avant-garde, and extreme metal will be required to enjoy this release, and even then it's not guaranteed. All I know is that this is an extremely high-quality product that I'd recommend in a heartbeat. 4 stars are well-deserved for this terrific EP.

VAMPILLIA Rule The World/Deathtiny Land

EP · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
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Often when bands deliberately try to be avant-garde, weird, posing in oh so crazy masks in promo pictures, I have zero interest to look into the band. This was also the case with Vampillia’s recent EP, Rule the World / Deathtiny Land, but fortunately I eventually checked it out in spite of all reservations, because it turned out to be quite a beautiful journey through various (and mixed) emotions.

Most importantly, it’s the orchestral parts of the EP that truly stand out, being really intricate and well executed pieces. An easy example could be the classical ”One Day I Thought the World...” and ”Made My Mind to Dominate...” followed by the climatic post-rock ”Day of Departure...” that also incorporates the first signs of metal. But the metal is always in minor role, the soundscape being dominated by orchestral string instruments, clean female singing and some male grunting. The songs are really brief, some lasting mere fifteen seconds, ”Switch and Bomb / Melody Tinborn” running for only four seconds. This all reminds me of Diabolical Masquerade’s Death’s Design combined with Fantômas. Then there’s the rhythmic ”A Deceptive Attack...” that jams like a track from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s some solo album.

A lot of ideas have been packed into this short 25-minute whole, making Rule the World / Deathtiny Land seem first really incoherent, passing from an ear to another, hence multiple listens are required for proper comprehension. The EP might not be entirely mindblowing but definitely a worthwile effort crafted with care and vision, also the rather low fidelity sound fits the flowing atmosphere of the record: the last thing this would need is a mood-killing sterile production. No explanations needed, this will most likely appeal to fans of a heavy avant-garde touch in their metal.

VAMPILLIA Rule The World/Deathtiny Land

EP · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
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"Rule The World/Deathtiny Land" is an EP release by Japanese avant garde metal act Vampillia. The album was released in April 2011 by code666.

The band´s sound is promoted with a desciption that says "Brutal Orchestra" and while the brutal part is only partially true, the orchestra part of the description is valid enough. There are loads of classical piano and violin parts on the album mixed with death, black, punk and all sorts of other odd styles. The fact that the lyrics tell two different stories at the same time further adds to the avant garde/ adventurous element on the album. It´s a rather weird idea and the soundscape can be quite confusing at times with both operatic female vocals, male death grunts and various other extreme vocal styles singing at the same time. If I had to mention a reference it would be Unexpect, but Vampillia are generally much more chaotic and filthy. The filthy elements is in large part due to the organic and at times almost lo-fi sound quality.

While "Rule The World/Deathtiny Land" is only considered an EP there are 24 tracks on this release. All tracks seque into each other to make the whole EP sound more or less like one long track. There are several reoccuring themes that binds the whole experience together though and for such a chaotic/ adventurous release, the EP is actually rather consistent both compositionally and quality wise.

"Rule The World/Deathtiny Land" is an oddball release and I´m sure it´s very much an aquired taste. Personally I wasn´t completely blown away upon my initial listen, but after several spins I´ve begun to appreciate the band´s vision and I´ve come to enjoy "Rule The World/Deathtiny Land" quite a lot. A 3.5 - 4 star rating is deserved for this adventurous release.

VAMPILLIA Rule The World/Deathtiny Land

EP · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
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Rule The World/Deathtiny Land is a 2011 EP by Japanese Avant-Garde Metal group Vampillia. The style of the band is being promoted as ‘brutal orchestra’ and while that may be seen as something of a misnomer by some, it’s actually a pretty accurate description for this EP, which contains 24 tracks but at times it feels like one big song. Or it might be two, there’s a reason for the slash in the title, the EP has two titles and so does every track on it, and there are two concept stories being told within in at the same time, each representing the opposite of the other. Confused yet? Well this is the avant-garde - expect weirdness in abundance.

To build upon the style of the EP, the brutal orchestra term fits because there’s a very prominent classical aspect to the EP, in fact you’ll be several tracks in before anything remotely metal starts creeping in. When it does come the classical sound remains in the mix, but is overall dominated by some really weird sounds, which is actually added to by the bands use of different vocals styles, including operatic female vocals and growls to name just a couple. There trouble is there’s so much going on (I believe the band features ten or maybe eleven musicians), it’s a difficult release to really take note of individual talent, but there’s definitely a spark here that makes it really work when it all comes together to form the overall sound.

This release is really right up there on the weirdness scale, so naturally it isn’t an easy listen. Those looking for cheap or casual thrills aren’t going to find them here, but those with the more patient ear should find it rewarding. Despite the dominant weird aspect to Vampillia’s music there’s a genuinely very high factor for enjoyment to be had in Rule the World/Deathtiny Land because of it. Because you never know what is coming, it doesn’t get boring or predictable and I suspect that the band’s music will be well met by the avant-garde crowd. So if you like your music to be as weird as possible I highly recommend you check out Vampillia.

(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven)

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