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Soulitude is a one man project, created in 2004 by Spanish musician Jevo. He has enlisted various guests to help him out with each album so far. Soulitude albums feature a brand of aggressive power metal, with thrash riffs, progressive arrangements, and occasional electronic elements and even symphonic elements on the third album. Lyrically, all Soulitude albums have Sci-Fi themes.

Jevo released the first Soulitude album in 2006, titled The Crawlian Supremacy, which was followed in 2008 by Destroy All Humans. While setting the foundation for the overall sound, these albums were a bit less thrashy and more melodic compared to later releases. The third album, titled Wonderfool World, was released in 2010 and is by far the heaviest Soulitude album to date, and also features an increased use of electronic elements. In 2012, the fourth and most recent album was released, titled Requiem for a Dead Planet.
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SOULITUDE The Crawlian Supremacy album cover 4.04 | 3 ratings
The Crawlian Supremacy
Power Metal 2006
SOULITUDE Destroy All Humans album cover 4.46 | 3 ratings
Destroy All Humans
Power Metal 2008
SOULITUDE Wonderfool World album cover 4.00 | 3 ratings
Wonderfool World
Power Metal 2010
SOULITUDE Requiem for a Dead Planet album cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Requiem for a Dead Planet
Power Metal 2012
SOULITUDE The Last Warning album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
The Last Warning
Power Metal 2016
SOULITUDE Remains album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Power Metal 2018

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Athletic XXI
Power Metal 2007

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SOULITUDE Wonderfool World

Album · 2010 · Power Metal
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Time Signature
Retarded nation...

Genre: power metal

"Wonderfool World" is the third full-length album from power metal power house Jevo's project Soulitude - a sci-fi themed power metal act.

As with the two previous albums, we are dealing with the heavier type of power metal, and Soulitude can be likened to Nevermore, Rawhead Rexx, Anubis Gate and Harrow in that respect. There are your typical power metal riff types, but these are combined with thrash metal style and classic metal style riffage, and there are even some melodic death metal influences on this album. And there are plenty of melodic and catchy choruses for the power metal-heads out there.

On the previous album "Destroy All Humans", Soulitude experimented with keyboards and other electronics, and at time even brought in effects that otherwise belong to the universe of Euro-dance so-called music. It worked really well on "Destroy All Humans", and Soulitude retain these elements on this album (the intro track "Into the Void" could trick one into thinking that one had purchased the next Lady Gaga album), and they also work wonderfully well here. I guess Soulitude has liberated them from the grasp of the evil slimy monster called techno dance music and set them free on the pastures green in the paradise of metal.

There is also an interesting metal version of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" - delivered in a thick, but charming, Spanish accent.

Recommended to fans of power metal.

SOULITUDE Destroy All Humans

Album · 2008 · Power Metal
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Time Signature
Alien messiah...

Genre: power metal

On the second Soulitude album, "Destroy All Humans", multi-instrumentalist Jevo continues his sci-fi power metal journey to distant galaxies and beyond.

As with "The Crawlian Supremacy", "Destroy All Humans" offers power metal from the heavier end of the power metal spectrum, where we also find Nevermore, Harrow, Rawhead Rexx and the like. There are catchy choruses aplenty and melodic guitar hook lines as well as solid riffage (also drawing on thrash metal and classic metal) and impressive guitar solos. And, as far as I understand, there are live drums on this album, which certainly is a plus.

The keyboards and electronics are more prominent on this album, and, at times, Soulitude even uses sounds associated with Euro-dance so-called music - just check out "Turn Me Off" which, when it starts, could trick you into thinking that you're going to hear a techno-dance track from the late 90s. But, it actually works incredibly well, and this album shows that there is actually nothing inherently wrong with the sounds normally used in Euro-dance, because when used in Soulitude's power metal, they sound friggin' awesome (I guess this also shows that, if it's not the sounds used in Euro-dance that there's something wrong with, then it must be the Euro-dance so-called music itself that there must be something wrong with).

The vocals are marked by a think Spanish accent, but that's not really a problem; metal is global afte rall!

Recommended to power metal fans!

SOULITUDE The Crawlian Supremacy

Album · 2006 · Power Metal
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Time Signature
Metal of the universe...

Genre: power metal

Soulitude is a Spanish power metal projects evolving around guitarist Jevo.

Power metal, you say, oh no, not another friggin' cheesefest! It's true that power metal tends to get cheesy, but not Soulitude, my friend. On this album "The Crawlian Supremecy", the music is actually quite heavy most of the time, and Soulitude certainly belongs to the same end of the power metal spectrum as Nevermore.

There are plenty of thrashy parts on this album and also a lot of riffage of a more classic metal type in addition to the more typical power metal guitar riffs. Although there are keyboards and other electronic effects, it never takes the emphasis away from the guitars, the riffs, the twin leads, the solos and so on. There are also plenty of catchy choruses, as is typical of power metal.

And, the fast that the lyrics are about alien invasions and similar sci-fi themes just makes this album all the more cool.

Oh, and there's a surprise for Star Wars fans in "March of the Crawlians" (I'm sure most people will have figured it out by now). And for the Accept fans out there, Soulitude offers a cover version of "Fast as a Shark", sung in a thick Spanish accent (it's just charming, innit?).

While this is a great album, I think, there is one problem: the drums are programmed, and I think that a real live drummer would have contributed with a more dynamic feel to the album. I hope that Jevo will at some point hire a real drummer to record the drum tracks on the Soulitude albums and re-release them.

But, in all, "The Crawlian Supremacy" is actually a really good power metal album. Recommended to fans of power metal.

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