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Sensual Noise ( made its first steps during the summer of 2004. Four good friends started making music together and soon the first concerts followed. Since 2006 we started playing more experimental and slower music and in 2007 David joined us as a 2nd bass player.

From that moment we played around 50 shows, among them at an abandoned stone factory, on the beach and at the lappersfort forest occupation. We did a 3-day mini-tour with Corova (ger) through Belgium and the Netherlands and we shared stages with bands such as Kylesa, Rosetta, Amen Ra, Bossk, Tephra, Overmars, Jakuzi’s Attempt, Alpinist, .Maudlin, Do androids dream of electric sheep?, …

As a band we stand for evolution and movement, we make music that we don’t experience as being played a thousand times before and will continue to be an eclectic collection of a variation of influences.

The band name itself is more
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.. Album Cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Chasing Swans
Sludge Metal 2010


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Psychedelig Bugtown
Sludge Metal 2008
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Après le déluge
Sludge Metal 2009

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Album · 2010 · Sludge Metal
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Prog Geo
Another great obscure european post metal album and band!This time I say it for the belgian post metal band Sensual noise.I had a good feeling before I listened to this album.And I was right!They have written good compositions.An album with good riffs,rhythms,ambiences and vocals.Mostly I like the screams.I don't like so much the clean vocals here because are very typical and they're not so clean.Generally this album is a little bit typical of the genre again.There's a little focus on drum rhythms and I like that.I mean that the production has focused on the drum sound(but it's a superb production in general).

I like the beach with the cloudy weather on the artwork.The melancholic and the filled with misery compositions describe it well.

The key songs of the album are Step into motion(00:01-00:55(great moment)),Red pelican black cat(nice title and 00:01-00:58(fantastic moment too)and Battle of the ants(the drum introduction is good and then when the nostalgic riff's turn comes(this riff can make you cry).

A must-album for the post metallers!These belgians prove that european post metal lives.

My grade:8/10


Album · 2010 · Sludge Metal
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Chasing Swans is the debut full-length studio album by Belgian post metal act Sensual Noise. The album was released in 2010. There are 5 tracks on the 30:28 minute long album, so this is not the longest album release you´ll ever find, but personally I don´t mind. I prefer quality over quantity any day.

The music on the album is post metal with what I would call atmospheric post rock parts. Isis could be a valid reference and I hear a bit of early Mogwai in the more mellow parts of the album too. The music is mostly instrumental but there are vocal parts too. The vocals are for the most part really aggressive but there are cleaner sung vocal parts too. What characterizes the music on the album is that there´s a deliberate and refreshing disregard of conventional structure. As such nothing new when we´re talking post metal but this is something that really speaks to me. The songs develop nicely and there´s a good dynamic in the songs between the loud and heavy aggressive parts and the more subtle and mellow parts.

The sound is raw yet very enjoyable. I like the fact that this sounds a bit like it´s recorded live in the studio ( banging the drumsticks together counting into the song Red Pelican Black Cat further enhances this image in my mind). These are real live musicians playing and fortunately it´s audible. There are no triggered drums here or unneccessary polish. Just five guys playing atmospheric post metal with an authentic raw sound. That´s not to say this is a lo-fi production, because that´s certainly not the case.

Chasing Swans is an album full of innovative and creative ideas and while that doesn´t always equal being original, it´s still something that get most acts far. Fans of atmospheric post metal should love this one. A 3.5 - 4 star rating is deserved.

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