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Nachtlieder is a Swedish one-woman black metal act. The musician behind the project is Dagny Susanne, formerly bassist of the death/black/thrash metal act Wicked.

Nachtlieder released its self-titled debut album in 2013. A second album, The Female of the Species, followed in 2015.

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NACHTLIEDER Nachtlieder album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Black Metal 2013
NACHTLIEDER The Female of the Species album cover 4.50 | 3 ratings
The Female of the Species
Black Metal 2015
NACHTLIEDER Lynx album cover 4.88 | 4 ratings
Black Metal 2018


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Demo I
Black Metal 2009
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Demo II
Black Metal 2009
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Black Metal 2010

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Album · 2018 · Black Metal
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Back in 2016 I discovered the Swedish female solo black metal artist Nachtlieder through her second album The Female of the Species. I was a bit late to the party at that point, as the album has actually been released the late in the year before, but The Female of the Species is one album that I count among my very best discoveries of 2016. The project of one Dagny Susanne, who does vocals and plays all instruments on her albums bar drums, which are handled by session member Martrum (both previously played together in black/death/thrash metal act Wicked), The Female of the Species was actually something of a sleeper hit with me. When I first heard it I couldn't say with honesty that what I was hearing was the most original take on a black metal sound – it's pretty much impossible to use the terms 'original' and 'straight up black metal' in the same sentence these days though – but it was clear right from the off that Nachtlieder had crafted a decent sound within the genre and that the album really packed a punch. When I reviewed the album, I didn't hesitate to award it a firm four stars.

Something happened then that I wasn't expecting. You see, there are a lot of albums like The Female of the Species that I'd give four stars too for being very solid examples of their genre even if they didn't really bring anything new to the table. For me, there is always room for a good honest example of music that is true to its style's roots and doesn't feel the need to dress it up with fancy frills from outside influences, which in today's black metal scene, often means post-rock or shoegaze elements. That doesn't mean I necessarily want to keep going back to one of them in particular over and over again. Only this time, with The Female of the Species, that's exactly what happened. It turns out that the album was one that had that something special that kept continually drawing me back time after time and during 2017 I eventually got to the point that I realised, although it was a respectable rating I had previously given it, that I had actually judged the release too harshly at four stars. Fast forward to 2018 and The Female of the Species now stands as one of my favourite black metal releases of the last five years.

This of course resulted in a lot of excitement for Nachtlieder's follow-up, Lynx (2018). While undeniably a more of the same release – black metal with none of those modern frills attached – it's quick to assert itself as a work that at worst, is only on the same level as it's predecessor and at best, far exceeds it. And let me just be clear about this, it's at its best far more often than it's at its worst, while that word also feels inappropriate to use when describing the album, though does provide a good emphasis on how much more immediate Lynx is to its predecessor. Eight tracks deliver a sound that captures a good balance between traditional black metal's cold atmosphere and production values that give the music clarity and allow Dagny's riffs to stand out rather than have almost everything lost within a lo-fi haze, an unnecessary way of producing this kind of music that both the founding fathers and countless disciples have for some reason chosen to employ, to continually mixed results that to this day give the black metal genre a poor reputation among fans of other metal genres. Albums like Lynx exist as proof that black metal can still sound cold and raw without being a mass of treble riffs that sound like they were recorded in a tin can.

Lyrically I do struggle with following Dagny's growls, but that's of little consequence when the complete package sounds this great and hits the eardrums this hard. Black metal is often about atmosphere even when it doesn't fit into the atmospheric sub-genre at all (like Lynx), but Nachtlieder manages to weld that with the kind of aggression found in records like Immortal's Sons of Northern Darkness. Rather than coming across like Dagny was unsure what she wanted it to be – cold and atmospheric or faster and riff based – we get treated to a perfect fusion of the two, where riffs will be thumping away, Dagny snarling over them and yet behind there'll be something atmospheric that will raise the level of the composition considerably. Every song on here could be used as an introduction to Nachtlieder's music and serve that purpose well, though for my money Dagny saved the best for last in Moksha, the longest song which is an absolutely furious hard-hitting beast.

Last time I reviewed this project's music, I had to own up to doing it a disservice. This time I'm both already familiar with the artist and have left it a bit longer before publishing a review of the album and I'm very confident that Lynx will continue to stand as one of 2018's black metal gems. It does seem a shame that, so far, not that many people seem have caught onto this project – so as a final word of advice, don't make the mistake that I almost did with the previous album, and make all efforts to change that.

NACHTLIEDER The Female of the Species

Album · 2015 · Black Metal
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With all the variations and combinations of metal genres out there today one thing that it can become easy to overlook is an artist like Sweden's Nachtlieder, who presents a more back to basics approach to their chosen genre, in this case black metal. Nachtlieder is the one woman act of musician Dagny Susanne (formerly bassist of the death/black/thrash metal act Wicked), who handles everything on the album except the drums, which are played by session musician Martrum (also formerly of Wicked). The Female of the Species (2015) is the second album released by Nachtlieder following a self-titled debut (2013).

The album presents a concept story that seems to be Dagny Susanne reinterpreting the story of Eve and the Garden of Eden. I'm not a religious person and so had to look it up to refresh myself of the details of that story as its usually told, but this version appears to deal with a Garden of Eden in a state of decay, and a spiteful Eve, the titular female of the species, though I'm unclear if the album is a total reinterpretation of the story or a 'what happened next' sort of thing.

Musically Nachtlieder's take on black metal is a fairly traditional one. It's got a raw and cold production job but Dagny Susanne favours aggression over atmosphere to balance it. She rounds her performance off with a solid vocal that fits well with her riffs, though again staying traditional and sticking with growls throughout. It's all nothing that's not been heard before and doesn't seem to have anything out of the ordinary going for it. And yet The Female of the Species is an album that I keep finding myself wanting to return to for another listen and I think that there is one main reason for that; even when an album isn't pushing the boat out if it's done as convincingly as Nachtlieder have made The Female of the Species it's all that really matters.

And this definitely is a pretty damn convincing black metal release. I'd say my favourite track is the closing title track but these are eight well crafted black metal tracks that all do their job the right way. There is admittedly a bit of blurring together that comes with the territory that an extreme metal album that's faithful to the genre's roots always has to contend with, but it's only a minor issue on The Female of the Species which is another sign that this is traditional black metal done right. Good one, Dagny.

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