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Kobra and the Lotus are a Canadian metal band active since 2008. They released their debut album Out of the Pit in 2010. It was followed by a self-titled effort in 2012, which saw them shift to a more power metal orientated sound. The group was signed to Simmons Records, which is owned by Gene Simmons of Kiss fame.

Their third album, High Priestess, was released in 2014. Following this, the group signed to Napalm Records and released their fourth album, Prevail I, in 2017, with Prevail II to follow at a later date.

The group has had several line-up changes since their inception but vocalist Kobra Paige (born Brittany, legally changed in 2011) and guitarist Jasio Kulakowski have been constant since 2012, while bassist Brad Kennedy has additonally been with the band since 2013.

- Biography by adg211288, Updated April 2017.
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Kobra And The Lotus by Kobra And The LotusKobra And The Lotus by Kobra And The Lotus
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Out of the Pit
Traditional heavy metal 2009
.. Album Cover 4.36 | 7 ratings
Kobra and the Lotus
Power Metal 2012
.. Album Cover 4.36 | 8 ratings
High Priestess
Power Metal 2014
.. Album Cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Prevail I
Traditional heavy metal 2017


.. Album Cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Words of the Prophets
Hard Rock 2015
.. Album Cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Traditional heavy metal 2015


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Kobra and the Lotus
Traditional heavy metal 2009

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Album · 2014 · Power Metal
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Kobra and the Lotus-High Priestess

'High Priestess' is the follow up to Kobra and the Lotus's amazing self-titled album, and their overall third studio album.

'High Priestess' expands on everything that was set in place on the previous album, adding in thrash elements while maintaining the traditional/power style of the previous album. It begins with the fast and powerful 'Warhorse' which sets the mood of the album very well. The song 'I am, I am' is fully-blown thrash metal, which sounds very Helstar-like with the music combined with Kobra Paige's powerful vocals. My personal favorite song is 'Battle of Wrath', which can sound very menacing at times. 'Soldier' is another favorite, having great lyrics and melody and a great music video.

Unlike the previous album, there is much more of a balance between fast and angry tracks and more flowing tracks. Songs like 'Heartbeat', 'Hold On', and the finale 'Lost in the Shadows' have a softer and more flowing aspect to them.

Overall, all I can really say is that it's everything the previous album was and more. I recommend it to any fan of power metal or traditional metal, and definitely anyone who enjoyed the previous album.

Hope you found this review helpful.

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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Kobra and the Lotus

Album · 2012 · Power Metal
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Kobra and the Lotus-Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra and the Lotus is a fairly new band, with this being their first album with their more Power metal-oriented sound as opposed to their first album which followed a more traditional sound.

The music is full of heavy speed metal riffs and amazing double bass work. This isn't just power metal though, there are also elements of traditional heavy metal and symphonic metal. The symphonic influence is most heard in the closing song 'Aria of Karmika'. The song 'Forever One' is another stand-out track, having plenty of crunching guitar riffs and really putting the 'power' in power metal. There are softer moments at times though, with the beautiful piano intro of 'Sanctuary' before the heavy guitar comes in. My personal favorite would probably be 'Nayana (Eyes)', I love the chorus in that song. 'Welcome to My Funeral' is another standout song and favorite, with the amazing cymbal work at the beginning.

Kobra Paige's vocals are among the most amazing I've heard in metal. Her vocals really have a traditional metal feel, reminding me of what a female Rob Halford or James Rivera would sound like. Paige's vocals are at one of the strongest moments on 'No Rest for the Wicked' with her lower vocals perfectly complimenting the shredding guitar at the start. The lyrics are strong as well, being about dark fantasy themes.

Overall, this album is definitely one of my favorite power metal albums of all time. I highly recommend this album for any fans of power metal, and I think it's a true metal masterpiece.

Hope you found this review helpful.

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Album · 2014 · Power Metal
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High Priestess (2014) is the third full-length album by Canadian heavy/power metal act Kobra and the Lotus. The band's line-up apart from vocalist Kobra Paige has hardly been a stable one and High Priestess again brings some changes to it, with the band mostly recording the album as a three piece. Though Brad Kennedy is mentioned in the album liner notes, the bass on the album was played by guitarist Jasio Kulakowski. Additional lead guitars are played by Charlie Parra del Riego.

Though Kobra and the Lotus tends to call themselves and be called a traditional heavy metal band the music on their self-titled album was actually a mix of that and power metal. On High Priestess they sound has stretched even further into power metal territory. That's the heavier hitting USPM type for the most part to my ears and I would call High Priestess a power metal album over a heavy metal album any day. A couple of the songs also feature a thrash metal edge most notably I Am, I Am which is more of a thrash metal song than anything. The band blends all three styles pretty well though and once again have produced a record that has classic metal written all over it. Cheesy power metal this certainly isn't.

While I still haven't heard their debut album Out of the Pit (2009) in full, the self-titled album immediately struck me as a band who'd improved by leaps and bounds based on the few songs I had heard from the debut. That growth can also be observed on High Priestess though as the self-titled was also a high quality album the results aren't as dramatically jaw-dropping this time, but by focussing even more on power metal Kobra and the Lotus have done exactly what I'd hoped they'd do. They're good at traditional metal but great at power metal, and the thrash elements are a nice addition to the album making I Am, I Am one of the best songs on offer along with Warhorse, Soldier, Battle of Wrath and Willow. While the guitar playing is great and really gets across the classic metal vibe of Kobra and the Lotus' music, once again it's the powerful singing of Kobra Paige herself that steals the show here.

With High Priestess Kobra and the Lotus have continued what they began on their self-titled and in my opinion outdone themselves. They've really played to the strengths made apparent on their last album while also covering some new ground. 4.5 Stars.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven: http://metaltube.freeforums.org/kobra-and-the-lotus-high-priestess-t3635.html)

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Kobra and the Lotus

Album · 2012 · Power Metal
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Kobra and the Lotus (2012) is the self-titled second album by the female fronted Canadian traditional heavy metal act Kobra and the Lotus (although for some reason it seems to be being promoted as their debut, which it is not). The band’s line-up has largely been reworked since the release of their debut full-length Out of the Pit (2009), leaving only vocalist Kobra Paige and drummer Griffin Kissack the only two members performing on both releases.

Despite their branding as a traditional heavy metal act, the music on Kobra and the Lotus has a little bit more to do with power metal to my ears. That's the harder hitting US variant for the most part though there are definitely nods to the more guitar driven European styles as well. Opener 50 Shades of Evil really assert's the band's power metal side, but there is also a portion of the album which certainly is more about classic sounding heavy metal driven by Kobra Paige’s powerful singing, excellent guitar leads and classic galloping style heavy metal rhythms straight out of the school of Iron Maiden. If you want metal if other words you've certainly got it with this one.

To my ears the band prove best at doing power metal but they do traditional heavy metal pretty well too. Other highlights include Welcome to My Funeral, Forever One and Sanctuary. The music itself is fairly standard between the two styles; the closing Aria of Karmika adds a few symphonic elements as backing but mostly Kobra and the Lotus set out to bring classic metal and they succeed at that exceptionally well. Kobra Paige is the real star though; her powerful voice is quite unlike any other female singer in metal I've yet heard.

Kobra and the Lotus are yet another band in the current influx of high quality female fronted metal acts releasing an album in 2012 and I’m beginning to think there’s no end to the acts coming out with a style like this at the moment. Of course that’s certainly a not a bad thing. In their case they do, as stated, show an even better aptitude for power metal during this album than they do traditional heavy metal, so while I would like to hear them fully go down this route I can’t deny that it is a well crafted album with no dips in compositional quality and honestly, that’s all I really look for in a heavy/power metal album in 2012. Great work.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven: http://metaltube.freeforums.org/kobra-and-the-lotus-kobra-and-the-lotus-t2429.html)


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