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Dynazty was formed in late 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Dynazty consisted of Joey Fox, bass (ex Foxey), George Egg, drums (ex Foxey), John Berg, guitar (ex Sharp) and Rob Love, guitar (Zan Clan). The band sounded great from the first rehearsal, but the final piece was missing, the singer.

After doing two shows with temporary vocalists Riley Wikked and Swan (Blackrain) the search for a full time singer started. The band put an ad out on myspace, and Nils Molin, a completely unknown singer from small town Kilafors, Sweden, replied. It took one rehearsal for the guys to realize that this was to be the final line-up.

Recording an album was top priority, and in September 2008 the band entered the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, together with producer Chris Laney. The result was the album “BRING THE THUNDER”.

In early 2009, Dynazty signed a deal with American label Perris Records. “BRING THE
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.. Album Cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Bring The Thunder
Glam Metal 2009
.. Album Cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Knock You Down
Glam Metal 2011
.. Album Cover 4.50 | 2 ratings
Sultans Of Sin
Hard Rock 2012
.. Album Cover 5.00 | 2 ratings
Power Metal 2014
.. Album Cover 5.00 | 1 ratings
Titanic Mass
Power Metal 2016

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Album · 2014 · Power Metal
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Renatus (2014) is the fourth full length album from Swedish hard rock and melodic metal band Dynazty. It marks the beginning of a new era for the band in a few different ways: It's their first album released by Spinefarm Records, the first album they've self-produced, and it's also their first album with new bassist Jonathan Olsson.

The biggest change, however, is with the music itself. Those paying close to attention to the first paragraph and the heading should notice some seemingly contradictory information, specifically in regards to their genre. See, Dynazty are generally described as being a hard rock/heavy metal band, with even some occasional glam metal elements, and based on hearing samples of Sultans Of Sin (2012), I think that description is fairly accurate. At least until now. Those samples contained some very melodic vocal sections and occasional speedy tempos, and it seems the band enjoyed those aspects of their music enough to make a full album based around them, and so what we have with Renatus is a modern power metal album, and what an impressive one it is! The melodies are fantastic, the choruses are extremely infectious, and almost every song charges full speed ahead with great double bass drumming.

I could stop there and this would already be an amazing album worthy of a strong recommendation, but there's actually plenty more to discuss. Listeners are instantly greeted by some rather rough and heavy riffs, as well as some very modern sounding keyboards, which are both important factors on the intense prog infused opener Cross The Line. Yes, indeed, as well as changing to a power metal sound Dynazty have also added in some occasional prog elements, with a heavy and very powerful guitar sound that often reminds me of Symphony X, especially on the follow up track Starlight, which features some awesome guitar work during the verses before completely taking flight and speeding up for the first of many epic, unforgettable choruses on the album. The previously mentioned keyboards also add a bit of flavor to the music at points, but this is still mostly a guitar driven album, so one shouldn't expect the keyboards to dominate any of the songs.

Another important part of the band's sound is vocalist Nils Molin, who has an absolutely perfect voice for this style of music (granted, he sounded great in the little I heard of their old style as well). He has a rough and very powerful voice that greatly enhances the more aggressive sections, but on the speedier and more melodic sections he has a very clear tone and his voice sounds absolutely stunning during these sections, especially on the choruses. Along with Brainstorm's Andy B. Franck, I'd say so far Nils has given one of my two favorite vocal performances of 2014.

This is an album that relies strongly on its melodies, which deliver time and time again, but it does have some impressive instrumental sections as well, and in general the guitars, keyboards and drums all sound amazing throughout. Songs like The Northern End and Unholy Deterrent change up the tempo a bit and do an excellent job of displaying the more progressive side of the music, while instant scorchers like Starlight, Dawn Of Your Creation and Incarnation go full speed ahead and are the type of epic, feel good experiences that show why power metal is my favorite genre. In case all those songs weren't good enough, right near the end the bands pulls up one last ace in the 7 minute epic Salvation. From the calm and beautiful intro through to the glorious final reprise of the chorus, it's the exact type of song that will always make me smile and get excited no matter what kind of mood I was in before listening to it, and Nils takes it to such a high level that I'd even call it my favorite song of 2014 up to this point.

I'm known to give very positive album ratings more often than most, and while part of that is because everything I love about music is actually at its strongest this generation compared to in any previous generation (modern production values are almost a must for me to fully enjoy an album), once in a while an album like Renatus will come along and impress me more than just about anything else I listen to, in such a way that I simply can't stop listening to it. I can't find any fault here whatsoever, and so I don't even have to think twice about giving it a perfect score.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven: http://metaltube.freeforums.org/dynazty-renatus-t3429.html)

DYNAZTY Knock You Down

Album · 2011 · Glam Metal
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So after the thunder had come to town in 2009, if you fear Dynazty will suffered from a sophomore flop, you'll be shockingly surprised that this time, you'll be knocked down with a set of sublime masterful piece of sleazy hard rock that will take you back with an exciting nostalgic ride to the 80s where vocal and guitar screaming were the essence of a song.

Dynazty really has accomplished a difficult task here, developing their talent and simultaneously created a more mature and sophisticated album which is still based on their hard rock roots without getting trapped in a monotonous composition. They boiled a hot and aggressive tempo on 'Sleeping With The Enemy', 'Wild Nights', and 'The Great Delusion', wrapped up with nice and fantastic riffs and sing-along choruses, yet they can play with ease in some brilliant midtempo melodic gems such as 'Hunger For Love', 'Get It On', or 'New Sensation'.

I can guarantee, not a single bad track at all in this album, even some non-usual groovy track like 'Brand New Day' will get you pumped up, but this track probably is the weakest, say if compared to the other goodie thing like 'The Devil's Playground' or 'Mr.Money'. And what outstanding as well are the bonus tracks, especially on the Japanese version. 'Too Much Is Not Enough' is an acoustic perfection and with 'One In A Million' and 'Stand As One', these tracks are essential to have if you can get a hold onto that release.

The production is great, only somehow if you crank up the volume too high, I found it's too piercing, but the detail and vibe is awesome. After more than four spins, I'll gladly rate this as high as 90% and Dynazty is a serious threat to the other competitors. Couple more albums like this and these guys are ready to conquer the world!

DYNAZTY Bring The Thunder

Album · 2009 · Glam Metal
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If you ever imagine how will XYZ meets Lynch Mob and tops out with some classic Skid Row elements sound then I don't think there's a better example than Dynazty. Nils Molin, the singer, even reminds you of Bach's glorious days, from his look and his voice, and at some point, Molin can crack the sky with a tenor scream a la James Labrie. With a renown producer like Chris Laney, Dynazty enjoyed a bombastic production and if you missed this Perris release back in 2009, it's time to grab yourself one unless you want to skip something huge.

The first two tracks are very 80s and will put a smile to your face and you might even want to look at calendar to make sure that it's 2009 and not 1989. 'Lights Out In Candyland' is a better and I like this one a lot. The next three are pretty good and hooky, and 'Monkey Wants, Monkey Needs', how sleaze could that title be, but 'Adrenaline' is what set the fire ablaze. After some mid-paced tracks, Dynazty jump up high with this beast, definitely this seventh track is the greatest part of 'Bring The Thunder'.

'The Devil's Shake' heavily reminds me of Skid Row and that's a good thing because Dynazty sounds more Skid Row than the band itself. And I can't believe 'Sail Away' is merely a bonus track, because boy that's probably as strong as 'Adrenaline', and the riffs are unbelievably amazing! This is raw glam and heavy, the vocal is very good, the rhythm section is tight, but despite of some average songs, Dynazty isn't kidding of bringing down the thunder to town. Recommended!

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