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DOWNSPIRIT is a German hard rock band formed by Cédric Dupont of SYMPHORCE and FREEDOM CALL. Recruiting a high-quality lineup, the band released their 2010 debut, "Point of Origin" on MetalVille Records. They are known for their unique combination of blues and heavy metal music.

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Bulletproof by Downspirit (2012-08-14)Bulletproof by Downspirit (2012-08-14)
Point of Origin by Downspirit (2010-08-17)Point of Origin by Downspirit (2010-08-17)
Point of OriginPoint of Origin
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DOWNSPIRIT Point of Origin album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Point of Origin
Hard Rock 2010
DOWNSPIRIT Bulletproof? album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Hard Rock 2012


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DOWNSPIRIT Bulletproof?

Album · 2012 · Hard Rock
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While Point of Origin may not have entirely flipped the metal world on its head, the debut offering from German metal act Downspirit really intrigued me with its unique blend of heavy metal and blues music. The instant accessibility of the release combined with a fresh take on the genre made Downspirit's debut one of the highlights of 2010, and roughly two years later, the band has returned with another batch of heavy and melodic tunes. Bulletproof? shows Downspirit once again striking a nice balance between melodic heavy metal, bluesy hard rock, and modern metal, but the band feels a little less consistent from a songwriting perspective this time around. Bulletproof? is worth purchasing if you enjoyed Point of Origin as much as I did, but otherwise I wouldn't label this as a particularly essential release.

Stylistically, the band hasn't evolved very much since their debut effort, and in many regards, Downspirit are fairly typical when compared to other melodic metal acts. What sets them apart is a strong influence from bluesy hard rock, alternative metal, and AOR that isn't found in many of their contemporaries. Compared to Point of Origin, though, I guess you could say that Bulletproof? is the more streamlined album of the two. Almost all of the songs follow a strict 'verse/chorus/verse' format, and this can lead to a bit of monotony in the second half of the record. Either that, or the second half of the album just isn't quite as good - the first six songs are all absolutely killer, and for some reason the following six just don't seem as strong. Tracks like "Greed", "The Wish", and "Are You Proud?" really start the album out on a high, and the rest of the record doesn't quite live up to these expectations. That's not to say that any of Bulletproof? is bad, however - the entire album is incredibly professional and well-executed, and the guitar solos from Cédric Dupont stand out as consistently excellent to these ears.

Bulletproof? is a very professional release, and fans of melodic metal would be wise to check this one out. Although I think Point of Origin is a more recommendable introduction to Downspirit, this is certainly a solid effort as well. I don't think Bulletproof? is an album we'll be talking about years into the future, but if you enjoy melodic metal and bluesy hard rock, there's no reason not to give this exceptionally solid observation a shot.

DOWNSPIRIT Point of Origin

Album · 2010 · Hard Rock
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Rockstar Blues

The debut album from Downspirit really took me by surprise! Knowing absolutely nothing about any of the musicians' previous band experiences, I really didn't know what to expect when I received Point of Origin in the mail. When I put the album in the CD player for my first spin I was blown away! The unique combination of traditional heavy metal and blues music instantly intrigued me, and the catchy, yet intricate compositions kept me constantly coming back for more. Not to mention the fantastic musicianship, production, or even the beautifully designed Digipak artwork. Needless to say, Point of Origin will be very high on my 2010 top album list.

The music that Downspirit plays is a very unique combination of blues, traditional heavy metal, and even some metalcore tendencies. If you're a naysayer to extreme metal, you may be wondering where the metalcore influence appears. Steffen Lauth occasionally (let me repeat the word "occasionally") does metalcore/growl vocal-style to be used as a contrast between his two vocal styles, and it's mostly used as an effect. Most of the time I love when he does this - I think it adds even more variation into Downspirit's music. If you don't like growly vocals, you should give this album a shot anyway. It's infrequent, it (surprisingly) works well in the music, and Steffen is really an all-around fantastic singer. He actually masters many different vocal styles. As for the bulk of Downspirit's music, modern melodic traditional heavy metal is the name of the game. There's definitely a lot of blues influence in their sound as well - something that really makes them stand out in the crowded metal scene. This is mostly utilized by bluesy guitar riffing, harmonica solos, and a bluesy vocal style. Add in some prog and power metal influence and you definitely have a great and eclectic album!

Point of Origin consists of 11 main tracks and one bonus song. The bonus track isn't very interesting, and is just a fun little blues tune. I find myself skipping it every time, and it definitely fits the definition of a "throwaway". Of the 11 main songs, they're all spectacular. It's amazing to me that the band maintains a 50 minute run-time with such little filler (aside from the bonus track). My favorite songs here would be the proggy Point of Origin, the rockin' Life's A Bitch, the ballad Hollow Words, and the highly memorable Make My Day. However, putting together that list of favorites was quite the daunting task. I really had a tough time narrowing it down to 4 songs, which definitely indicates that this is a great album!

The musicians of Downspirit are fantastic. The playing is tight, there are plenty of soaring guitar solos, and the vocals are terrific. Being that Point of Origin's lineup consists of two guitarists, it's expected that this is a guitar-fronted album - and both Cedric Dupont and Axel Reissmann definitely deliver! Between the fantastic riffs, wonderful multi-layered guitar harmonies, and captivating solos, it's really hard for me to pick a favorite part about the guitar playing on Point of Origin. As mentioned previously, Steffen Lauth is a great vocalist. He sings in many different styles on this album, and I have to say that I enjoy all of them. Last, but certainly not least, the rhythm section is great in Downspirit. Sebastian Dunkel is a great drummer, delivering many impressive fills throughout the coarse of the album. Sven Rakowitz's bass playing drives almost every song on Point of Origin, and he does it with confidence and a rock-steady style. Needless to say, it's a joy listening to such professional musicians.

The production is great as well. It's polished and powerful, but has a type of rawness that's essential for this type of heavy metal. There couldn't have been a better sound for this album.


Point of Origin is a terrific debut album by Downspirit. Although there are one or two filler tracks on the album and a few small things could be improved, I have infinite respect for the musicians who made this album. Really, almost everything about Point of Origin is an ingredient for perfection. If you're into heavy metal, but aren't looking for average run-of-the-mill material, this is the album for you! 4 stars are well deserved.

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