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Hailing from the land of "The Rising Sun" Tokyo's Defiled was birthed in 1992. Being based in such a big crazy city, the Defiled sound is a product of their surroundings. Technical, brutal and precise the band manages to stay unique in a genre that is typically dominated by the western world.The earth witnessed the release of two demos in the early 90's and one self financed mini CD titled "Defeat of Sanity" in 94. This paved the way for the band's multiple live shows that can only be described as "devastating"! These have included opening slots for the likes of Cannibal Corpse in their homeland of Japan in 96, and on frequent international tours. In 98, the band toured the states with genre legends Incantation, and in Japan with Testament, Morbid Angel, Vader and Arch Enemy. These tours brought Defiled a lot of intense publicity for sure. 1999 saw the release of the bands fist full length recording "Erupted Wrath" on U.S. based Nightfall/Terrorizer read more...
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DEFILED Erupted Wrath album cover 4.50 | 2 ratings
Erupted Wrath
Death Metal 1999
DEFILED Ugliness Revealed album cover 4.50 | 2 ratings
Ugliness Revealed
Death Metal 2000
DEFILED Divination album cover 5.00 | 1 ratings
Death Metal 2003
DEFILED In Crisis album cover 3.60 | 7 ratings
In Crisis
Death Metal 2011
DEFILED Towards Inevitable Ruin album cover 4.21 | 3 ratings
Towards Inevitable Ruin
Death Metal 2016
DEFILED Infinite Regress album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Infinite Regress
Death Metal 2020

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DEFILED Defeat Of Sanity album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Defeat Of Sanity
Death Metal 1994

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DEFILED Promo '93 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Promo '93
Death Metal 1993
DEFILED Promo Tape 1998 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Promo Tape 1998
Death Metal 1998

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DEFILED Infinite Regress

Album · 2020 · Death Metal
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"Infinite Regress" is the 6th full-length studio album by Japanese, Tokyo based death metal act Defiled. The album was released through Season of Mist in January 2020. It´s the successor to "Towards Inevitable Ruin" from 2016 and features one lineup change since the predecessor as bassist Hiroaki Sato has been replaced by Takachika Nakajima.

Stylistically the material on "Infinite Regress" are unmistakably the sound of Defiled. Brutal technical US influenced death metal with a twist. The twist consists of the fact that Defiled are inherently old school and often have more in common with acts like Autopsy and early Deceased than they have with the more technical part of the early 90s death metal scene and artists like Suffocation and Gorguts. But...Defiled still play a very technical death metal style with loads of tempo changes, unconventional riffs, and a generally adventurous approach to songwriting, so the comparison above should not be misunderstood as if this isn´t music with at least some focus on technical playing.

One of the greatest strengths of "Infinite Regress" is the raw and organic way the music is delivered. These guys are human and they want you to know it. The raw, powerful, and organic sounding production job supports that sentiment too, and "Infinite Regress" is generally far removed from most of the more clinical and sterile sounding contemporary brutal technical death metal releases. Highlights include "Divide and Conquer" (the drumming is brilliant on this one), "Tragedy" (old school to the core), and "Centuries". Predominantly because those tracks stand out as a bit different from the remaining tracks, but all material on the album are of high quality.

Upon conclusion "Infinite Regress" is through and through a high quality death metal release. It´s not often you´ll come across death metal acts with a unique sound these days, but thankfully we still have artists like Defiled to prove to the world that intriguing, adventurous, and unconventional death metal is still being produced (while still maintaining old school death metal credibility). A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

DEFILED Towards Inevitable Ruin

Album · 2016 · Death Metal
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"Towards Inevitable Ruin" is the 5th full-length studio album by Japanese, Tokyo based death metal act Defiled. The album was released through Season of Mist in July 2016. It´s been five years since the release of "In Crisis (2011)", but Defiled have seen quite a few lineup changes in those years, and guitarist Yusuke Sumita is the only member left from the lineup who recorded the predecessor. New in the lineup are Shinichiro Hamada (vocals, guitars), Hiroaki Sato (bass), and Keisuke Hamada (drums).

"In Crisis (2011)" was a pretty unique sounding brutal technical death metal album, featuring an unconventional sounding production. "Towards Inevitable Ruin" continues that tradition and again firmly places Defiled among the most distinct sounding and bold artists on that part of the death metal scene. And that´s not because they add avant garde elements or progressive ideas to their music. They experiment within the boundaries of the genre, which is often more difficult but ultimately also more elegant.

The change on the bass player position has a big impact on the band´s sound. The technical fusion styled bass playing of Haruhisa Takahata, was one of the defining elements of "In Crisis (2011)", but Hiroaki Sato has a more "regular" bass playing style. Initially I thought that would be a great loss, but somehow Defiled have found a way to work around the loss of the very busy basslines of Takahata. The music on "Towards Inevitable Ruin" simply doesn´t suffer from it, because Defiled have successfully moved focus to other parts of their music.

The music on the 12 track, 30:27 minutes long album is early 90s influenced death metal. At times it´s quite technical but other times the band play some delightfully old school hardcore punked death metal parts, and it´s all delivered with great energy and organic playing. The vocals are one-dimensionally growling, but Shinichiro Hamada has a powerful raw delivery, which suits the music well. It´s all packed in a rather unique sounding production, that might take some getting used to. Upon initial listen I found it pretty noisy, messy, and chaotic sounding (and slightly amaturish too), but giving the album more spins it all fell into place, and now I can´t imagine the music without this sound and visa versa. It´s probably an aquired taste though, and listeners who who usually prefer their technical brutal death metal with a more clear clinical sounding production, this sound production may come as a bit of a shock.

The musicianship is strong on all posts and the many brutal riffs and growling vocals are complimented well by the organic playing rhythm section. Especially drummer Keisuke Hamada deserves a mention for his wild playing and semi-improvised style. Sometimes it sounds like he is making his rhythm patterns and fills up on the spot, and that approach provides the music with great authenticity and organic energy. So upon conclusion "Towards Inevitable Ruin" is a relatively unique sounding death metal release. Defiled´s anarchistic and greatly creative approach to the genre is admirable and makes them stand out on a scene which is over populated by unremarkable artists who wouldn´t know the meaning of the word "original" even if it came up and bit them in the ass. A 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.


Album · 2011 · Death Metal
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"In Crisis" is the 4th full-length studio album by Japanese death metal act Defiled. "In Crisis" was released in January 2011 by Season of Mist.

The recording break between "Divination (2003)" and "In Crisis" has been rather lengthy and it´s always interesting to hear if an act has gained momentum or gotten rusty in such a long the time between releases. Let´s just say Defiled sounds as fresh and brutal as always. This is definitely not an act that´s gotten rusty, but rather an act that has spend those 8 years writing powerful and crushingly brutal tracks.

Defiled have a pretty original take on the brutal death metal form. The unique nature of their music is in large part due to the bass playing by Haruhisa Takahata. Picture Suffocation-like technical brutality and then add the crazy bass playing of early Atheist played with a bit more aggression. After listening to the 12 track, 44:39 minutes long album, it´s safe to say that the album isn´t too varied and it´s definitely a slight issue. But what Defiled loses on the variation barometer they win on their fiercely energetic playing and one of the most filthy distorted sound productions I´ve heard in a while. The latter is bound to pose a problem for some, but I greatly enjoy the messy distorted production which provides badass attitude and authenticity to the music.

The music is very technical but Defiled succeed in incorporating multible tempo- and time signature changes without sacrificing power and that´s quite the achivement in my book. The vocals are brutal deep growls. Completely indecipherable and personally I could have wished for a bit more variation, but fans of really brutal death metal shouldn´t have a problem with the vocal style.

All an all "In Crisis" is a very impressive album albeit with a few flaws. It´s the kind of album where my jaw drops to the floor several times during the playing time because of the technical details, but it´s also the kind of album that makes me wanna bang my head like a madman and mosh like a lunatic. This is how I like my technical death metal and a 4 star rating is deserved. "In Crisis" is a prime example that technical playing don´t have to ruin flow, power or brutality.


Album · 2011 · Death Metal
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Time Signature
Revelation of death...

Genre: death metal

J-Man gave Defiled's forthcoming album two stars in a review posted recently on this site. While I think that his review is, as usual, a well-written quality review, I'm going to double up on his rating and give Defiled's 2011 album "In Crisis" no less that four stars, because I think it's an absolutely awesome punch in the face with a fistful of death metal.

Musically, "In Crisis" offers old school technical death metal in the vein of American acts like Suffocation - that is death metal which is aggressive and brutal but yet technical, complex, slightly progressive and full of interesting finesses and details. And in this day and age of deathcore and what not, Defiled's retrospective approach to death metal is actually very refreshing. Every song on this album contains numerous changes, twists and turns, and the combination of brutality and technicality, I think, is one that is characterized by both equilibrium and unpredictability.

Just the way I like my death metal.

The two major strenghts of the album are the riffs and the basslines.Defiled have a knack for writing classic (as in classic death metal) powerful guitar riffs that have such a punch to them they they'd knock out Mike Tyson within the first two seconds of round one. Secondly, the basslines are absolutely brilliant. Haruhisa Takahata is a very skilled bass player who belongs up there with the likes of Roger Patterson and Tony Choy. The basslines are comples, and he makes use of interesting things like slapping bass, chords, and jazzy figures - and just general wickedness.

The vocals strike me as perhaps being a bit weak, but at least they are not monotonous. The production takes some getting used to. It is very raw and unpolished, but I kind of like that after a couple of spins, because it suits the music very well. I also like how the bass is very audible and almost central in the mix.

"In Crisis" is a raw, reotrspective affair which offers old school technical brutal death metal, and I think that, if you can live with the production, it will appeal to fans of good ole death metal.


Album · 2011 · Death Metal
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Paradoxical Chaos

Japan isn't exactly a country that's overflowing with death metal acts, but Tokyo's Defiled has been staying true to the old school variant of the genre since 1992 and, for the most part, gone unnoticed amongst death metal fans. I had never heard of the band prior to In Crisis - their first release in almost eight years. While I can't say that I've enjoyed In Crisis nearly as much as I hoped I would, old school death metal fans might get a kick out of this. For me, the muddy production, unpolished musicianship, and lack of memorable songwriting simply diminish most of my enjoyment here. There's definitely quality to be found on Defiled's fourth studio album, but I'm not sure if it's enough to warrant a purchase in the oversaturated death metal scene. If you're a die-hard old school death metal fan, a follower of Defiled, or curious how Japanese death metal will sound, you might want to check out In Crisis. As far as my money goes, there's definitely some better old school death metal on the scene to invest in before this.

The music here is brutal old school death metal played in an American style. I'm often reminded of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, or a less polished Morbid Angel. There's also a slight technical/progressive edge, mainly due to the dissonant chord structures and complex basslines. In that respect, there's a hint of early Atheist and maybe even Gorguts. The concept behind Defiled's sound is great, but the music simply doesn't hold up. Even right after a focused listening session, it's hard to recall more than a couple riffs and chord progressions. I enjoy listening to In Crisis while it's on, but when it's over there's not much to remember it by. Picking out any single track from the album is difficult since, aside from the brief into and outro, all of the songs sound almost identical. Again, for some people this may be a good thing; just not for me. The musicianship is generally good, though it is very raw and unpolished. Some people may enjoy this raw playing style, but I definitely think more work should've been done in the delivery aspect of In Crisis. The most notable aspect in Defiled's music is the bass playing from Haruhisa Takahata, which is pretty impressive. Bass playing usually takes a backseat in old school death metal, but Haruhisa delivers plenty of technically outstanding basslines that should impress fans of Roger Patterson and the like.

The production is almost unlistenable, in my opinion. If the production were better, I could definitely see myself enjoying In Crisis much more. This just sounds muddy and unfocused - people who like the production of early death metal demos should be right at home with this, but I think Defiled deserves a better production than what they've gotten here.


In Crisis is a decent album by Defiled with a few flaws that bring it down to below-average. My rating will be 2 (almost 2.5) stars here. There's definitely an audience of death metal fans who may want to check this out, but I hesitate in calling it an essential or even recommended purchase, especially considering the truckloads of other great recent death metal releases. If the production were better and the compositions a bit more memorable, In Crisis would've been a much more recommended acquisition. As it stands, this is really only an item for collectors and die-hard death metal fans.

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