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CRYPTOSIS is a technical thrash metal act from The Netherlands formed in 2020. The band released a split with VEKTOR in 2021 and followed the split up the same year with their debut full-length studio album "Bionic Swarm".

The band were known under the DISTILLATOR monicker from 2013-2020 and released two albums under the name:

(Biography written by UMUR, 17th of April 2021).
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CRYPTOSIS Bionic Swarm album cover 4.56 | 5 ratings
Bionic Swarm
Technical Thrash Metal 2021

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CRYPTOSIS Transmissions of Chaos album cover 4.00 | 3 ratings
Transmissions of Chaos
Technical Thrash Metal 2021

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.. Album Cover
4.00 | 1 ratings
Technical Thrash Metal 2020
.. Album Cover
4.00 | 1 ratings
Prospect of Immortality
Technical Thrash Metal 2020
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Technical Thrash Metal 2021
.. Album Cover
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Death Technology
Technical Thrash Metal 2021

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CRYPTOSIS Bionic Swarm

Album · 2021 · Technical Thrash Metal
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"Bionic Swarm" is the debut full-length studio album by Dutch thrash metal act Cryptosis. The album was released through Century Media Records in March 2021. Cryptosis formed in 2020, but they were actually active under the Distillator monicker in the years 2013-2020 and released a couple of studio albums before changing their name to the current one. Leading up to the release of "Bionic Swarm", Cryptosis released four singles (all tracks featured on the album), and a split with Vektor. Especially the latter release helped to promote the release of "Bionic Swarm".

While Cryptosis in some ways is a continuation of Distillator, it´s not only the name of the band which has been changed, it´s also the direction of the music. Distillator are a relatively straight forward and aggressive thrash metal act, but Cryptosis add a technical edge and sci-fi lyrics, image, and atmosphere to their brand of thrash metal, and the two bands (although sharing several members), should be considered two completely different acts. The most obvious contemporary reference is definitely Vektor, but Cryptosis do have their own sound and "Bionic Swarm" fully displays the qualities of Cryptosis and give a good impression of the vision of the band.

Technical thrash metal artists are sometimes focused on their technical playing and less on the songwriting and impact of their music on the listener, but that´s not the case with Cryptosis. Although the music certainly is technical in nature, Cryptosis take great care that their material is also memorable and effectful, so in the midst of technical riffs/rhythms and the occasional progressive songwriting idea, the listener is also treated to more regular thrash metal riffing and rhythms, and the balance is a great strength.

The band are well playing and deliver their music with great skill and conviction, and lead vocalist/guitarist Laurens Houvast has an aggressive snarling delivery, which suits the music perfectly. Compared to the vocals on the contemporary releases by Vektor, the vocals on "Bionic Swarm" are more human in nature (to make a comparison that most readers will recognise). The music features both fast-paced and heavier sections (a track like "Prospect of Immortality" is for example a nicely heavy track), and there are touches of melody here and there too, so it´s generally dynamic music with more than one trick up the sleeve. "Bionic Swarm" is a concept album featuring dystopian stories taking place in the year 2149, and the sci-fi lyrics and atmosphere are important parts of the album.

"Bionic Swarm" is a well sounding and professionally produced release, and the powerful and detailed sounding production suits the material perfectly. Upon conclusion Cryptosis is definitely a welcome new addition to the world of sci-fi themed technical thrash metal, and fans of the genre are advised to give "Bionic Swarm" a listen. A 4 star (80%) rating is fully deserved.

CRYPTOSIS Bionic Swarm

Album · 2021 · Technical Thrash Metal
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It’s not often I give out a 5 star review as there’s not that many albums that are without even a few minor flaws. In the case of Bionic Swarm, the debut album from Dutch technical thrash metal band Cryptosis I had to make one of my rare exceptions, such the quality on offer here. This is their debut album but they were previously active as Distillator since 2013 so they’ve had time to cut their teeth and it shows.

Cryptosis occupy a similar place to Voivod and Vektor with their spacey and futuristic thrash metal. They’ve even just released a split with the latter recently. Naturally being added to our technical thrash metal sub here on MMA the music is complex as expected. It’s often very fast though not relentlessly so and busy. The songs often have strong and memorable melodies so it’s not one of those total guitar wankery exercises with style over substance. Far from it in fact as the strength of the melodies, often having a melancholic vibe helped by their use of mellotron, is one of the albums greatest strengths. There is also plenty of prog elements on display so fans of prog metal may find it to their liking if they are not averse to the vocals usually associated with more extreme metal genres. It’s an album that’s best listened to as a whole as every song as it comes is my new favourite! Another reason is it’s also a concept album of eight connected stories according to the band set in the year 2149. Naturally the playing is top notch with some blistering fret work and fast, precise and busy drumming – essential for this sort of stuff of course. The icing on the cake is the clear and powerful production allowing every nuance and intricacy to shine through.

Bionic Swarm is an album I’ve played often in the last few weeks, on heavy rotation in the car and at home. Deservedly so as well as at the time of writing it’s my favourite album of 2021 so far. Essential listening for fans of extreme metal, but also well worth a listen for prog metal fans too.

CRYPTOSIS Transmissions of Chaos

Split · 2021 · Technical Thrash Metal
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"Transmissions of Chaos" is a split release by US technical thrash metal act Vektor and Dutch technical thrash metal act Cryptosis. The split was released through District 19 in February 2021. It features 4 tracks and a total playing time of 20:03 minutes. Vektor are well known as one of the more prolific contemporary technical thrash metal acts and the two new Vektor tracks on "Transmissions of Chaos" actually mark a return to the scene after a longer recording hiatus following the release of "Terminal Redux (2016)" (the band´s third full-length studio album). Cryptosis on the other hand are a less known acquaintance having only released a couple of singles by February 2021. Two of the single tracks make up their contributions to "Transmissions of Chaos". They would release their debut full-length studio album "Bionic Swarm" in March 2021. They did however work under the Distillator monicker in the years 2013-2020 playing a more regular type of thrash metal and releasing a couple of studio albums under that monicker, so these guys are also pretty seasoned musicians/composers.

Vektor open the split with their two tracks "Activate" and "Dead by Dawn", and it´s immediately audible that Vektor have changed and developed their style and sound a lot in the years since "Terminal Redux (2016)". They still play their own brand of technical thrash metal (sci-fi themed and Voivod influenced), but lead vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto has opted for a different singing style to his usual high pitched screaming, and now performs more regular snarling thrash metal vocals. But as a new thing in the world of Vektor he now also performs melodic clean vocals (on "Dead by Dawn"), and the new vocal approach provides Vektor with a few more weapons for their arsenal and dare I say a more accessible sound.

The two Cryptosis tracks "Decypher" and "Prospect of Immortality" aren´t far from the Vektor tracks in terms of sound and style. Cryptosis also play a sci-fi themed technical thrash metal style with progressive elements and it was definitely a smart move by the Austrian District 19 label/management company to promote newcomers Cryptosis on this split with the more well known Vektor. Upon conclusion "Transmissions of Chaos" is a high quality split release featuring strong compositions and stellar performances from both acts, and fans of technical/progressive thrash metal should take note here. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

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