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Deeply rooted in melodic death metal with lyrics centred around Viking history and Norse mythology, Amon Amarth (formerly known as Scum) formed in 1992 in Tumba, Sweden, a southern suburb of Stockholm. They began writing material with lots of melodies, harmonies and lyrics about Vikings and the norse Pantheon. In summer 1993 they entered Lagret Studio to record the Thor Arise demo, which would later on appear on the bonus disc of the album Versus the World. The band continued rehearsing and writing stronger material and again entered the studio. The result was the second demo, The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter. This time the band was much more satisfied with the sound and songs and launched it to an unsuspecting underground. The response was overwhelming, quickly selling out of the first pressing and secured them a one off deal with Singapore's Pulverised Records.

This time they decided to use
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AMON AMARTH Discography

AMON AMARTH albums / top albums

AMON AMARTH Once Sent From the Golden Hall album cover 3.54 | 18 ratings
Once Sent From the Golden Hall
Melodic Death Metal 1998
AMON AMARTH The Avenger album cover 3.79 | 17 ratings
The Avenger
Melodic Death Metal 1999
AMON AMARTH The Crusher album cover 3.67 | 15 ratings
The Crusher
Melodic Death Metal 2001
AMON AMARTH Versus the World album cover 3.85 | 21 ratings
Versus the World
Melodic Death Metal 2002
AMON AMARTH Fate of Norns album cover 3.65 | 27 ratings
Fate of Norns
Melodic Death Metal 2004
AMON AMARTH With Oden on Our Side album cover 3.93 | 46 ratings
With Oden on Our Side
Melodic Death Metal 2006
AMON AMARTH Twilight of the Thunder God album cover 3.94 | 37 ratings
Twilight of the Thunder God
Melodic Death Metal 2008
AMON AMARTH Surtur Rising album cover 4.09 | 33 ratings
Surtur Rising
Melodic Death Metal 2011
AMON AMARTH Deceiver Of The Gods album cover 4.09 | 16 ratings
Deceiver Of The Gods
Melodic Death Metal 2013
AMON AMARTH Jomsviking album cover 4.18 | 13 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2016
AMON AMARTH Berserker album cover 4.07 | 10 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2019

AMON AMARTH EPs & splits

AMON AMARTH Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds
Melodic Death Metal 1996
AMON AMARTH Fate of Norns Release Shows album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Fate of Norns Release Shows
Melodic Death Metal 2004

AMON AMARTH live albums

AMON AMARTH demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

AMON AMARTH Thor Arise album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Thor Arise
Melodic Death Metal 1993
AMON AMARTH The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter
Melodic Death Metal 1994

AMON AMARTH re-issues & compilations

AMON AMARTH Greatest Hits - Hymns to the Rising Sun album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Greatest Hits - Hymns to the Rising Sun
Melodic Death Metal 2010

AMON AMARTH singles (1)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Twilight of the Thunder God
Melodic Death Metal 2008

AMON AMARTH movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
4.29 | 3 ratings
Wrath of the Norsemen
Melodic Death Metal 2006



Album · 2019 · Melodic Death Metal
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When talking about the best melodic death metal bands in the world, one band that should always be mentioned is Swedish Viking themed band Amon Amarth. They’ve been around since the early 90’s, and while other big names in the genre have gone through some ups and downs, as well as long periods of downtime, in some cases, these guys have been consistently putting out great albums their entire career, never going more than three years in between releases. Their previous release, Jomsviking, was particularly impressive, as it was an epic concept album, with a slight narrative angle to it, while still delivering their typical brand of melodic yet intense melodeath. Three years later, they’re back once again with their eleventh full length release, Berserker, and while few could blame them if they were to put out a less impressive effort, following such a strong release, the band has once again delivered and produced possibly their absolute best batch of songs to date!

Compared to Jomsviking, Berserker is a much more straight-forward, more in your face kind of album, with the focus put entirely on unleashing one killer song after another, which is exactly what the band has done. It definitely has all the signature elements of the band, with a ton of fast paced, headbanging melodeath fun, as well as some more epic mid paced stompers, a slower, almost power ballad like track, an epic closer, and of course there’s a ton of violent Viking imagery, as always. On the surface, the album may seem to be a “Greatest Hits” of sorts, and that isn’t entirely inaccurate, as there certainly is a feel that the band is combining all their best elements and throwing them onto one album, but there’s also some surprises to be found, including a nice acoustic section to open the album, as well as the aforementioned rather surprising track, and a few other little touches. Performances are obviously amazing all around, with duo guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg delivering some awesome riffs and melodies, while drummer Jocke Wallgreen is on point with some epic grooves, and of course, vocalist Johan Hegg unleashes his usual epic, deep death growls, which sound as impressive as ever. Sound production is also flawless and crystal clear, as always, with everything sounding perfect.

Songwriting has always been a strength for Amon Amarth, with all their albums having their share of killer tracks, though if anything, Berserker is even more impressive than usual, as none of its tracks are anything short of absolutely amazing! First up is the incredible opener, “Fafnir’s Gold”, which starts off with a nice acoustic intro for about 35 seconds, before some melodic guitar leads take over, and then after about a minute, the full band is in action, and the track charges ahead at a frantic pace, and turns into the kind of epic, speedy and hard hitting opener fans of the band have come to expect. It has a perfect mix of hard hitting riffs during the verses, and some great melodies to accompany Johan Hegg during the epic chorus. Next is second single “Crack the Sky”, a more mid paced track, with some nice grooves, as well as some excellent drumming. It gallops along at a decent pace, with some excellent lead guitar work, as well as Johan’s typically powerful growls, and then the chorus is insanely catchy and melodic, and is sure to become a fan favourite, while the melodic guitar solo in the second half is also amazing. After that is another fun, speedy track in “Mjölner, Hammer of Thor”, a heavy, guitar driven track, which moves at a frantic pace, alternating nicely between heavy and very melodic guitar work. Instrumentally, it’s one of those tracks that shows that the band could be an amazing power metal band, if not for the growls, but as is, it’s an amazing melodeath track, with a fun chorus, fun verses, and awesome instrumental work all around, as well as some cool hammer sound effects, for good measure.

The first real slower track on the album is “Shield Wall”, an absolutely brutal, yet epic and powerful track, with some very hard hitting riffs. It has a more modernised sound to it, with some very chunky yet awesome riffs, and Johan is at his absolute most intense, especially during the heavy and epic chorus. It’s definitely one of the band’s heavier tracks, yet it still has some nice melodies, as well, especially in the middle, and it’s an awesome track overall. On the lighter side, “Valkyria” is another more mid paced track, with some lighter, more melodic guitar work, while still being pretty epic and intense. It has some very nice melodic guitar leads throughout, as well as a nice chorus and fun verses, and it has a really cool atmospheric outro. Next is lead single “Raven’s Flight”, and it’s another standout, flawlessly alternating between speedy and slower passages, as well as some epic galloping riffs, excellent melodic guitar work, and some very heavy riffs. It has a very catchy and epic chorus, very fun verses, and awesome instrumental work, throughout, as well as a ton of tempo changes, all of which help make it an unforgettable track.

Following that absolute monster of a track, the album goes into slightly lighter territory for a while, starting with “Ironside”, another more mid paced track. It has some great riffs, but it’s the melodic guitar work, epic melodies and vocals that carry the track. It’s a very epic, very melodic track, with an amazing chorus, great lyrics and an incredible performance by Johan. Even softer than that is “The Berserker at Stamford Bridge”, an ultra-rare power ballad for the band, and it’s a bloody good one! It opens with some very epic melodic guitar work, and continues along with just that, vocals and some very light percussion for a while, before full drums appear during the chorus, and then the full sound kicks in shortly after that, for a heavy, yet melodic and very powerful track. It has an epic chorus, more epic lyrics and another incredible vocal performance, as well as some epic instrumental sections in the second half. It’s a pretty surprising track overall, and it may not win everyone over at first, but it’s a definite grower. On the slightly speedier, but still fairly light end of things is “When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails”, another track dominated by light, melodic guitar work, and epic vocals. It moves along at a nice pace, with some great riffs and beautiful melodies, and it’s another epic, and very melodic track, with an excellent chorus.

The heaviness gets kicked up several notches again for the remainder of the album, starting with “Skoll and Hati”, a fast and furious track, with some very hard hitting lead guitar work, frantic drums, and intense vocals. It’s the kind of speedy, aggressive track the band excels at, while still having some awesome melodies. In similar territory is “Wings of Eagles”, another ultra-fast, very heavy track with some excellent riffs, fast paced drumming, and a great melodic chorus. The chorus in particular is one of the band’s best, most epic in quite some time, and the track is amazing overall. Closing out the album is the mini epic “Into the Dark”, which starts out with some slight symphonic elements, before settling into a nice groove, with light, melodic guitar work, and then after a while some heavier riffs kick in, and the track turns into a mid-paced, very heavy track, more epic guitar work and amazing vocals. It’s yet another track which strikes a perfect balance between heavy and melodic passages, with Johan being softer at points, while being very intense at other points. It’s an epic track on its own, and an excellent closer.

Amon Amarth show no signs of letting up any time soon, and if anything, Berserker may be their best release yet, with a perfect mix of everything they’ve been known for in the past, as well as some small surprises here and there. It’s definitely one of their most energetic, most consistently entertaining releases, with an amazing flow, going from one killer track to another, and it has a perfect mix of fast, mid paced and slower tracks, while striking a perfect balance between heavy and melodic. It’s easily the best melodeath album I’ve heard in recent years, and it feels like the band is at the absolute top of their game right now. Long-time fans should be very pleased, while any melodeath fan who’s somehow never heard of the band before, could do no better than to check this album out right away, as it’s an absolute masterpiece!

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AMON AMARTH Twilight of the Thunder God

Album · 2008 · Melodic Death Metal
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About a year ago or so, a friend showed me some Amon Amarth videos. Man, were they cool. Really big productions like small movies. I was to learn that one video was actually scenes from a movie starring lead vocalist, Johan Hegg. I finally got around to bringing an album home, this first purchase being recommended by my friend who assured me that this was a great album.

What first struck me about the music was how melodic it often was. It was sometimes like a faster version of Iron Maiden but included riffs like Judas Priest and Accept. Labeled melodic death metal, I personally feel that the music here is more traditional metal with the Cookie Monster-style of deeply growled vocals. Tracks like “Free Will Sacrifice” and “No Fear for the Setting Sun” remind me of Judas Priest and “Live for the Kill” makes me think of Accept.

Another observation is the regular use of very strong battle-song melodies. “Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags” and “Live for the Kill” may conjure up images of Vikings standing in their ship and swinging pumped fists as they sing these songs.

This feels like an album done by a very experienced band who are comfortable where they are. They have reached their comfort zone and are producing a string of above avergae albums. Looking as the ratings on MMA, I see other albums are rated higher and this one. Some songs are really good and the main riff for “Guardians of Asgaard” is an awesome one to easily be hooked on.

Probably not their most groundbreaking album, but “Twilight of the Thunder God” is still a solid piece of work in my opinion.

AMON AMARTH Twilight of the Thunder God

Album · 2008 · Melodic Death Metal
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At this stage in their career assigning ratings to an Amon Amarth album is a slightly arbitrary exercise; you always know what you're going to get (solid melodic death metal inspired by a range of Scandinavian myths), and you know the band are going to deliver it with the quality and polish we've all come to expect from them, and whaddya know it? Twilight of the Thunder God delivers all that in a compact, no-nonsense 44 minutes. Some may accuse Amon Amarth of making the same album over and over, but when the album in question is this good I can't get too upset about that.

AMON AMARTH Jomsviking

Album · 2016 · Melodic Death Metal
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siLLy puPPy
If there’s any single band that warrants the term Viking metal to exist as a bona fide subgenre in the greater metal universe than surely AMON AMARTH deserves to exist in that world with their parade of Norse mythology themed albums incorporating enough history, symbology and lyrical content to make Odin one happy camper. Well, guess what! Once again the band dish out some seriously deliciously melodic slices of heavy metal with all the usual themes and familiar sounds that crank it out loud and proud. JOMSVIKING is the 10th studio album from the band and sees the first band member change from their long stable lineup since 1999 with their constant millennial drummer Fredrik Andersson exiting stage left. The band opted not to hire an official replacement and instead decided to incorporate Tobias Gustafsson as a session drummer instead. The good news is that he fits in quite well and has a more than competent drumming style to keep the band cranking out their famous blend of classic 80s metal hooks and melodies with their deathened thrash bombast.

JOMSVIKING sees the band parting from their business-as-usual approach (well somewhat) of cranking out one predictable album after another and throws a few curve balls to the mix. Don’t worry. They didn’t suddenly become an electronica band or anything of the sort. This album incorporates all those divinely splendid songwriting skills with addictive hooks, excellently performed instrumental deliveries, guttural growls and that perfect production that keeps it somewhat raw sounding while mixing in a nice smooth crisp clear mix. The first difference is that this is the band’s first concept album. JOMSVIKINGS constitute a fictional tribe in some distant past and the story is about a young dude who falls big time for a girl who’s being married off. After he kills a man he has to escape and live in exile but is obsessed with winning her back. As time goes on he becomes a bitter man and the saga devolves into his realizing that his life had been destroyed and he only lives to find revenge.

JOMSVIKING is also the second of the “blue” phase of the band’s career (following eight albums of orange/red/black album covers. This corresponds to a new direction and the addition of the newest producer Andy Sneap. While “Deceiver Of The Gods” pretty much continued down the same path as “Surtur Rising,” the album did feel somewhat different in how the songs were unfolding. The songwriting has shifted even more dramatically on JOMSVIKING. While usually classified as melodic death metal, AMON AMARTH cranks out a more classic 80s riffs and at times with their dual guitar assaults can remind one of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest only with the death vocals and thrashy veneer that creates an addictive sound. There are also groove metal riffs, acoustic intros and even additions of Swedish folk music entering the sound as on “Raise Your Horns” and short softer spoken word passages as on “At Dawn’s First Light.” Also for a second album in a row there is a guest vocalist. This time around it’s Doro Pesch on “A Dream That Cannot Be.”

Twenty years after their first release the “Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds” EP finds the band continually honing their sound and tightening their songwriting skills. The band shows no sign of letting up any time soon with an endless wellspring of crunchy metal melodies just gushing from their source. JOMSVIKING is yet another excellent release that as expected does little to reinvent the metal universe but when a band comes up with a sound that so effortlessly blends the best aspects of melodic metal with extreme brutality then it’s no doubt that they should stick to what they know best. While the band has utilized more softer passages with acoustic guitar intros and non-metal accoutrements, any hardcore fans of AMON AMARTH will not be disappointed with yet another strong well written slice of Nordic mythology being bombastically accompanied by those jagged guitars, pummeling drum runs and of course the passionate growling gusto of Johan Hegg. Although i don’t really find any of AMON AMARTH’s releases to reach masterpiece level, i am impressed with their consistency and the later albums including this one to be a sliver more interesting than past endeavors. Another excellent release even if it may feel like it’s mostly been done a few times in the past.

AMON AMARTH Deceiver Of The Gods

Album · 2013 · Melodic Death Metal
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Deceiver of the Gods (2013) is the ninth full-length studio album by Swedish melodic death metal act Amon Amarth. The album features a guest vocal performance from Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) on the song Hel. Amon Amarth may just be the kings of consistency in metal music; they've been putting out albums on a regular basis since 1998 and have had the same line up since second album The Avenger (1999), and you know what you're going to get with them. It's double-edged sword territory that the band has made their home in though. On the one hand, there's never much doubt that a new Amon Amarth release will deliver, but on the other you also know they're not a band for shocking their listeners.

In all ways that matter the same is true of Deceiver of the Gods. Except when you scratch the surface of the music you may notice that Amon Amarth's riffs and melodies tend to cross over into power metal territory. An example of this would be the song As Loke Falls or the latter stages of Coming of the Tide. The music itself is pure power metal but topped with Johan Hegg's growled vocals. Power-death, I tend to call this sort of music (in reference to the more common power-thrash term). This is a technicality though. (Euro) Power metal is melodic, and you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know what the key feature of melodic death metal is to differentiate it from vanilla death metal, so the two blend so well that unless you're well versed in your power metal to pick up on it, you're not going to notice it. Especially if to you power metal means high pitched vocals with lots of dragons, elves, and fairies (it always surprises me how many people manage to deny an obvious power metal release for what it is because it doesn't meet this misconception).

Subtle differences between the two or not, it doesn't change the fact that these little variations offer up a bit of a pace change from Amon Amarth's melodic death metal standards like the opening title track. And I think that's much needed in an Amon Amarth record. These guys are the very definition of a band who knows they're good at what they do, but every band has to have something to keep a record flowing without re-using the same ideas. They're also got clean vocals on Hel (from Messiah Marcolin), in contrast to the usual strict growls only approach to their take of melodic death metal.

I said at the start of this review that there's never much doubt that Amon Amarth will deliver. So naturally they've done it again with Deceiver of the Gods. Only this time I think they're definitely on a career high point. The riffs are great, the melodies perfectly integrated, and Hegg is on top form. Deceiver of the Gods is certainly a step up from the already solid prior album Surtur Rising (2011) with awesome tracks like the aforementioned As Loke Falls along with We Shall Destroy, Hel, and Coming of the Tide. Especially Hel and Coming of the Tide. Have I mentioned that there's a really epic song called Warriors of the North right at the end of the album? No? I should have done by now, but since it's a textbook case of leaving the best for last, I thought I'd do the same.

Rather than coming across as another album of more of the same, it's like Amon Amarth have received a new lease of life for Deceiver of the Gods, and it's easily the best release I'm ever heard from them. An exceptional grade rating is deserved.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven:

AMON AMARTH Movies Reviews

AMON AMARTH Wrath of the Norsemen

Movie · 2006 · Melodic Death Metal
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Talk about value for money, from a band like Amon Amarth you wouldn’t expect them to be able to afford such a crazily generous and in depth DVD package when some of the bigger bands can’t afford anything even half this good.

The Set comes in a glorious 3 DVD digipak with detailed artwork, a full booklet and an awesome little viking crown that keeps it closed. Then you get Five full concerts (with 22, 16,13, 11 and 9 tracks respectively) and a documentary.

The main feature; a 22 track concert from Cologne in 2005 is an incredible affair with crystal clear sound, Huge guitar tones, amazingly heavy drums and nice clunky bass. The camera work is of a higher quality than even some of the biggest metal bands’ DVDs and again the sound is immense.

Then theres the performance, the band are absolutely electric delivering furious renditions of material from all eras a their career from the massive ‘Amon Amarth,’ and ‘Fate of Norns,’ to catchy closer ‘Death In Fire,’ and the crowd just lap it up.

Vocalist Johan Hegg absolutely commands the stage, engaging the crowd at every opportunity and singing his heart out while the band hammer through their classics like ‘heavy,’ is going out of style.

On top of all that you have a great light show, huge Amon Amath banners, more pyro than a kiss concert and an interlude with about thirty Viking reenactors sword fighting on stage! That feature is worth the money alone, the show is probably one of the best metal concerts on the market and I can’t stress how good the sound and picture are; then on top of all that you get the rest of the set, featuring virtually ever Amon Amarth song ever written, and performances from ‘Waken Open Air festival,’ ‘Summer Breeze Festival,’ and two more indoor concerts in Europe.

If you like Amon Amarth Buy this right now. If you don’t, you will within thirty seconds of watching this.


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