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Album · 1990

Filed under Glam Metal


1. Can't Get Enuff (4:19)
2. Loosen Up (3:28)
3. Miles Away (4:11)
4. Easy Come Easy Go (4:03)
5. Rainbow In The Rose (5:33)
6. In The Day We'll Never See (4:50)
7. Under One Condition (4:27)
8. Little Dirty Blonde (3:31)
9. Baptized By Fire (4:11)
10. You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner (3:35)
11. In The Heart Of The Young (4:37)

Total Time 46:49


- Kip Winger / bass, keyboards, vocals
- Reb Beach / guitars, vocals
- Rod Morgenstein / drums, vocals
- Paul Taylor / guitar, keyboards, vocals

About this release

Released by Atlantic.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Winger extended the success of their debut and eventually reached their height with this album. "In The Heart of The Young" was also certified platinum and featured a more serious approach in the lyric department and displayed a more complex composition as well as an even better guitarplaying by Reb Beach. Three singles that became their hits back then are also among my all time fave Winger tracks. "Can't Get Enuff" is such a huge uptempo rocker, "Easy Come Easy Go" blows high with its catchy groove, and "Miles Away" is definitely their best ballad ever written but funny thing is that the author of the track isn't Kip Winger who basically wrote almost all of their songs.

There are two other great power ballads inside: "Rainbow In The Rose" that featured the trumpet plays of Chris Botti and Beach's fantastic outro solo, and "Under One Condition", although this one isn't as good as the others, this is still a very good emotional piece. "In The Day We'll Never See" is also an underrated uptempo tune, least-known track but has the big power and hooks you'll never imagined. However, a shame that tracks like "Little Dirty Blonde" or the title track are relatively weak and can be considered fillers. "Baptized By Fire" actually is quite good and I highly admired the insane intro, but when the weird rap coming in, it's all over.

Winger is one of the few bands that never disappointed me. I love all their albums and this one is also surely loved by many glam fans. If only couples of tracks are better, I won't hesitate to give this a perfect five stars. Reb Beach is the ultimate highlight of the band but Kip Winger's warm voice is unique, calming, and comfortably blended well with their music. Great stuff and four-stars is warranted, I just can’t get enuff with this classic !

Members reviews

Sexy hard rock music. Yep, that’s what I call Winger’s musical direction. Eleven killer tracks from Winger’s second release “In The Heart of The Young” shows their maturity of music. The album opener is “Can’t Get Enuff”, a sexy and rhythmic tune and –of course- full of implicitly sexy lyrics. The second track “Loosen’ Up” perfectly fits into the bill as the first one. I think the one that caught most of the attention in this record is –surprisingly—wasn’t written by the mastermind bassist/vocalist Kip Winger. “Miles Away” is most probably the best ballad ever recorded by Winger. This song was written by keys-man/guitarist Paul Taylor.

Another surprise output from this band, they went a bit darker here. Tracks such as “Rainbow In The Rose” or “Under One Condition”. This is great, since I like dark. Although probably it would be less-commercial for their record sale. Most probably you will love Reb Beach’s guitar-driven signature on “Little Dirty Blonde”, less spectacular than his well-penned signature on “Seventeen” from the first record, but surely this will make you dance for sure.

“Baptized By Fire”, is that Kip’s bass solo in the beginning of the song? Nice job, Kip! I think, the last 2 tracks in this record are great album closers. “You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner” and title-track “In The Heart of The Young” are among of my favorite tracks down here.

Jeez, I do miss all those hard rock days. I always close my eyes and relive those days when I play this disc at night.
Let me begin by saying that I am PROUD to be a Winger fan. They got a bad reputation that they did not deserve in the least.

"In the Heart of the Young" is probably my favorite Winger album. It has power, emotion, and the subtle details that make every great piece of music into what it is capable of. My favorite tracks here are: "Rainbow in the Rose", "Little Dirty Blonde", and "Baptized By Fire."

Make no mistake, the entire album is very good. Kip Winger sings with a certain flare that can only be attributed to singers the likes of Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach. The real highlight of the album though is the phenomenal guitar playing of Reb Beach. The phrasing of his solos and the way in which he incorporates tapping and tremolo is out of this world.

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