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Album · 2012

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. Raptures of the Deep (5:41)
2. The Crow Will Die (5:51)
3. My Darkest Hour (5:03)
4. A Late Night Dance With Death (5:00)
5. Secrets of Mythology (3:50)
6. His Blood Is Yours (5:18)
7. RIP (4:50)
8. New York (4:16)
9. The Patriot (5:34)
10. I Am a Ghost (5:13)
11. The Wrong Path (5:43)
12. Sirens (5:14)

Total Time 61:33


- Björn Eliasson / Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming


- Thomas Bursell / Vocals
- Mike Andersson / Vocals
- Sussi Sorensen / Vocals
- Bjorn Persson / Vocals
- Sara Andersson / Vocals
- André Mollestam / Vocals

About this release

Released by Nightmare Records, 6 November 2012.

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Secrets of metalogy...

Genre: progressive metal

There's progressive metal which is progressive metal because it sounds like Dream Theater (and that is definitely okay), and then there is progressive metal which is progressive metal because it is progressive and original. Björn Eliasson's Warnot falls under the latter category, as "His Blood Is Yours" definitely does not sound like Dream Theater or any other influential progressive metal act for that matter.

Given Eliasson's background in Cloudscape, the progressive approach should not come as a surprise, but the dark and gothic atmosphere which pervades the album might come as a shock to some (but, hopefully, it is a positive surprise). The tracks on the album build on heavy and groovy guitar figures, wrapped in symphonic and gothic effects from synthesizers. As is popular these post-Aeyon and post-Consortium Project days, Warnot makes use of a host of vocalists with different singing styles and voices. This results in a multi-faceted and indeed very interesting sound album vocals-wise with singing styles including both clean and harsh male vocals as well as clean female vocals. At times, Warnot makes use of choral arrangements, some of which near the level of brilliance associated with the legendary prog rock band Yes.

Musically, "His Blood Is Yours" is quite diverse. Yes, the anchor consists of the dark and groovy guitars, but this does not stop Eliasson from being very eclectic in his overall approach. Thus, the album features elements from doom metal, gothic metal, power metal, traditional metal, hard rock and symphonic metal. But the dark atmosphere is ubiquitous - even in the ballady 'R.I.P.' and the prog AOR-inspired track 'I Am A Ghost' which, I believe, is the first ever gothic AOR track in the world.

Musically, this album is a huge artistic success. The vocals are interesting - although some of the singing styles are an acquired taste - and Eliasson performs masterfully on all instruments. Sadly, Warnot's main rhythmic backbone is provided by programmed drums on a computer. Although modern technology allows for programmed drums that have the same sonic qualities as real drums, they still lack the dynamics and organic feel of a real flesh and blood drummer. The drums do sound mechanical more often than I like on this album, and I do not understand why Eliasson did not hire a real drummer to perform on the album - I mean Sweden is virtually drowning in awesome drummers.

Anyways, the drummer issue aside, "His Blood Is Yours" reminds us that progressive metal can be dark and brooding, and, as such, the album is a huge artistic success. Fans of Thine, Psychotic Waltz, Symphony X and Anubis Gate's darker stuff are likely to appreciate this album.
His Blood is Yours is the debut album by Warnot, a solo project of Swedish musician Björn Eliasson. Björn was previous a member of Cloudscape up until the group’s third album, Global Drama (2008), after which he left to focus on his own project, of which His Blood is Yours is the result. Björn plays all instruments on the album as well as providing vocals, although there is also a host of guest vocalists on the album, including his former Cloudscape bandmate Mike Andersson.

Coming from the progressive background that is Cloudscape, it’s of no surprise to me that the music of Warnot is also progressive. But this album has a very different sound to it than I have got used to from Cloudscape. It is dark. I’d go as far to say that it is one of the darkest sounding metal albums I’ve ever encountered. The music is atmospherically creepy, no other way to really put it. Mixing many clean singing voices, male and female alike, with the deep, deathly growling of André Mollestam as well as multiple style of metal, including bits of doom metal, power metal and symphonic metal, His Blood is Yours is a varied release in all aspects, while maintaining that same dark atmosphere. It’s also quite theatrical. It’s hard to make something unique these days, but I think Warnot easily takes the prize for the most unique album of 2012. I guess in some ways what Björn Eliasson did here is comparable to what Arjen Lucassen does in Ayreon what with mixing multiple voices and styles together, only Warnot is about a thousand times darker than any of Lucassen’s work.

Being unique is a good thing, but what’s even better is that His Blood is Yours is also an album of high quality material. I can’t honestly say that what’s been created here is going to be for everyone, but those tired with hearing the same old stuff just done by a different band may just be generally surprised by how different Warnot is. I’d say His Blood is Yours is an album that needs a few spins to sink in and get used to Warnot’s take on progressive metal, but once you know what to expect the qualities of the album keep drawing me back for more and more listens. Even with the dark atmosphere Björn manages to include lyrical hooks that keep the choruses in my head, while there are hidden depths to be found within the music the further immersed in it you become.

In short the album is a truly sensational experience, but I do think that Björn is going to have to pull out all the stops should he do a second Warnot album (which hopefully he will, given the strengths of this one), since His Blood is Yours has a kind of wow factor about it that comes of its unique approach, but now that’s been done any follow up is going to have its work cut out for it or risk being an ‘heard it before’ album. After this I have faith in Björn though and an exceptional grade rating is easily deserved for His Blood is Yours.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven (http://metaltube.freeforums.org))

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