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Album · 2012

Filed under Black Metal


1. Tears Of Firmament
2. Luopio
3. Hösten
4. Anno Domini Infernus
5. The Great Aspect Of Desolation Of The God Of Light
6. Raise The Throne Of Hate
7. Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Sorceress To Live


- I / vocals
- Thy Agony / guitars
- Khael / guitars
- O'Dimn / dass
- Krig von Alastor / drums

About this release

Released March 28th, 2012, on Inverse Records.

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition

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Inverse Records Imp 2012
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Time Signature
Raise the throne of hate...

Genre: black metal

The Finnish black metal scene appears to be bustling with creativity and bursting with productivity, churning out one kvlt release after another. Vuohivasara's Perdition Reigns Supreme is one such release, and right from the start, they make no buts about it, as 'Tears of Firmament' basically starts straight in the middle of a super fast blast-beating section.

However, Vuohivasara soon reveal that there is more to their music than just blast-beating and tremolo-picking – although these elements are featured prominently. There are plenty of riffy sections, and Vuohivasara also draw on thrash metal now and then, and there is also a sense of melody to their music, reflected in harmonies and certain tremolo-leads as well as a couple of melodic bursts inherent in some of the riffs. Rather than focusing on repetition, like many other black metal bands do, Vuohivasara opt for variation in their music, including shifts and changes, breakdowns and build-ups in their compositions.

Unlike many other black metal releases from the Finnish kvlt scene, Perdition Reigns Supreme is not underproduced. On the contrary, the band have aimed for a, not polished, but well-defined production that allows you to even hear the bass. Still, I would say that the production does have the cold feel that characterizes black metal.

Also, Vuohivasara do, it should be mentioned, observe the majority of the genre-defining aesthetics, such as blast-beating and tremolo-picking, and the vocals are also pretty much delivered in the typical screechy black metal manner. Also, dissonant and tense harmonies are not completely absent from the album.

And, thus, Perdition Reigns Supreme should appeal to hardcore fans of the genre as well as to occasional listeners.

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