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Album · 1982

Filed under Speed Metal


1. Black Metal (3:41)
2. To Hell and Back (3:00)
3. Buried Alive (4:16)
4. Raise the Dead (2:45)
5. Acid Queen (2:30)
6. Bloodlust (2:58)
7. Teacher's Pet (4:41)
8. Leave Me in Hell (3:33)
9. Sacrifice (4:28)
10. Heaven's on Fire (3:40)
11. Countess Bathory (3:45)
12. Die Hard (3:05)
13. Don't Burn the Witch (3:19)
14. At War With Satan (2:14)

Total Time: 48:01


- Anthony Bray / drums
- Conrad Lant / bass, vocals
- Jeffrey Dunn / guitars

About this release

Neat Records.

Very early pressings were on Dark Olive Green vinyl, contained a poster, and had an embossed cover.

A copy sold on eBay for $510, on 27th June 2006.

Thanks to [email protected], windhawk, Certif1ed, 666sharon666 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Venom's second album might have provided the name for an extreme metal subgenre - and, excepting Teacher's Pet, much of the lyrical subject matter - but this piece of proto-thrash seems less groundbreaking than its predecessor, Welcome to Hell. Part of this is the general lack of musical progression apparent - the band seemed content to just make a quick rehash of Welcome to Hell rather than developing their skills, though to be fair some points like the transition from Buried Alive to Raise the Dead suggest more ambitious musical ambitions than previously.

Another part is the fact that with a less murky production job this time around, Venom's true skills become more readily appreciated - and to be honest, they're nothing special compared to the early works by the Big Four of thrash who would take the model of Welcome to Hell in genuinely interesting directions. A fun listen, but not an essential one in this day and age; I rather suspect many of the early black metal artiss based their music on what they thought this album should have sounded like as opposed to what it actually sounded like.
I used to have this on vinyl and would put it on just to annoy my parents. I annoyed the neighbours too and turned it up loud when To hell and Back started. The riffs are nothing much and are kind of droning and anyone could play them but nobody cared. It was the blatant evil and the negative attitude that appealed at the time.

Venom are a product of their time and nothing could touch them but these days they have been surpassed by black metal acts churning out of Norway. Of course Venom were not as serious as the new wave of black metal but it was accepted at the time and metal radio shows played them to death.

Black Metal was one of the more memorable tracks, and the vocals were always strong, at times echoed, but always angry and aggressive growling perdition and purgatory. There were no lead breaks and they were like Motorhead revved up to the max.

I have long outgrown this music now but I wore this album out in the 80s. I have to give them credit for starting their own subgenre in Black Metal. They are legendary and this is one of the icons of metal. Impossible to ignore if you are into Black Metal.

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