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Album · 1992

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Neighbor (4:45)
2. Goddamn Devil (4:54)
3. Come Tomorrow (4:55)
4. Panhandlin' Prince (5:42)
5. Busy Bee (4:10)
6. Don't Go (4:32)
7. So Damn Cool (4:26)
8. Same Side (4:51)
9. Cats In The Cradle (4:02)
10. I'll Keep Tryin' (4:59)
11. Everything About You (4:20)
12. Madman ('92 Remix) (3:37)
13. Mr. Recordman (4:06)

Total Time 59:23


- Whitfield Crane / Vocals
- Cordell Crockett / Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals
- Mark Davis / Percussion, Drums
- Klaus Eichstadt / Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
- Dave Fortman / Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals

- Jennifer Barry / Background Vocals
- Rob Halford / Background Vocals (track 2)
- Carrie Hamilton / Piano (track 11)
- Stephen Perkins / Percussion
- Dean Pleasants / Rhythm Guitar (track 8)
- Julia Sweeney / Spoken Words (track 2, 11)

About this release

Released by Mercury.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Vim Fuego
24 good reasons not to get `America's Least Wanted':

24. Even though the band thought they were being funny and "ironic", the album title was reasonably apt, as Americans in their millions didn't buy the album.

23. Nor did billions of people from around the world.

22. In the future, billions will continue not to buy `America's Least Wanted'.

21. Ugly Kid Joe influenced Limp Bizkit. Probably.

20. Ugly Kid Joe's name was supposed to be the polar opposite of glam rock band Pretty Boy Floyd.

19. Pretty Boy Floyd were actually named after a gangster. Ugly Kid Joe weren't named after a police man.

18. Fred Durst thinks he's a gangsta.

17. Pretty Boy Floyd weren't very pretty, and Ugly Kid Joe weren't very ugly.

16. Ugly Kid Joe were not even very good at being one hit wonders. They ended up with two.

15. One of the hits, "Cat's In The Cradle" is often thought to be a Cat Stevens song. It's not. Harry Chapin wrote it.

14. The other hit, "Everything About You" could never be confused with a Cat Stevens song, of which Mr Stevens is probably eternally grateful.

13. Cat Stevens is not called Cat Stevens any more. He converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Islam.

12. Harry Chapin was a proper one hit wonder. He wrote nothing else of note besides `Cat's In The Cradle'.

11. Pretty Boy Floyd weren't even one hit wonders. No one actually remembers anything about Pretty Boy Floyd except Ugly Kid Joe were named after them.

10. Well, Ugly Kid Joe's mascot and Fred Durst both wear red caps, so there's a bit of an influence.

9. `America's Least Wanted' has a cartoon of the Statue Of Liberty on it. Sacred Reich's `The American Way' and the Acid Drinkers' `Strip Tease' also had cartoons of the Statue Of Liberty on the cover.

8. `The American Way' and `Strip Tease' weren't very good.

7. The Statue Of Liberty came to life in ‘Ghostbusters II’. It wasn't very good either.

6. Outside the two hit songs, the rest of this album is filler.

5. Ugly Kid Joe singer Whitfield Crane ended up singing for the band Life Of Agony. It was about this time the rest of Life Of Agony discovered he was a crap singer. Millions of Americans already knew this, hence the fact they didn't want `America's Least Wanted'.

4. Life Of Agony weren't named after a gangster.

3. A lot of people would be very happy if Fred Durst gave up his music career for the Islamic religion. Except for the Muslims.

2. A lot of people wouldn't notice if Whitfield Crane gave up his music career for the Islamic religion.

And the number one, most important reason not to get `America's Least Wanted' is...

It's not very good
America´s Least Wanted is the debut full-length studio album by American heavy rock/ metal act Ugly Kid Joe. The album was released in September 1992 by Mercury Records. America´s Least Wanted followed in the wake of the very succesful As Ugly as They Wanna Be (1991) EP.

The style of music on the album pretty much continue down the same heavy rock/ metal path with alternative metal leanings, that was initiated on As Ugly as They Wanna Be. The band have actually chosen to include the songs Madman and the hit song Everything About You on America´s Least Wanted. Both songs were originally featured on As Ugly as They Wanna Be and appear here in slightly moderated versions. The rest of the material are all new tracks though. Songs like the opening track Neighbor, Goddamn Devil and the Harry Chapin cover Cats in the Cradle are some of the highlights ( yes I have a weakness for the latter).

The production is professional and powerful.

America´s Least Wanted is another quality release by Ugly Kid Joe and if you enjoyed As Ugly as They Wanna Be you´re pretty much bound to enjoy this one too. The band´s greatest asset is still the energy and good humour ( and yes it´s a bit silly at times). So while I wouldn´t exactly call the album a revelation it´s a pretty good release deserving a 3.5 star rating.

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