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4.22 | 17 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 2010

Filed under Doom Metal


1. Goetia (11:00)
2. Abyss Within My Soul (9:26)
3. In Shrouds Decayed (6:55)
4. Shrine (1:43)
5. A Thousand Lies (5:28)
6. Descendant (7:41)
7. Myopic Empire (5:47)
8. My Pain (5:19)
9. The Prolonging (19:22)

Total Time: 72:45


- Thomas Gabriel Fischer / Vocals, Guitars, Programming
- V. Santura / Guitars, Vocals
- Vanja Slajh / Bass
- Norman Lonhard / Drums, Percussion

About this release

Full-length, Prowling Death Records, March 19th, 2010

Release dates:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy: March 19
U.K., Benelux, France, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Rest of Europe: March
Spain, U.S: March 23
Sweden, Finland, Hungary: March 24
Japan (via Victor Entertainment): April 21

Recorded and produced by Thomas Gabriel Fischer and V. Santura at Woodshed Studio between August and November 2009.

Released in several formats including CD, Digipak CD, and Double Gatefold LP. Also released as Deluxe Mediabook CD (including a 28-page booklet and extensive liner notes).

Japanese bonus track:
10. Shatter

Thanks to UMUR for the updates

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Triptykon is Tom Warrior's furious vengeance for the end of Celtic Frost - an affair over which he still held some bitterness at the time this album came out, if interviews of the time were anything to go by. Still, it hasn't put good old Tom off his musical vision any - if anything, this album continues the work begun on Monotheist in weaving together the three major traditions of extreme metal (death, black and doom) into a cohesive whole, an aim which the opening track Goetia accomplishes perfectly. Then, somehow, even though it shouldn't be possiblem, the subsequent tracks go even further than that.

Hellhammer was derided as a joke at the time and is still an acquired taste now; Celtic Frost baffled critics but redefined extreme metal. Triptykon, finally, sees Tom Warrior getting some respect - and it might just blow the world apart with its raw evil.
(Originally posted to Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives)

When Hellhammer ended, Tom Gabriel Fisher went on to form Celtic Frost. Now the cycle has started again with Triptykon, nearly four years after Celtic Frost ended. Without any hindrance from the former Celtic Frost member, The Warrior has brough forth a grand piece of blackened doom metal mastery that actually may be superior to 'Monotheist'. Ladies and gentlemen, this is 'Eparistara Daimones'.

This album is full of memorable riff sequences and lyric passages. All the lyrics are simple in structure, but cryptic in content and meaning and effective enough to have you sing along to most if not all of the songs. The body that goes with the blackened lyrical soul consists not only of the heaviest doom riffs this far south of Candlemass, but also well spaced out higher tempo sections.

For example, let's look at the opener "Goetia". It starts with the slow intro, collects speed, and all of a sudden kicks your ass with the first main riff. If somehow you didn't have your ass kicked by the end of the verse, the song enters the pre-chorus and after that, BOOM!!! "LORD HAVE MERCY UPON ME!!!" This may as well go down as one of the most memorable doom metal refrains in my experience.

Actually, the memorable lyrics popped up a lot from "Rise! Abyss within my soul!" to "Pain! Pain!-Myopic Empire..." Even the 19 minute closer "The Prolonging" has lyrics that have me hooked: "As you [experience something undesirable], I shall [experience the opposite]." Seems cheesy from a glance, but partnered with the music, it just works wonders.

Musically, the album fluctuates its styles. "Abyss Within My Soul" is straight up doom metal, but "In Shrouds Decayed" takes a dark gothic approach which works really well with the lyrics sang with clean, but deep and foreboding vocals. "A Thousand Lies" is fast paced all around, but may actually be inferior to the other songs in comparison. The solos aren't particularly important, but the really memorable ones are in "Descendant" and "Myopic Empire". "Descendant" stays with the doom riffs for the entirety of the lyrical passage and speeds up at the end to fit with the guitar solo. "Myopic Empire" mixes clean and harsh vocals well and even adds a grand piano during the break for a cool experience.

Finally, there's "The Prolonging". It features colossally heavy riffs to go with its colossal length. It speeds up only briefly and doesn't get very fast at all. What I think is the best part though is the chain of power chords in the outro. All this is assisted with the lyrics wihich I've talked about before. This was the best way to end this album.

This album is amazing. Every song is great. None of this is skippable, not even the interludes "Shrine" and "My Pain". Tom Warrior thankfully isn't done yet and hopefully will continue to do great things under the Triptykon moniker. 'Eparistara Daimones' is totally necessary and essential to fans of doom metal, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, and overall, Tom Gabriel Fisher's whole legacy.
Hoofed Lord of Metal, you have not forsaken us! I am a huge fan of all sorts of progressive rock music, progressive metal hybrids included, but damn, have I been missing some straight, real, true, undiluted and vintage Metal lately. It's not that such albums weren't released but I found that so few had anything to say that hadn't been said more convincingly earlier. Luckily there's Tom G Warrior and his gang of mutants to remind us of the ominous epic power that metal can have.

"Eparistera Daimones" is a perfect continuation of Warrior's previous album "Monotheist", then still under the banner of Celtic Frost but given the minimal differences with this release it can't be doubted who the creative brain was behind that album. It's no straight copy though; in fact I would say that the Avant elements have been toned down a bit in favor for the Gothic Doom-Death power. There's not a trace of Black Metal here at all, but still it doesn't get any blacker then this. Essentially, this album reaches down straight to the filthiest pits of human existence, only to come back triumphantly with a menacing slab of rancid rotten doom. I think the end-result is even an improvement over "Monotheist". (Yes, an improvement over another monolithic metal album).

Celtic Frost was a ground-breaking band in the 80's, but after the badly received "Cold Lake", they faded from the radar. After almost 15 years of silence, only interrupted by the sub-par "Apollyon Sub" project, I had given up on Tom G Warrior. I'm so glad to be proven wrong again for the second time in a row. My best metal album for 2010, not a single doubt about that.

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