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Album · 2007


1. Premonition (2:12)
2. Sacred Treasure (7:07)
3. A Legend's Avalon (5:48)
4. Balance Of One (6:18)
5. Mr Qwinkle's Therapy (5:32)
6. Transmigration Of Souls (6:41)
7. God Of Oblique (5:10)
8. Silent Shore (3:40)
9. Accidently On Purpose (4:53)
10. A Mind Beyond (7:38)

Total Time 54:59


- Derek Blakley / bass
- Michael Harris / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Ted Leonard / vocals
- Rob Stankiewicz / drums
- Bobby Williamson / keyboards

About this release

Inside Out
February 4th, 2007

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I originally came across this band after hearing and falling in love with the song 'Transmigration of Souls', and upon finding out that their singer was none other than Enchant's Ted Leonard, I just knew I had to have this album.

One word: Wow.

After a two minute instrumental opening track, the song 'Sacred Treasure' completely blew me away, with its intro full of random guitar/keyboard/bass licks and solos, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So many instruments playing so many different things at once. Interestingly layered melodies and harmonies makes this an instant classic in my eyes.

The typical prog metal cliché is that this is very 'Dream Theater-inspired', and whilst I'm not denying that, Thought Chamber have a very cool, exotic style and mixture of elements which make this a truly unique group. The amazing playing and songwriting style could easily stand toe-to-toe against the genre's pioneers, and songs like 'Sacred Treasure', 'Balance of One', 'God of Oblique' or any of the instrumentals justify this.

At times Leonard's vocals seem a little thin for this style of music, but hey, I'm not complaining, it still sounds awesome. In fact, there is nothing to complain about, this is one hell of a debut, and deserves a place in every prog fans collection.
"Angular Perceptions" is the debut full-length studio album by US progressive metal act Thought Chamber. The album was released through InsideOut Music in February 2007. Thought Chamber was formed in 2006 by guitarist Michael Harris (solo, Darkology, Zanister) and lead vocalist Ted Leonard (Enchant, Spock´s Beard). They brought in bassist Derek Blakley and drummer Rob Stankiewicz (both from Haji's Kitchen), and keyboard player Bobby Williamson (Outworld) to complete the lineup.

The music style on "Angular Perceptions" is a technically well played, relatively complex, and melodic type of progressive metal. It´s occasionally more rock oriented that metal oriented, but there are enough heavy parts and metal leanings for the album to be labelled metal. The band are incredibly talented and well playing, and Ted Leonard delivers one of his most remarkable vocal performances reaching both high and low notes with ease. The vocal melodies are strong and memorable too, which further helps him to shine.

Although Thought Chamber often wanders off into technical instrumental territory, they always make it sound like it´s a natural part of the tracks. Nothing is placed there for flash and the tracks flow nicely despite the structural complexity and adventurous ideas. Even the instrumental "Mr Qwinkle's Therapy" features a musical red thread and a strong melodic sensibility. While the music is often melodic and uplifting, it´s great to hear a track like "A Mind Beyond" which incorporates a darker atmosphere and showcases that Thought Chamber is capable of producing relatively diverse material. "Angular Perceptions" is generally an album featuring an abundance of details and it´s one of those releases where you hear something new each time you give it a listen.

It´s not a 100% unique sounding release, and there are nods toward classic 70s/80s progressive rock like Kansas, Yes, and Rush in the music, and it´s also hard to completely avoid a Dream Theater reference either, but overall Thought Chamber has created a relatively distinct sound. The album is well produced which is another plus in the book, and upon conclusion "Angular Perceptions" is an extremely impressive debut album by Thought Chamber, and it´s obvious that these guys are seasoned veterans of the scene. A 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.
Promising début album from this self-coined supergroup.

Excellent musicianship is the dominant feature on this album, especially experienced axeman Michael Harris use the opportunity to showcase his instrumental prowess on this release, but the other members of the band get their chances of conveying technical brilliance throughout this release too. And the vocals of Enchant vocalist Ted Leonard are excellent in a Dream Theater kind of way.

What's lacking are really good songs though. Lots of instrumental showcasing here, but not too many songs as such; as the compositions seems to be pieces assembled rather than songs composed.

Worth checking out by fans of technical metal with progressive elements, and should be loved by people of the opinion that Dream Theater don't showcase their technical abilities as much as they should.

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