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Album · 1989

Filed under Power Metal


1. Future Shock (4:36)
2. False Messiah (5:20)
3. Black Night (3:43)
4. Witch Hunt (3:22)
5. Fire Dance (2:20)
6. Fright Night (8:13)
7. Night Screamer (4:48)
8. Darkness (6:57)
9. Goodbye (1:14)

Total Time: 40:37


- Timo Tolkki / vocals and guitars
- Jyrki Lentonen / bass
- Antti Ikonen / keyboards
- Tuomo Lassila / drums

About this release

Release date: May 1989
Label: CBS Finland

Re-released by Monsters of Rock Records in 2002

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Like so many other early power metal bands from the 80's, it took Stratovarius a few attempts to truly find their sound, leaving this, their debut, as nothing more than a by-the-numbers speed metal album.

Credit where credit's due, band leader Timo Tolkki shows some incredible skill on the guitar with his fast-paced neoclassical runs and galloping riffs, and to handle the lead vocals on top of that is quite impressive. Sadly, the song-writing itself isn't really anything inspiring and the vocals certainly aren't kind to the ears either. A+ for effort though! I can barely play and sing 'Wonderwall' without messing up!

Lacking the keyboard-driven compositions of later releases, 'Fright Night' is really "just there". It's nothing to shout home about, and really doesn't feel like the same Stratovarius that would one day go on to conquer the genre. Still, it's a good effort that shows a band in their early stages who have yet to fully develop their own style.

Highlights include 'Future Shock', 'Witch Hunt' and 'False Messiah', although I wouldn't be upset if these were excluded from future compilations, all are about as memorable as the album itself.
Highly influential debut at the dawn of power metal

Fright Night is the debut album by Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. In fact, it isn't real power metal album, but speed metal. It's one of the first albums of power metal genre and that's why it's quite shapeless, despite being pioneer and full of genuine ideas.

It's really curious, that there aren't any of the then members of the band currently still playing with the band. And yet the direction of the band stays constant. The typical style "Stratovarius" is still the same. The album doesn't contain highlights or weak moments. The production is not of high quality, too. All of that make the album good, but definitely not necessity. My personal favourites are Future Shock and the homonymous song. 3 stars

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