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Album · 1991

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Monkey Business (4:19)
2. Slave To The Grind (3:29)
3. The Threat (3:50)
4. Quicksand Jesus (5:26)
5. Psycho Love (3:57)
6. Get The Fuck Out (2:42)
7. Livin' On A Chain Gang (3:58)
8. Creepshow (3:58)
9. In A Darkened Room (3:54)
10. Riot Act (2:40)
11. Mudkicker (3:53)
12. Wasted Time (5:48)

Total Time: 47:58


- Sebastian Bach / lead vocals
- Scotti Hill / lead and rhythm guitars
- Dave Sabo / lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
- Rachel Bolan / bass guitars, backing vocals
- Rob Affuso / drums and percussion

About this release

Released by Atlantic Records, June 11, 1991

Recorded: 1990–1991 at New River Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Scream Studios in Studio City, California

Producer: Michael Wagener, Dave Sabo

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Slave To The Grind" is the 2nd full-length studio album by US heavy rock/metal act Skid Row. The album was released through Atlantic Records in June 1991 and produced by prolific German producer Michael Wagener (Dokken, Mötley Crüe, White Lion...etc.) and guitarist Dave Sabo. Upon release "Slave To The Grind" debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart as the first ever heavy metal release to do so. The album spawned no less than five singles, which all were made into music videos too. Skid Row were on the roll in those days and arguably one of the most successful heavy rock/metal artists of that era.

"Slave To The Grind" was released in two different versions. The uncensored version features the track "Get the Fuck Out", which apparently was so offensive that Atlantic Records had to release a version of "Slave To The Grind" where that particular track was removed. The latter version instead features the track "Beggar's Day".

While the music on "Slave To The Grind" is unmistakably the sound of Skid Row (although references to acts like Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses are valid), the band have developed their sound quite a bit since the self-titled debut album. The lineup is the same as the one who recorded the debut album, but something must have pissed these guys off because "Slave To The Grind" is generally a much darker and more heavy album than it´s more party tuned predecessor. It´s not all serious subjects and heavy riffs though and "Slave To The Grind" is a pretty varied album, with both heavy metal oriented tracks (the title track is the best example of that), groovy blues based hard rockers and power ballads.

No matter which musical territory Skid Row cover, they do it with passion, skill, and conviction. Sebastian Bach delivers a great vocal performance, the guitars are raw and edgy and the guitar solos blistering. To top it off Skid Row features a tight and organic sounding rhythm section, which successfully drive the music forward. The dark, organic, and heavy sound production are very well sounding too and suits the music perfectly.

So "Slave To The Grind" is a great sophomore album by Skid Row. The band are well playing and have a distinct sounding musical style, and the album is well produced and the material well written. But above all Skid Row have developed their sound and not produced a clone of their highly successful debut album, which is always a danger when you release something as commercially successful as that album was. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
Skid Row exploded to the scene with their sensational eponymous debut and they're back again with Michael Wagener to record the follow-up album in 1991. The sophomore release, "Slave To The Grind" marked a change in their sound with a heavier and thrashier edge. The cover album was painted by Bach's father and this album is also set a new record for being the first heavy metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, a record which was later achieved by Metallica's "Black Album" and GNR's "Use Your Illusion II".

From the opener, "Monkey Business", to heavier tracks such as the title track, "Psycho Love", and "Riot Act", Bach proudly unleashed his crazy scream accompanied by Skid Row's signature groove which later inspired many newer singers and bands. You can hear the raging madness in "Get The Fuck Out" when Bach screech the words : "No need to whimper, no need to shout, this party's over!". If you still prefer their earlier sound, "The Threat" got the debut's feel and also a nice track. "Quicksand Jesus" is a very good ballad but sadly is unpopular compared to the timeless classic, "Wasted Time". But I believe "In A Darkened Room" is their best ballad ever penned, a passionate song that reflected anguish and fear delivered perfectly by Bach.

"Slave To The Grind" is a great album to have, especially if you're into glam and thrash at the same time. You can hear Bach's optimal performance and the band's songwriting peak on this album. To me, Skid Row's debut is still unbeatable, either the sales record or personal preference, but the first two albums are essentials to have and stand as the last fortress of glam metal.

Members reviews

1967/ 1976
Sick, rotten and fucking! This is "Slave To The Grind" 2nd Skid Row album. A perfect album if you love Kiss and Metallica! An album with Blues in veins and Thrash Metal in mind with a great Speed Thrash Metal track "Slave To The Grind" and a great emotional power ballad "Wasted Time" (Error, in my opinion, put it as close track!). The band, already perfect on the first album, in this "Slave To The Grind" decides to become even more gear and more for this American (but already it was), so that "Slave To The Grind" becomes a timeless album! Van Halen, Ted Nugent or Kiss began a type of music that bands like Cinderella, Poison, Bon Jovi and Skid Row led to the top of success. "Slave To The Grind" is, after all, an album remarkable in blending Blues, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, etc... in an explosive and romantic bomb. Willingly I listen to songs like "Quicksand Jesus" or "Wasted Time", good examples of power ballads (with Blues in vein), like "Slave To The Grind", a clear example of Speed ​​Thrash Metal, without listening to stylistic differences, a sign of superior musicians and composers.

Trying to describe "Slave To The Grind" is not easy: follow'd better listen, analyze it, love it. Why, then, should not be classified albums like this!
Cat Casino
here it is,the second of the almighty Skid Row albums.Slave To The Grind presents a much darker and more meaningful side of this band,with singer Sebastian Bach singing like he's never sand before or since.Just take a listen to Quicksand Jesus or in A Darkened Room and you'll instantly see what I mean.And then there's the hard rocking Monkey Business,Slave To The Grind,and The Threat,all three of which will instantly kick your ass.This album is pure rock n' roll with a very heavy vibe.I would reccomend it for any fans of glam or even classic rock.I think that even Black Sabbath,Metallica,or Judas Priest fans would get a kick out of this one.
Skid Row returns even bigger and badder for their sophomore slaughter-fest.

Taking all the momentum they gained from their vicious debut album, Skid Row does the exact same thing here, blowing up the speakers from the very beginning with the huge riff in "Monkey Business" and the downright colossal title track immediately afterward. "The Threat", my personal favorite on the album, comes next and is followed by a change in pace.

"Quicksand Jesus", "In a Darkened Room", and "Wasted Time" showcase the softer side of Sebastian Bach in the style of their hit single "18 and Life" from the previous album. Of these three, my favorite is "In a Darkened Room" as Bach's voice is simply divine.

This album accentuates the extremes of Skid Row, making the subtler songs more heart-wrenching and the intensities more amplified and epic.

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