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Album · 2006

Filed under Metalcore


1. Bland Street Bloom (05:40)
2. Flogging the Horses (03:32)
3. Way Beyond the Fond Old River (05:02)
4. Summer Rain (03:35)
5. In This Light (04:24)
6. Sanguine Seas of Bigotry (04:17)
7. Mermaid Slur (00:47)
8. When the Moments Gone (05:58)
9. Part of the Friction (05:13)
10. Where Do We Fall? (04:40)
11. Another Sinking Ship (04:02)
12. As the Earth Spins Round (06:40)

Total Time 53:50

Japan edition:

13. Eachother and Ourselves (04:45)

Total Time 58:35


- Mikee Goodman / vocals
- Justin Hill / vocals
- Dan Weller / guitar, piano
- Graham Pinney / guitar
- James Leach / bass
- Dan Foord / drums & percussion

About this release

CD released 6th June 2006 (US) / 26th June 2006 (UK) on Bieler Bros. Records (874007000925).

2x12" vinyl LP released 19th April 2014 on Basick Records (BSK061LP). Limited to 500 copies.

Produced by Sikth
Mixed and engineered by Matt Laplant at Spare Room Studios
Mastered by Mike Fuller at Fullersound, Miami
All Music by Weller/Pinney/Leach/Foord
All Lyrics by Mikee Goodman, Except "Where Do We Fall?" (certain sections) Lyrics by Justin Hill

Thanks to bartosso, Bosh66 for the updates


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Death of a Dead DayDeath of a Dead Day
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Death Of A Dead Day by Sikth (2006-06-05)Death Of A Dead Day by Sikth (2006-06-05)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Metalcore-based Djentamaniacs Sikth offer a convincing sophomore album with Death of a Dead Day. Sadly, it's my understanding that they disbanded after this, which is a shame because on the strength of this they could have been the UK's answer to Animals As Leaders had they stuck it out. The basic features of metalcore are still present, so if you're allergic to breakdowns and angsty screaming you may find this one a hard sell (and I have to say I'd enjoy it more if they toned that side of their sound down a bit), but most fans of experimental and progressive metal with any sympathy for the Djent sound will find that Sikth's impressive technical mastery at least worth a listen, whether or not they're won over by them in the long run.
Conor Fynes
'Death Of A Dead Day' - Sikth (9/10)

Let's make it clear; "mathcore" is most definitely not my thing. Sure, a band can be talented as all hell, but if it comes off sounding needlessly chaotic and adolescent, I tune out pretty quickly. Of course, there are bands that manage to justify the sense of chaos with exciting ideas and intelligent songwriting. Sikth are a progressive metal band that shares the same scene as acts like Protest The Hero, and even Between The Buried And Me. What sets them apart however, is their devotion to pushing the envelope as much as they can. Bordering on avant-garde absurdity, Sikth's second and final album 'Death Of A Dead Day' may be a slight move towards consolidating their sound, but it is as mad and sporadic as just about anything you will find in metal today.

When I first heard of Sikth a year or two back, I did not think much of them. I thought them to be part of the scene that sought to encroach hardcore upon progressive metal, and regardless of their playing abilities, that sound has never been for me. I'm glad I decided to check these guys out again though; while aspects of 'Death Of A Dead Day' don't align perfectly with my tastes, I cannot help but be impressed by what they are doing here. In terms of comparisons, Sikth are somewhat similar to Protest The Hero, although Sikth are quite a bit more challenging and 'out there'. System Of A Down also comes to mind. The vocals here are chaotic and diverse, much like avant-metal champions UneXpect. In truth, the sound of this band goes everywhere, and in itself, that creates a firm impression. Although none of these songs are ones that will be getting stuck in a casual listener's head anytime soon, I don't hear many modern progressive metal bands who are able to keep their music consistently exciting and even downright fun to listen to.

Instrumentally, this band is wild. The compositions they write are highly demanding, and the band pulls it off remarkably. The vocals, while conveying some of the adolescent screams that turned me off from the band to begin with, are about as technical as the instruments, fitting odd lyrics around complex time signatures. Sikth will not appeal to a large demographic of people, even among metalheads. Even after several listens, it's difficult to find a rosetta stone to 'crack' this album, although that constant sense of being 'out there' is part of the appeal. Even when concentrating heavily on the music, 'Death Of A Dead Day' comes across as being extremely chaotic and quirky, but it's pulled off in such a way that that it becomes incredibly fun to listen to, in the same sense of a roller coaster. Sikth don't take themselves too seriously, but their music is executed with precision and leaves me feeling wowed.
After a mezermising debut, how do you match it. By making it more tolerable. This album is a lot more meldoic than their debut and is more easy listening (it still is incredbily crazy though).

This album is also alot more structured and alot more catchier as well.

I do favour this album, very slightly to their debut because it reminds me more of what Protest The Hero are doing now.

I'm also sad to say that after this album, they sadly broke up, which is a complete shame because they were one of the best bands from the 00's.

1. Bland Street Bloom - What a 7 string groove. After listening to this album, I did detune my guitar down to A# and learnt how to play the intro. What an amazing song, great chours, amazing over dubs with vocals and some amazing instrumental work, what more can you want.

2. Flogging The Horse - A crazy song about animal sex. How crazy can you get. Great song with an amazing ending. The video for this song is also quite cool, because I never saw what these guys look like live.

3. Way Beyond The Fond Old River - Amazing chorus and an amazing pre chorus. Just overall a fantastic song.

4. Summer Rain - The craziest song on the album. The middle section would put Meshuggah to shame, wittering around hitting the lowest note they possibly can. Polyrthyms at their best in this song.

5. In This Light - It's almost like a ballad, but it's very eerie. Great song, with a great chorus.

6. Sanguine Seas Of Bigotry - One of the best songs on the album in my opinion. Mikee & Justin show some spectaculaire vocals. Amazing chorus.

7. Mermaid Slur - More poetry. In my opinion it doesent match up to When Will The Forest Speak...? Mainly because it's length isn't as long.

8. When The Moments Gone? -Great chorus. Very crazy but just enough to tolerate.

9. Part Of The Friction - Fantastic lyrics. Some great vocals and instrumental work.

10. Where Do We Fall? - The most melodic song on the album. Very Funeral For A Friend. Great chorus and some fantasitc melodies.

11. Another Sinking Ship - Amazing song with some amazing instrumental work.

12. As The Earth Spins Round - A great way to end the album. Amazing fade out section at the end.

CONCLUSION: Buy both of their albums. Fantastic pieces of music.


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