The Shadowthrone
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Album · 1994

Filed under Black Metal


1. Hvite Krists død (8:27)
2. In the Mist by the Hills (8:01)
3. Woods to Eternity (6:14)
4. Vikingland (5:15)
5. Dominions of Satyricon (9:25)
6. The King of the Shadowthrone (6:14)
7. I en svart kiste (5:23)

Total Time: 49:04


- Satyr / guitars, vocals, choirs, synths
- Samoth / bass, guitars
- Frost / Drums

- S.S. / Session synth and grand piano

About this release

CD Moonfrog 1994

Thanks to the t 666 for the updates

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The ShadowthroneThe Shadowthrone
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The Shadowthrone by Satyricon (2002-04-09)The Shadowthrone by Satyricon (2002-04-09)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Satyricon's second album finds them turning up their game a notch and diversifying their sound a little. In some sections of the album, the sheer fury of the band rivals Mayhem at their most violent. (Most musically violent that is - no musicians were harmed in the making of this album.) At other points, the band put a greater emphasis and show greater skill in their use of synthesisers, creating a sense of grandeur reminiscent of Emperor. (Appropriately, given that this album features Samoth guesting on bass in one of his last performances before his mid-1990s jail stint for church burning... Varg was a bad influence on the lad.)

With the increased sharpness of the band's compositional skills and improved production, the album is much more distinctive than Dark Medieval Times, and a good thing too - this musical evolution would save the band from being also-rans of the black metal scene and pave the way to future success.
The T 666
After a fair –if not great- debut album, legendary Norwegian black metal band SATYRICON came back with their sophomore record, “The Shadowthrone”. Therein one can start to notice some of the ideas that would be more fruitful in their third release, their masterpiece, “Nemesis Divina”.

The biggest difference between this album and its predecessor, “Dark Medieval Times”, is the quality of the recording, which allows the listener to understand the music more clearly and further helps Satyr’s good ideas to be appreciated. Although I wouldn’t love a totally-pristine and crystal-clear production for a black metal record (it would go against the genre’s principles and would erode the magic that the poor sound generates), when the music is more complex than average for the genre, as it’s the case with SATYRICON, the typical extra-low-fi recordings of black metal can hide some important details that, if heard, could elevate the experience to an even higher point of enjoyment.

This is exactly the case with this album, whose songs tend to be longer and more elaborated than contemporary bands of the 90’s like DARKTHRONE. On this album one can find choirs, keyboards and even some pianos. Anyway, not everything is perfect in the land of Satyr, Samoth and Frost. Glorious riffs like the one that would inform "Mother North" in “Nemesis Divina” are not here yet, even if some little sparks of genius can be heard. Some songs get lost in irrelevance when the music wanders off for longer than necessary. The sound of the record lacks that magic that was present on the debut and also on the third album whereby we were transported over cold forests and mountains overcome by a dense fog. Here, the scenery is diffuse, and, curiously, at the same time too immediate, too direct. A good work that deserves a listen but only after having visited the truly essential contributions of SATYRICON to the black metal genre: both the album that predates this, and the one that came after “The Shadowthrone.”.

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