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Album · 2011


1. 309 (08:49)
2. Mládek (07:39)
3. Schiphol (06:15)
4. Atackla (07:27)
5. Batu (06:16)
6. Praise Be Man (04:34)

Total Time 41:00

Digital album:

1. 309 (08:49)
2. Mladek (07:39)
3. Schipol (06:15)
4. Atackla (07:27)
5. Batu (10:06)
6. Praise Be Man (04:26)

Total Time 44:42


- Brian Cook / bass guitar, vocals
- Mike Sullivan / guitar
- Dave Turncrantz / drums

Guest musician:
- Phil Karnats / accordion, cello

About this release

CD released 25th October 2011 on Sargent House (SH066).

Digital album self-released 25th October 2011.

The digital version sold through Bandcamp has an extended version of "Batu". "Praise Be Man" is slightly altered as well, with a shorter intro.

CD released 2011 in Japan on Daymare Recordings (DYMC-147).

12" black vinyl LP released 25th October 2011 on
Sargent House (SH067), reissued 2014.

12" transparent red vinyl LP released 2013 on
Sargent House (SH067).

Recorded in April 2011 at Phantom Manor Studio in Chicago, Illinois. Mastered at JLM.

Thanks to Stooge for the addition and Pekka, Lynx33, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

On Empros Russian Circles take their brand of post-rock in a notably heavier and more apocalyptic direction. I'd say it sticks to the post-rock side of the post-rock/post-metal boundary, but on the other hand there's enough sludgey influences from the likes of Neurosis or Pelican that post-metal fans will find the album worth their attention too. Looming, foreboding, and with a sound so rich it's hard to believe it's just three guys making it, Empros is a timely reminder that despite its brief period of fashionableness having faded by now, there's still a space out there for Godspeed You Black Emperor!-esque apocalyptic post-rock, and Russian Circles are some of the best purveyors of it around.
The Angry Scotsman
A throwback to their debut album.

Which also happens to be my favorite by them. The proceeding two Russian Circles albums are quite good, just different treading more into post rock territory, largely dropping their bass heavy, sludgy sound. This style however, makes a roaring comeback on "Empros".

I first popped this CD in and listened on the drive home from work, and it was so bassy I was afraid the car was going to fall apart! Rare time I had to turn the volume down, (maybe the first time out of fear, HA!). Seriously, that sludgy, bassy heaviness is back. In fact it may be their most bludgeoning album yet.

Before release the band claimed influence from legends Neurosis and Swans, so glad to see they delivered. However, this is Russian Circles and their beautiful melodies and mellow song writing are still very present, contrasted with the sonic pummelings, all perfectly woven together into atmospheric, progressive songs. Another post metal classic from the Chicago group.

The guitar and bass work is obviously great, and the drumming is great. Loud and intense. Like many "post" bands it is fairly straightforward yet appropriate, and powerful. It is more intense, however, than the standard post metal album. It is this more intense drumming that gave their debut that extra appeal compared to so many others for me.

Taking a page from the Book of Pelican, Russian Circles moves from instrumental island and throws some vocals on the final track. They are dreamy and drifting, what he's saying I have no idea, but the voice is another instrument filling in the space. We all know that's more the intent anyway, am I right?

"Empros" is a heavy, sludgy, post metal album that moves with its classic mid tempo pace through a slow crescendo. There is some great riffing, drumming and the songwriting is atmospheric and perfect. A bit less riff oriented then their debut, while I appreciate the ambiance the less variation holds the album back just a tad. Other than that, another good effort from Russian Circles.

Four Stars

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