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Album · 1985

Filed under Glam Metal


1. You're In Love (3:14)
2. Never Use Love (3:56)
3. Lay It Down (3:25)
4. Give It All (3:20)
5. Closer To My Heart (4:31)
6. Between The Eyes (3:56)
7. What You Give Is What You Get (3:48)
8. Got Me On The Line (3:05)
9. You Should Know by Now (3:29)
10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk (3:29)

Total Time: 36:18


- Stephen Pearcy / lead vocals
- Warren DeMartini / lead guitar
- Robbin Crosby / lead guitar
- Juan Croucier / bass guitar
- Bobby Blotzer / drums, percussion

About this release

July 13, 1985

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Ah, glam metal/hair metal/pop metal/whatever you want to call it. It's a part of metal that's been long shamed, and it's easy to see why with bands like Poison, Warrant, White Lion, and the more recent Black Veil Brides being part of it. Though, that was mostly the second wave of the scene. At the start, you had the likes of Motley Crue, Lita Ford, Y & T, Great White, Quiet Riot, and my personal favorite Ratt.

This is when hair bands were metal, taking a lot more from the NWoBHM than what would come later. With a penchant for razor-sharp guitar riffing, catchy as hell melodies, and tight rhythm section, Ratt was at the top of their game during the 80's. Many prefer Out of the Cellar, which yielded the hit single "Round and Round", but as great as that album is, I find Invasion of Your Privacy to be superior and one of the best albums of the 80's.

The album immediately opens up with what should be a metal classic, "You're in Love", which is simply one of the best opening songs on any album. The guitar and drums perfectly play off of one another, making it almost impossible not to headbang with the syncopation. Speaking of, Bobby Blotzer brings in not only a gigantic loud drum sound, but also some really cool cannon/thunder effects. The twin lead guitars of Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby lays down (pun not intended) killer riff after riff and singing solos after another. Juan Croucier's bass brings a nice bounce in the bottom end, and Stephen Pearcy is easily my favorite glam metal vocalist. Pearcy's vocals remind me of a more melodic Dave Mustaine, as he has that same sort of nasal-y tone.

The whole album is flawless from beginning to end, but if I had to pick highlights besides "You're in Love", the other single "Lay It Down" is certainly one. The chorus is simply beautiful. "What You Give is What You Get", "Dangerous but Worth the Risk", and "Closer to My Heart" are also masterpieces. The latter especially has sweet contrast between the main riffs.

If you've been apprehensive to check out glam metal, give Ratt's first four albums a try, especially this one. This one is up there with Powerslave, Screaming for Vengeance, Balls to the Wall, Metal on Metal, and Shout at the Devil as 80's heavy metal classics. This is pure metal all the way. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!
siLLy puPPy
Another solid release for RATT following the success of their debut album OUT OF THE CELLAR. Nothing really new here as they follow the formula of well wrtitten catchy in-yer-face glam metal tracks. Stephen Pearcy still sings his heart out like a sex-starved teenager and the dual guitar fury of Robin Crosby and Warren DeMartini has never sounded better. This album was another huge succes with the two singles “You're In Love” and “Lay It Down” cracking the Billboard Top 40. Just like the debut every track is catchy but overall I like this album just a little bit less than the last.

Members reviews

This is Glam Metal in its purest form. Classic Ratt n' roll!

This album is hard rockin', plain and simple. Featuring the unique vocals of Stephen Pearcy and the twin guitar attack of Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby (R.I.P.), this band has no shortage of raw talent, and they make the best of it here. "Invasion of Your Privacy" is in fact my favorite Ratt release. The songs on this album are textbook Glam Metal, making every use of catchy hooks and dramatic guitar riffs and solos.

My favorite songs on the album are "Never Use Love", "Lay It Down", "Give It All", "What You Give is What You Get", and "Dangerous but Worth the Risk." However, all the songs here are great.

Any fan of the Glam Metal sub-genre should own this album.

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